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Royal Match cheats - tips and tricks for a regal time

If running out of lives has you searching for Royal Match cheats, our tips and tricks aim to keep you in the match-three puzzle game for longer.

Key art of the king from Royal Match for Royal Match cheats guide

If you’re looking for Royal Match cheats, we can hardly blame you. We know what it’s like to get stuck at a tricky level, run out of lives while you’re on a roll, or just feel that need to fly through levels with careless abandon. So, we’ve put together this guide on how to keep making it through levels, even if you choose not to use Royal Match hacks in the end.

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Are there any Royal Match cheats?

Unfortunately, there are no official Royal Match cheats. Some sites advertise cheats or hacks, but these sites are often legally dicey and potentially riddled with stuff you don’t want on your mobile or PC. It’s understandably frustrating that there’s no getting around this without going to the dark side of the internet, but just for the safety of your device, we recommend not trying to download any Royal Match hacks.

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It’s also worth pointing out that Dream Games’ is well within its right to ban any players it catches with lives or other in-game resources from Royal Match cheats. Simply put, using hacks risks both your mobile safety and your in-game account, so even for passing a challenging level, it’s never really worth it.

Royal Match tips and tricks

In place of Royal Match cheats, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you save lives in the game so you can play for longer.

Concentrate on the objective

Endlessly matching three doesn’t achieve much if you have a special goal in a mission, so always pay attention to the objective. Essentially, just pay attention to what the level is asking you to do, and don’t get carried away trying to just get pieces off the board.

Screenshot of gameplay for a Royal Match level for Royal Match cheats guide

Save resources for hard levels

Sure, getting stuck on a level can be annoying, but save your resources until you’re sure you can’t get through without a booster or a bit of help. If you try and level more than ten times without the puzzle pieces falling, fortunately for you, it might be time to try a booster, but otherwise, wait and see if the organic structure of the board falls in your favor.

Don’t rush

Games like Royal Match are supposed to be relaxing, so don’t go in all guns blazing for the first matching colors you see. Take a minute at the start of the level to asses the board, see your options, and then start matching. Sure, it’s hardly chess, but like any game, you want an awareness of what you’re dealing with before you begin.

Go from the bottom

If in doubt, always start matching tiles from the bottom up. Smashing rows at the bottom means more pieces arrive at the top of the board, with a real chance of creating some lines of three as they drop. It’s not always going to win the level for you, but this piece of advice can get you through the easier levels quicker.

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Use your boosters

Ok, so this is a slightly hypocritical one, but while we recommend you save resources, you can use them when you need to. If you reach a level there’s just no beating, there’s no point hanging onto TNT and rockets when you’re never going to be able to get to another level to use them.

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