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Pokémon Unite Eldegoss abilities, build, and items

Want to know how to play Pokémon Unite Eldegoss? Well, float around on cloud nine as you learn all about Pokémon Unite’s Eldegoss items, moves, tips, and more!

Pokémon Unite Eldegoss

If you love Pokémon Unite’s Eldegoss, but aren’t quite sure which moves to select, or what items to use, Pocket Tactics is here to help. It can be tough heading into an epic battle with such a soft support character, but with a little preparation, you’ll soon be shooting hoops and healing allies with ease.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff. Our Pokémon Unite Eldegoss build guide includes the best held and battles items, and also gives you a thorough rundown of all of its moves and abilities. We think Eldegoss is potentially the best support character in the game as of now, so it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

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What is Pokémon Unite’s Eldegoss moveset?

As Eldegoss levels up, you get to choose from a range of moves to use in battle. This Pokémon excels when dishing out heals and supporting the team. So we’ve outlined which moves we believe suit Eldegoss the best in a support role.

Pokémon Unite Eldegoss passive ability

Move name Attack type Description
Cotton down Passive Damage an opponent and decrease its movement speed for a short time after you receive a certain amount of damage. Eldegoss also recovers some HP and its movement speed is increased for a short time

Eldegoss next to its name

Pokémon Unite Eldegoss early game abilities

From levels one to three, you get to choose between two moves. However, don’t worry too much, as you will eventually get to use both. We recommend you pick leafage first, so that you can dish out some extra damage to farm experience. Then, use synthesis to get a little bit of extra health when needed.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Leafage Ranged 4.5 seconds Hurl leaves at a target to decrease its movement speed for a short time
Synthesis Recovery Eight seconds Restores the HP of Eldegoss and all nearby allies

Pokémon Unite Eldegoss mid-game abilities

As soon as you reach level five, you have another decision to make, and this one is slightly harder than before. In our opinion, the best choice is pollen puff. This move can heal your allies and also deal a little bit of damage to your foes. It’s worth noting, the move you choose will replace leafage.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Pollen puff Ranged Six seconds Throw a pollen puff that attaches to a Pokémon. This puff restores HP for allies, and deals damage to enemies.
Leaf tornado Ranged Nine seconds Attack with a leafy tornado, while increasing ally movement speed for a short time

Eldegoss in a fight with another Pokémon

Pokémon Unite Eldegoss late-game abilities

Now it’s time to make your final choice. As we’re focusing on heals and support with this Eldegoss build, we recommend you go for cotton guard to create some strong shields and absorb incoming damage.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Cotton guard Buff Seven seconds Protect Eldegoss and all nearby allies with cotton. This absorbs damage and restores HP
Cotton spore Area Ten seconds Gather spores that increase your movement speed. After some time, the spores explode and deal damages to enemies, before throwing them and slowing their movement speed

Pokémon Unite Eldegoss end game abilities

When you’re surrounded by enemies and the situation looks dire, it’s time to use your unite move. Cotton cloud crash allows Eldegoss to float off into the distance covered in a cloud of invincibility. 

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Cotton cloud crash Area Percent-based Eldegoss floats into the air and becomes invincible. When used again, you deal damage to enemies, push them back, and restore HP to allies in the area

What is the best Pokémon Unite Eldegoss build?

We have no doubt that Eldegoss excels as a healer in Pokémon Unite. If you agree, or just want to try a new build, choose the following moves.

  • Level one: leafage
  • Level three: synthesis
  • Level four: pollen puff (replaces leafage)
  • Level six: cotton guard (replaces synthesis)

Pokémon Unite's Eldegoss about to score a goal

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Eldegoss?

You can use any three held items. We recommend that you pick any of our suggestions below to make the most of your Eldegoss.

  • Shell bell
    Special attacks heal 45 HP as well as a percentage of special attack.
  • Buddy barrier
    When you use a unite move, Eldegoss and its lowest-HP ally gain a shield.
  • Float stone
    Moves faster when out of combat.
  • Exp. share
    Eldegoss passively gains experience every second when it’s the lowest level Pokémon on the team. However, you forfeit any experience you would normally gain when assisting teammates.
  • Aeos cookie
    Permanently increases your max HP when you score a goal.

What is the best battle item for Pokémon Unite’s Eldegoss?

You can only choose one battle item per match. We suggest any of the following items.

  • Potion
    Heal Eldegoss for 12.5% of its maximum health.
  • Eject button
    Teleport Eldegoss quickly, great for a fast retreat back to safety.
  • White smoke
    Produce a smokescreen that decreases the movement speed of all enemies in the area.

And that’s everything you need to know about Eldegoss. If you can’t get enough of this 5v5 MOBA, feel free to check out our Pokémon Unite skins guide as well.

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