Why is everyone playing Project Slayers?

There are countless Project Slayers players, and with so many people obsessed with the latest Roblox smash hit, we take a look at how this came to be

Three characters in art for Project Slayers. In the middle is a person with short brown hair, a large box on their back, and a sheathed sword on their hip, looking into the distant red sky. Next to them on the left is a character with their back to us, and what looks like animal ears on the top of their head. On the furthest left is a blonde character, looking into the distance too.

Project Slayers is taking the Roblox world by storm. An anime-inspired experience is nothing new for the service, with countless titles available taking influence from all over the genre. But Project Slayers seems to have broken out beyond, into the upper echelons of Roblox success.

So, there are loads of Project Slayers players, but why? With almost 300k likes, it’s clear that it’s a hit. And the number of people on the hunt for Project Slayers codes is staggering. Everyone wants to learn more about it, whether it’s with a Project Slayers tier list of Project Slayers private server codes. And I think it all just comes down to what the game actually is.

Project Slayers is so packed full of mechanics to learn and obstacles to overcome, that it feels like a big-budget project that anyone can get interested in. Do you know what Project Slayers breathing is? Well, it’s a whole mechanic around learning new moves, with the sort of depth that’s rare to see from fan-made projects.

What is Project Slayers?

Project Slayers is a Roblox experience that takes inspiration from Demon Slayer. This is the first reason it’s so popular. People like anime, and the Roblox community really likes anime and manga-inspired games. Just a cursory look over Roblox’s top games will bring up countless games with the word ‘anime’ in their title. We even have a whole feature on Roblox anime games and how their future is uncertain.

But what do you actually do in Project Slayers that makes it stand out from the sea of anime games? Well, there’s combat, with various combos to learn and new moves to equip. There’s also wall-running and dashing, making for some slick locomotion. But most of all, there’s a choice.

The game takes you “from small villages to large cities and into eerie mountains and forests”, offering a sense of adventure to anyone interested. But it also gives you the choice “to help humanity or go against it”. It’s all about player agency, choosing how you want to interact with Project Slayers.

Art from Project Slayers showing two anime-style characters. One is blue, with strange eyes and short purple air, with blue flames surrounding them. The other is obscured, just showing golden hair and red flames around their body.

And that’s why there are so many Project Slayers players. The tagline on the Roblox page is “the choice is yours”, which is an exciting prospect in videogames with billion-dollar budgets, let alone something made by a Roblox creator. It’s just very exciting to see.

How do I play Project Slayers?

To play Project Slayers, all you need is Roblox. Head to the official Project Slayers Roblox page to play on your computer or mobile device, or search for it in the Xbox version of the creative hub. From there, you can also join the Project Slayers Discord to get involved with the community and stay abreast of any updates.

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