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Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff abilities, build, and best items

Everything you need to know about the best Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff build, including attack type, moveset, and more

Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff in front of the arena

Pokémon Unite continues to prove popular, bringing 5v5 MOBA battles to trainers everywhere – some are purely for fun, while others see you getting competitive in ranked matches. Either way, it’s time to go to war, and you need the right Pokémon at your side to fight your way to victory. There’s a fair few to choose from, across multiple generations – including Charizard, Zeraora, Alolan Ninetails, Pikachu, Crustle, and Greninja.

In our Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff build guide, we offer our recommendations on what moves you should unlock, what battle item is best for Wigglytuff, as well as which held items are worth using. In terms of battlefield roles, Wigglytuff is a supporter, meaning it offers support in both offensive and defensive manners.

If you’re yet to dive into this MOBA, we recommend checking out our Pokémon Unite tier list to see which Pokémon may suit you best. We also have guides on Pokémon Unite’s Zeraora, Pokémon Unite’s Blastoise, Pokémon Unite’s Cinderace, Pokémon Unite’s Ninetales, and Pokémon Unite’s Greninja, detailing their best builds. We also have a guide on the Pokémon Unite medals – so you can learn how to earn these little shinies.

What are Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff’s moves?

As a Pokémon that fits into the support role, Wigglytuff has two paths to follow – defensive or offensive, though both involve you being with a teammate. We like being in on the action. As such, our guide focuses on a more aggressive approach for Jigglypuff’s evolution, and aiding teammates in scoring goals.

Pokemon Unite's Wigglytuff

Wigglytuff’s passive ability

Bring all the Pokémon to the yard with Wigglytuff’s passive ability, entice them, draw them in, then unleash a world of pain.

Move name Attack type                                           Description
Attract Passive Wigglytuff attracts Pokémon, drawing them closer to it

Wigglytuff’s early game abilities

When deciding which early game skill to unlock first, go with whichever suits your playstyle. In our case, we opt for pound as our build centres on being support with an attacking edge – plus, this move has the potential to lower the opposition’s speed and defence, leaving them vulnerable to other attacks.

Move name Attack type                                           Description
Pound Melee Continuously hit the opposing Pokémon, Wigglytuff can potentially lower the defence and speed of its foe
Defence curl Shield Wigglytuff receives a protective barrier that damages any opponent it touches, and the waiting time to use pound, double slap, and dazzling gleam reduces to 0

Wigglytuff’s mid-game abilities

Decisions, decisions, do you want to razzle-dazzle the opposition with some blinding lights, or slap some sense into them? Well, we recommend the second option. Selecting the double slap ability means Wigglytuff can dish out some pretty impressive damage while also having the ability to lower the enemy’s defensive and movement speed stats.

Move name Attack type                                           Description
Dazzling gleam Ranged Wigglytuff unleashes a beam in front of it, hitting opposing Pokémon twice
Double slap Melee Wigglytuff gets slap happy and unleashes a barrage of attacks that damages the opposition, as well as slowing them down

Wigglytuff’s late-game abilities

It’s decision time again, and by now, Wigglytuff should be causing some mayhem, whether through defending its own goals or supporting teammates in attacking the opposition. Since we’re focusing on more offensive support, we suggest you choose sing. That’s right, sing it loud, sing it proud, bellow out a beautiful melody that causes your foes to drift off into a blissful sleep – leaving them open to attack and your slap-happy ways.

Move name Attack type                                         Description
Rollout Shield Wigglytuff receives a protective barrier that damages any opponent it touches, and the waiting time to use pound, double slap, and dazzling gleam reduces to zero
Sing Area Wigglytuff lulls opposing Pokémon to sleep, leaving them vulnerable to attack

Wigglytuff’s end-game abilities

Wigglytuff’s Unite move is starlight recital, and it might just save not only your life, but the lives of your nearby allies too. The move plays into the support role, be you on the attack or defending your own goal. This powerful shield provides protection that can turn the tide of battle.

Move name Attack type                                         Description
Starlight recital Shield Wigglytuff and its nearby allies receive a shield, offering great protection for a short time

Wigglytuff on its tiptoes

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Wigglytuff?

In Pokémon Unite, you’re allowed to equip your companion with up to three held items, all of which offer varying attributes that suit specific roles, and playstyles, better than others. For more details on all the items available, check out our Pokémon Unite held items guide.

  • Shell bell

The shell bell is a great item that provides Wigglytuff with several important benefits, such as an increase to special attack, quicker move cooldowns, and the ability to recover a certain amount of HP. One of the best items out there for a supportive Pokémon.

  • Buddy barrier

Everyone needs a buddy, and you can protect yours – and yourself – with the buddy barrier. After successfully using its Unite move, Wigglytuff and its ally with the lowest HP receive extra protection for a short period.

  • Focus band

Focus, Wigglytuff, find your inner zen. The focus band boosts defence, special defence, and provides the Pokémon with some HP recovery. It’s a well-rounded item that comes in handy when playing in a support role.

  • Sp. Atk specs

Wigglytuff is one of several Pokémon with special attack stats, which this item boosts, thus causing more damage to your foes. Admittedly, other items also suit Wigglytuff, but if you’re going on the offensive, extra damage helps. If you want to know more about this attribute, take a look at our Pokémon Unite special attack guide.

Wigglytuff scoring a goal in Pokemon Unite

What is the best battle item for Pokémon Unite’s Wigglytuff?

  • Potion

Wigglytuff has a nice amount of health and can withstand an assault, but we all have our limits, and this Pokémon is no different. So, perhaps go into battle with potions at the ready to top up Wigglytuff’s health in-between battles.

  • Eject button

We can not overstate the value of the eject button, as this item allows you to teleport yourself to another part of the map. Meaning you can get some much-needed breathing room to recover your health before going back to defending or attacking.

Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff attack or special attack

All the critters in Pokémon Unite either specialise in attack or special attack, which dictates what items are effective for them, and what enemies they are weak or strong against. Wigglytuff is a special attack Pokémon.

Wigglytuff performing a double slap

Who does Pokémon Unite’s Wigglytuff work well with?

  • Zeraora

What a terrifying combination. One can hit like a freight train with a defensive edge, while the other can slice you to ribbons in the blink of an eye. If these two stick together, the opposition will run away in fear.

  • Cinderace

If you enjoy being where the action is and helping the team bring in some points, like us, we recommend teaming up with Cinderace if you can. The karate bunny is an attacker, and a good one at that – there’s no stopping this formidable duo when in the right hands.

There you have it, our recommendations for Pokémon Unite’s Wigglytuff build. If you’re after something else to play with friends on Switch, check out choices for the best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games here.