Resident Evil 4 Merchant

Resident Evil 4’s Merchant is a mysterious fellow, but we’re here to tell you everything there is to know about him, including why you should speak to him.

Resident Evil 4's merchant gesturing you over to his wares

Another day, another viral outbreak for Leon Kennedy to deal with. Luckily, on his search for Ashley Graham in a remote European village, there’s a certain stranger that’s more than happy to help. Well, in exchange for money. Resident Evil 4’s Merchant has a supply of items that might just help you survive this hellhole, but who is he?

Before you acquaint yourself with The Merchant, you might want to meet other Resident Evil characters, such as Resident Evil’s Leon, Resident Evil’s Ada Wong, Resident Evil’s Tyrant, and Resident Evil’s Jill. Yes, all of them kick some serious butt.

Anyway, onto Resident Evil 4’s Merchant.

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Who is Resident Evil 4’s Merchant?

The Merchant is, as the name indicates, a swell guy that’s ready to give you whatever items and weapons you need. You know, in exchange for money. Honestly, not a great deal is known about this mysterious figure beyond his love of cash and the phrase ‘what are ya buying?’

You first meet Resident Evil 4’s Merchant in chapter two after Leon wakes up in a house by the valley. The mysterious man in a fashionable cloak beckons the Raccoon City survivor to come outside, where he proceeds to act as a shopkeep. Not only can you buy useful items and gear from him, but you can also upgrade your weapons.

Resident Evil 4 Merchant’s personality

To be honest, besides his fondness for firearms and watching the carnage unfold on the island and in the village, we can’t tell you much about The Merchant’s personality. Perhaps we can meet him for a beer sometime – what are ya having?

Resident Evil 4's Merchant stood behind a table next to a type writer

Resident Evil 4 Merchant’s appearances

The Merchant only appears in Resident Evil 4 and the Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, The Duke does reference him in Resident Evil Village.

And that’s everything we can tell you about Resident Evil 4’s Merchant. To learn more about his rotund counterpart, check out our Resident Evil Village characters guide.