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Pokémon Unite Mr. Mime abilities, build, and items

Master the mime with our Pokémon Unite's Mr. Mime build guide, from his best items to his most supportive moves

Pokémon Unite Mr Mime in front of an arena

In Pokémon Unite, Mr. Mime is a supporter meaning you’ll want to focus on backing up your teammates rather than taking centre stage. Apart from when you using your Unite move, of course, then everyone’s watching Mr. Mime. If you enjoy playing this character, you may also want to check out our Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff or Pokémon Unite Eldegoss guides.

In our Pokémon Unite Mr. Mime guide, we’ve put together everything you need to know about playing with this ultimate psychic-type from his best build, to all the latest on his moveset, and even the best battle and held items to carry with you. We’ll be sure to keep this guide up to date, so be sure to check back.

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What is Pokemon Unite Mr. Mime’s moveset?

Mr. Mime is a great supporter of teammates and in turn, teammates help increase Mr. Mime’s ability to land attacks. A lot of Mr. Mime’s moveset revolves around setting up opponents for greater falls and below, we’ve listed Mr. Mime’s full moveset and the moves we’d recommend taking into battle.

Pokémon Unite's Mr. Mime next to his name

Mr. Mime’s passive attack

Move name Attack type Description
Filter Passive Increases Mr. Mime’s defence for a short time

Mr. Mime’s early game abilities

Between levels one to three, you must pick one of the two abilities below first. For this, we recommend choosing fake out so you can start dealing damage out and build up that much-needed experience.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Fake out Melee Seven seconds Mr. Mime claps his hands together, dealing damage and shoving opposing Pokémon backwards
Light screen Hindrance Eight seconds Create a wall of light that prevents opposing Pokémon from passing

Mr. Mime’s mid-game abilities

At level four, you’ll have an important decision to make about which of the two moves you choose to unlock. At this point in the game, we’d recommend confusion to increase Mr. Mime’s range and ability to deal some decent damage.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Confusion Ranged Six seconds Releases an attack that damages and shoves enemies. If an opposing Pokémon hits an obstacle, it receives increased damage and is stunned. If the opposing Pokémon is currently guard-swapped, it will not be displaced, but will receive increased damage and be stunned. Upgrading increases damage
Psychic Debuff Six seconds Damages nearby opponents with a telekinetic blast, affecting any guard-swapped Pokémon, as well as blasting any light screen or barriers, damaging any opposing Pokémon caught in the blast and lowering their special defence for a short time. If opposing Pokémon are hit by more than one blast, they will also be stunned. Upgrading decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time

Pokémon Unite's Mr. Mime using a psychicc attack

Mr. Mime’s late-game abilities

At level six, you decide once again between two. Here we’d recommend a move that supports its other moves, guard swap. This move lowers opposing Pokémon’s defences, which in turn increases the damage Mr. Mime can dish out.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Barrier Hindrance Two seconds Creates a translucent wall that prevents opposing Pokémon from passing. Mr. Mime can place two walls before the cooldown activates. Upgrading increases the maximum number of uses that can be kept in reserve before cooldown
Guard Swap Debuff 4.5 seconds Mr. Mime swaps defence and special defence stats with an opposing Pokémon for a short time on impact. The guard-swapped Pokémon also takes damage and has decreased movement speed for a short time, whilst Mr. Mime’s speed is increased. When used on an ally, both the ally and Mr. Mime will have increased speed. Upgrading continually restores the HP of the user and the ally

Mr. Mime’s end game ability

At level nine, you unlock Mr. Mime’s Unite move, showtime. Use this move during the end game to really put on a display for your opponents (while also hurting them a bit more too).

Move name Attack type Description
Showtime Area Mr. Mime jumps to a designated location before launching into a mime performance that deals damage over time to opposing Pokémon in the AOE and leaves them stunned

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Mr. Mime?

In Pokémon Unite, you can choose three items to take with you into the battle arena. For Mr. Mime, we’ve outlined some of the best items to consider below.

  • Focus band
    • When Mr. Mime’s HP is low, this item will gradually recover HP
  • Buddy barrier
    • When using Mr. Mime’s unite move, this item will shield Mr. Mime as well as a nearby ally with the lowest HP
  • Assault vest
    • When Mr. Mime is out of combat, it gains a percentage of its maximum health back as a shield that blocks special attacks
  • Shell bell
    • Mr. Mime’s special attacks heal 45 HP, plus a percentage of your special attack

Pokémon Unite's Mr. Mime putting on a show

What is the best battle item Pokémon Unite’s Mr. Mime?

Mr. Mime can also take one battle item into each game and we recommend taking one of the two mentioned below.

  • Eject button
    • Mr. Mime will instantly teleport to a location nearby, this is great for added mobility
  • Potion
    • Restores a small amount of Mr. Mime’s HP

If you’re looking for more information on Pokémon Unite, we’ve put together Pokémon Unite held items and Pokémon Unite special attack guides to help improve your skills.