Pokémon Masters update – Family Ties story event

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September 18, 2020: the special Blasting Off Again event is underway. You can team up with James and Weezing during the event

Our Pokémon Masters update guide will help you keep on top of all of the recent changes to the game. For those that don’t know, Pokémon Masters is the closest you can get to a proper Pokémon RPG on mobile. In a first for the series, it lets you bring up to three trainers into battle with you, and each of them has their own partner Pokémon. These mini-teams are known as sync pairs, and feature your favourite trainers and Pokémon from throughout the series’ history.

Not only that, but you can create your very own trainer in your own image, and choose from a bunch of different Pokémon to partner up with. The Pokémon you can bring into battle with you is constantly growing, so pretty soon you may well be able to bring your favourite Pokémon into battle with you.

In this guide, we’re going to round up each Pokémon Masters update as it happens. We draw the information from the regular messages that developer DeNA puts out, so it’s well worth bookmarking this guide and checking back often, as we’ll update it each time we learn new information.


Blasting Off Again Special Event

The Blasting Off Again event began September 16 and concludes January 24, at 22:59 PT (05:59 BST). During this event, you can team up with James and Weezing.

family ties story event

The family ties: event began September 9 and concludes September 30, at 22:59 PT (06:59 BST). During this event, you can obtain story areas and items by progressing through the event map.

Family Ties event map items

You can obtain the items below during the event:

  • 4★ Power-Up
  • 3★ Power-Up
  • Strike Move Candy Coin
  • Tech Move Candy Coin

Family Ties event lineup bonuses

You can earn extra travel tokens if you have specific sync pairs in your battle lineup. Include more of the specified sync pairs to your team to receive more travel tokens.

  • Lusamine and Pheromosa: x1.6 travel tokens
  • Gladion and Silvaly: x1.6 travel tokens
  • Lillie and Clefairy: x1.6 travel tokens
  • Brendan and Treecko: x1.4 travel tokens
  • Wally and Gallade: x1.4 travel tokens
  • Koga and Crobat: x1.2 travel tokens
  • Janine and Ariados: x1.2 travel tokens
  • Norman and Slaking: x1.2 travel tokens

Family Ties event log-in bonuses

Be sure to log-in daily to receive the following bonuses during the event:

  • Day one: x20 Skip Tickets
  • Day two: x100 Gems
  • Day three: x100 Gems
  • Day four: x100 Gems
  • Day five: x20 Skip Tickets
  • Day six: x100 Gems
  • Day seven: x100 Gems
  • Day eight: x100 Gems
  • Day nine: x20 Skip Tickets
  • Day ten: x100 Gems
  • Day 11: x100 Gems
  • Day 12: x100 Gems
  • Day 13: x100 Gems

Grass, Fire, and Water type egg event

The new egg event began on September 2 and concludes September 16, at 22:59 PT (6.59 BST). During this event, you can receive an egg from Professor Bellis which will hatch into either a grass, fire, or water type Pokémon.

Hatchable Pokémon from the event

There are six Pokémon that you can hatch during the water, leaf, and fire egg event. The three shiny hatchable Pokémon are marked below with an asterisk:

  • Charmander* (male)
  • Bulbasaur* (male)
  • Squirtle* (male)
  • Growlithe (male)
  • Bellsprout (female)
  • Goldeen (female)

Pokémon Masters egg event Lineup bonuses

You can receive eggs during this event by completing event battles, and increase your chances of finding an egg during battles by fielding certain sync pairs:

  • Player character sync pairs: x1.4 egg reward rate
  • Grass, fire, and water type player character sync pairs: x1.8 egg reward rate
  • Grass, fire, and water type sync pairs: x1.2 egg reward rate


DeNA is holding an anniversary event for Pokémon Masters that will introduce a bunch of new features. The new content is split between run-up events, which have been and gone, and the anniversary event, which begins on August 27.

Anniversary Event Poké Fair

There are three Poké Fair events running until September 27, 22:59 PT (6.59 BST):

  • Sygna Suit blue Poké fair scout: Blastoise
  • Sygna Suit leaf Poké fair scout: Venusaur
  • Sygna Suit red Poké fair scout: Charizard

Anniversary Event patch notes

As for the anniversary event itself on August 27, here’s what to expect:

  • The event will bring a new champion stadium where you take on the elite four and champion of each region
  • The Kanto challenge will be included with the champion stadium
  • The five-star sync pair limit will increase to six-star EX
  • A new EX outfit for sync pairs at a six-star level and upgraded moves
  • The items needed to upgrade to six-star EX is obtained via the champion stadium
  • Cap-unlock area 2: type skill will be added to the training area
  • The level cap of sync pairs will be increased to level 125
  • The type skill cap will be increased to level 4
  • New items are being added to support these changes
  • Improved display of sync pairs in the menus
  • New sync pair icons for each move level
  • New background colours for sync pairs to represent their star level
  • Move changes to sync pairs in the battle arena
  • The UI of the explore menu has been revamped
  • New notifications for events and rallies
  • The team menu is now called sync pairs

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