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All about Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu is on the Switch thanks to RE Village’s cloud version, so here's everything you need to know about her.

Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu: A close-up of Lady Dimitrescu in a dark room with her hat covering one eye and the other eye glowing yellow.

At long last Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu, the nine-foot vampire mommy, is on the small portable screen courtesy of the cloud version of Resident Evil Village, and we couldn’t be happier about that. Seriously, my initial response when she yells, “I will find you, and I will break you”, was “really, you promise?”

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Here’s everything you need to know about Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu ready to kill the Maiden with her claws

Who is Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu

Just in case you’re yet to play Resident Evil Village, consider this a spoiler warning.

Lady Alcina Dimitrescu is one of the four lords in Resident Evil Village. As a result of the Megamycite, she has great regenerative abilities, though one could argue that this works a little too well given the woman is over nine feet tall! Unsurprisingly, she resides in Castle Dimitrescu, a majestic home that’s been in her family for generations. However, she didn’t arrive in the village until her forties, as Mother Miranda promised a cure for her hereditary blood disease. While the game never states what her ailment is, I strongly suspect that it’s hemophilia.

She’s the first of the four lords that Resident Evil’s Ethan must face as he works his way through the castle, collecting masks and fighting off Dimitrescu’s daughters, Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. No, they’re not biologically hers. Rather, all three are the result of an experiment Alcina conducted with the Cadou parasite years prior to the events of the game.

Over the years, Dimitrescu and her daughters would torment those who resided in the village. Lady D despises men. I wonder why? Sure, I can think of a few reasons, but I’d love to hear hers.

Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu: A close-up of Lady D in her bedroom smiling at the camera.

What is Lady Dimitrescu’s personality like?

She’s a patient, kind, loving, and generous lady. Well, she is if those words actually mean sadistic, angry, evil, and a bit vain, in all honesty. Actually, you know what? I’m in a generous mood. She is loving when it comes to her daughters. The anger and despair that she feels as you kill them off one by one is apparent. Heck, she even hides her youngest, Daniela, in the library, yet Ethan still finds her and kills her.

I also need to point out she has a superiority complex and is a bit of a hypocrite. She turns into a giant dragon-like creature and attempts to kill Ethan for what he’s done to her daughters, yet she helps to kidnap his daughter and separate her into tiny pieces, keeping a part of Rose in the castle. Honestly, Alcina and Ethan probably should have had a parent-to-parent chat when this all began, but given she literally hangs Winters via hooks in his hands the second they meet, I’d wager that was never on the cards.

Which games does Lady Dimitrescu appear in?

Lady D appears in:

Who voices Lady Dimitrescu?

The talented Maggie Robertson lends her acting talents as Lady Dimitrescu in the English version of Resident Evil Village, while the equally amazing Kikuko Inoue portrays the character in the Japanese iteration of the game.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu. Make sure you check out our best Resident Evil games list to go on some more zombtastic adventures. We also have a Resident Evil 4 PT History feature for your perusal.