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Shadowverse decks – do you have the right cards?

Picking the right Shadowverse deck is crucial if you're to secure victory. Fortunately, we have a list of decks that will help you get started

A female elf from Shadowverse

When it comes to collectable card games, no matter which you play, there’s one sure thing, your chances of victory are only as strong as your deck. If you don’t have the best cards, you don’t get the win, it’s as simple as that. A fact that’s especially true for Shadowverse. This deck-builder takes no prisoners, and is brutal for those that don’t have strong deck-building capabilities.

Fortunately, we’re on deck to give you a helping hand, which is why we have put together some Shadowverse decks for you to try out. We’ve tried to be diverse, offering several different options that adhere to varying playstyles. Despite our preference for aggressive play, we dug deep and took a look at what might be useful to you more tactical players out there.

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Shadowverse decks

First up, we’re going to suggest some prebuilt decks that you might want to consider. These are purchasable, and offer you a range of bonuses. They’re great for those with an idea of which class they’d like to use, or for people that don’t want to create a deck themselves.

An elf and a human

Midnight Mistress

The first prebuilt deck we suggest you consider (if you’re willing to save your currency up for one) is the Midnight Mistress of the bloodcraft class. In case the name doesn’t give it away, this class is full of vampires. While you might have to lower your leader’s defence, to begin with, this deck allows you to sap energy from your foes, strengthening your defences.

It has the following cards:

  • Lunatic Aether x3
  • Nightmare, Dreameater x3
  • Leraje x3
  • Corrupted Bat x3
  • Blood Pact x3
  • Razor Claw x3
  • Entrancing Blow x3
  • Frenzied Werewolf x3
  • Illya, Queen of the Night x1
  • Dark General x2
  • Azazel, the Depraves x3
  • Sharanzaya, Masked Mayhem x3
  • Nightprowl Vampire x3
  • Yuzuki, Righteous Demon x2
  • Cradle of dark Divinity x2

Ready, Set, Brawl

The second prebuilt set that may be worth using is the Ready, Set, Brawl deck. This one belongs to the Dragoncraft class, and yes, as the name implies, it has a heavy reliance on dragons, dinosaurs, and brute force.

It has the following cards:

  • Blazing Breath x3
  • Feral Aether x3
  • Lightning Velociraptor x3
  • Dragon Oracle x3
  • Orca Run x3
  • Dragon Chef x3
  • Whirlwind Pteranodon x3
  • Ian, Dragon Buster x3
  • Valdain, Cursed Shadow x2
  • Phoenix Howl x3
  • Dragonguard x2
  • Hoarfrost Triceratops x3
  • Helix Mushussu x3
  • Kaya, Draconian Brawler x1
  • Wildfire Tyrannosaur x2

All-seeing Tyrant

The final prebuilt deck we recommend is All-seeing Tyrant, a deck from the Portalcraft class. This class uses enchanted life forms such as puppets and artefacts, while also having a reliance on resonance cards, which allow you to activate special abilities.

It has the following cards:

  • Dawn’s Splendor x3
  • Puppeteer x2
  • Licht, the Gearturner x3
  • Drill Hedgehog x3
  • Mugnier, Purifying Light x3
  • Awakened Ragna x2
  • Automaton Knight x3
  • Ines, Maiden of clouds x3
  • Puppet Shock x3
  • Hamelin, Fey Flautist x3
  • Enhanced Tiger x3
  • Puppeteer’s Strings x3
  • Cannon Hermit x3
  • Dreadnaught Gorilla x2
  • Omniscient Kaiser x1

A group of people walking out of portals

Swordcraft deck

If you’re after a deck that allows you to rally the troops, perhaps this swordcraft deck will be to your liking. The idea behind this class is that you can summon multiple officers to the battlefield, while also being able to send out commanders that give a great boost to the officers.

Recommended cards:

  • Quickblader x3
  • Oathless Knight x3
  • Hoverboard Mercenary x3
  • Glorious Core x3
  • Cybercannoneer x3
  • Blazing Lion Admiral x1
  • Mistolina, Forest Princess x3
  • Holy Bear Knight x3
  • Johan, Ironforged Hero x2
  • Levin Archer x3
  • Adept Thief x3
  • Ninja Master x2
  • Kunoichi Trainee x2
  • Koga Kuniochi x2
  • Luminous Knight x3

Shadowcraft deck

As the name may imply, those that fall under this class choose to use the shadows to their advantage. They embrace the darkness, and even go so far as to turn on their own, or use necromancy, in order to succeed in combat. This is a deck that’s worth using. Even if you like an aggressive approach, you might find that attacking under cover of darkness suits you quite well.

Recommended cards:

  • Spectre x2
  • Baleful Necromancer x3
  • Necromantic Aether x3
  • Undying Resentment x3
  • Guilt, Existential Blader x3
  • Ceres, Eternal Bride x1
  • Lonesome Necromancer x2
  • Steelclad Minotaur x3
  • Colossal Skull Lord x2
  • Necropolis Queen x2
  • Manifest Malice x3
  • Spartoi Sergeant x3
  • Helio, Sacrosanct Spirit x3
  • Gravewalker x2
  • Undead King x3

There you have it, some Shadowverse decks for you to try out. However, there are hundreds of cards out there across many classes, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Who knows, you might even stumble across a tournament worthy deck.

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