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Pokémon Masters update: The Star of the Contest event receives two new battles

Every single Pokémon Masters update detailed in a single article

Pokémon Masters is the closest you can get to a proper Pokémon RPG on mobile. In a first for the series, it lets you bring up to three trainers into battle with you, and each of them has their own partner Pokémon. These mini-teams are known as sync pairs, and feature your favourite trainers and Pokémon from throughout the series’ history.

Not only that, but you can create your very own trainer in your own image, and choose from a bunch of different Pokémon to partner up with. The Pokémon you can bring into battle with you is constantly growing, so pretty soon you may well be able to bring your favourite Pokémon into battle with you.

In this guide, we’re going to round up all of the recent and upcoming changes in Pokémon Masters, in chronological order. We draw the information from the regular messages that developer DeNA puts out, so it’s well worth bookmarking this guide and checking back to it often, as we’ll update it each time we learn new information.

Here are the latest Pokémon Masters updates

June 1: Star of the contest event gets two extra battles

DeNA has announced two new battles for the Star of the Contest event in Pokémon Masters. These two new bouts will face you off against Wally in either Super Hard or Ultra Hard difficulties, granting players the following rewards if they do defeat the devilish trainer:

  • Super Hard: A variety of training items, 100 gems, 3-star strike move candy
  • Ultra Hard: A variety of training items, 100 gems, 4-star strike move candy

These strike move candies are especially valuable, as they upgrade the Sync Move Level of a Strike Sync Pair. There is also a Special Rally that will start today and last until June 21, allowing players to earn Daily Vouchers by playing any of the ten available missions. There’ll be a whole host of rewards for these, with sync orbs, gems, a 3-star power up, and a 4-star power up there for the taking.

If you do manage to finish all ten missions, you’ll also get a 5-star power up for your trouble. If you want to get your hands on Pokémon Masters, you can find it on Google Play, or the App Store. Also if you want some tips get started, be sure to check out our Pokémon Masters guide or our Pokémon Masters tier list.

May 11: DenA reveals more details about the Legendary Arena

DeNA has released its tenth Pokémon Masters message, revealing more details about the Legendary Arena, and other changes coming to the game. You can expect the arena to open mid-June, where you’ll face off against Entei, the first Legendary Pokémon. But each of these fearsome Pokémon have a large health pool, and will get more fearsome as they lose health, in typical boss fight-fashion. You’ll need a full team to tackle any legendary you go after.

Luckily, Legendary Arena will function somewhat similar to Battle Villa, as you take teams of three to each fight. You should bring water type Pokémon to battle against Entei if possible, due to the fact they’re super effective against fire types, but it might also be a good idea to take a range, as once Entei’s health begins to drop, its resistances might require other types as well.

You’ll also notice that it now takes less time to train sync pairs, as well as an increase in the number of training items you’ll collect. Sync pairs now have higher level caps at the point you collect them, and can use all of their moves and passives. You’ll also get a new item, that will let you skip battles without losing rewards.

Battles also display which rewards that you can earn from beating them, allowing you to prioritise the materials and upgrades you need.

Pokémon Masters plans to balance this by setting a limited amount of playable battles every day. But this will apparently only effect battles which grant you materials for improving sync pairs.

If Pokémon Masters sounds like your kind of game, you can download it for free on Google Play or the App Store.

April 17: Pokémon Masters now lets you pick a partner Pokémon

You can now select your own partner Pokémon in Pokémon Masters, thanks to a brand new eggs feature. With this new feature, you can select from one of three gen one monsters: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, at which point your chosen monster will hatch from its egg and you can form a sync pair with them.

Even more eggs will arrive in future updates too, so it seems like you’ll soon have a huge list of Pokémon you can partner up with.

In other news, DeNA has also launched a brand new feature: the prize box, during the recent Ho-Oh legendary event. This allows you to collect prize coins by participating in the event, which will also let you to progress further in the event. The Ho-Oh event also saw the introduction of the reward boost ticket, an item that boosts the rewards of a battle of your choosing.

DeNA also detailed plans to make sync orbs easier to obtain by introducing the following measures:

  • You’ll no longer have a chance to get sync orbs from single-player and co-op battles
  • Sync orbs can now drop from supercourses
  • The chance of sync-orb drops from events has been increased

In short, you’ll now be able to get a fixed number of sync orbs for specific sync pairs from supercourses, and you’ll get more from events too.

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