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Resident Evil Village characters

In this Resident Evil Village characters list, you can learn all the faces you need to know before diving into this terrifying place.

Resident Evil Village characters - Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village is one of the best survival horror games in recent years and is arguably one of the best Resident Evil games ever made, and that’s not just because of its compelling story and unsettling environments, but because of a cast of brilliant Resident Evil Village characters that all serve a purpose in the world. So, here, we take a look at the Resident Evil 8 characters and the role they play in the story.

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Anyway, onto all of the Resident Evil Village characters that you need to know about.

Resident Evil Village characters - Ethan Winters looking at a castle in the distance

Ethan Winters

Ah, Ethan. It’s fair to say the world of Resident Evil hasn’t been kind to you. Sure, you got a nice break for three years after the events in Louisiana, but now you need to go on a wild goose chase to save your daughter after your old pal Chris Redfield murders your wife and takes Rose. Sure, there’s more to it, but that’s basically what kicks off the events of Village. Before long, Ethan finds himself in the rundown village, where he comes face to face with all manner of beasties, including lycans.

Then, of course, there’s Mother Miranda and her four lords to deal with, each of which has a piece of Rose in a little tub. If you want to learn even more about the man of the hour, our Resident Evil Ethan guide has all the information you need.

Resident Evil Village characters - Chris Redfield looking sad as Mia Winters yells at him

Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield is one of the most iconic characters in the survival horror genre as he serves as one of the two playable protagonists in the original 1996 game. Of course, as a person, Chris has grown over the years, and that’s more evident than ever in Resident Evil Village, as he appears to shoot and kill Ethan’s wife, Mia, at the very beginning of the game. Wow, greetings really have gone downhill, huh? Or maybe just saying ‘hi’ is really overrated.

Of course, there’s more to it than there initially appears to be, but don’t worry Chris’ business in the village becomes apparent over time. Should you want to know even more about this legend, you can check out our Resident Evil Chris guide.

Resident Evil Village characters - Mother Miranda holding up babe Rose

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda is the primary antagonist in Resident Evil Village. She’s behind the kidnapping of Rose and intends to use the infant in her attempt to get back the person she treasures the most – her daughter. Okay, sure, I can sympathize with the loss of a child, but come on now, Mother Miri, is it not a bit hypocritical to kidnap someone else’s kid and then try to kill him when he fights to get her back? Talk about calling the pot calling the kettle black.

In all seriousness, she’s essentially worshipped by everybody in the village, including the four lords. Well, except for Heisenberg, but more on him in a bit. Everything you experience in the village is thanks to this woman. I strongly suggest you give the village a bad review on Yelp – ‘murderous villagers, crazy cult leader, and it’s cold. Don’t recommend it.”

Resident Evil Village characters - Lady Dimitrescu smiling ready to attack with her claws

Lady Dimitrescu

“I will find you, and I will break you!” Really? You promise? Yes, that’s my genuine response when she slams you through the floor in Dimitrescu Castle. Lady Alcina Dimitresu is one of the four lords, and she lives in her family’s castle with her three adopted daughters, Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. All three of which also give sexy vampire vibes until they turn into flies, I think you’d be picking those flies out of your fender for days.

Dimitrescu is the first lord Ethan encounters, and despite being stuck in a building with three gorgeous girls and a 9ft vampire mummy, he can’t wait to leave. Amateur. If you want to know even more about Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu, make sure you give our guide a read.

Resident Evil Village characters - Donna Beneviento dead on the floor next to angie

Donna Beneviento

Okay, so the Beneviento house has the award for the most disturbing and terrifying experience in a survival horror game. This isn’t a place for the faint-hearted, though when it comes to the four lords, Donna is the least terrifying. Shame I can’t say the same for her doll Angie – that thing should be used as the kindling that burns this god-forsaken village to the ground.

To be honest, Donna and Angie don’t have that much screen time, and while I want to feel sorry for her due to the loss of her parents, I think therapy is a better solution than killing people.

Resident Evil Village characters - Moreau running towards you

Salvatore Moreau

Oof, this guy definitely got the raw end of the deal when Miranda injected him with the cadou parasite, as his mutations are a lot worse than that of Lady D, Donna, and Heisenberg. He’s basically a mermaid man, but not the kind you see in The Little Mermaid.

He’s more akin to a mix between Ursula and the hideous mermaids from Harry Potter. Nonetheless, he craves Miranda’s approval, and it’s kind of sad to watch the bloated fish splash around screaming for acceptance.

Resident Evil Village characters - Karl Heisenberg talking to Ethan with the lords in the background

Karl Heisenberg

Heisenberg is the most powerful of the four lords, and he also happens to despise Miranda for what she’s done to him. In all fairness to him, he tries to offer Ethan a deal, though it would require our protagonist to allow his daughter to be used as a weapon, but you know, minor details.

This member of the four lords also happens to command the lycans and has his very own mechanical army ready to go. Keep an eye on this guy. Well, assuming he doesn’t take it from you first.

Resident Evil Village characters - The Duke in his carriage in the snow

The Duke

The Duke serves as the merchant in-game, allowing you to buy weapon upgrades, craftables, and more. Little is known about him, but it’s clear he does business with everyone in the village, not just Ethan. Playing all sides, aye? Sounds like he should be a politician if I’m honest.

Resident Evil Village characters - Mia holding a baby Rose Winters

Other minor Resident Evil Village characters

  • Mia Winters
  • Angie
  • Bela Dimitrescu
  • Cassandra Dimitrescu
  • Daniela Dimitrescu
  • Luiza
  • Ingrid
  • Rosemary Winters
  • Eveline

There you have it, every Resident Evil Village character that you need to know about. To discover what other titles are in the series, you can check out our best Resident Evil games list.