The House TD codes December 2023

Grab these Roblox The House TD codes and snag yourself enough gems to purchase more units in the haunted house themed tower defense game.

The House TD codes: a character in the haunted house wearing a Pocket Tactics shirt

December 6, 2023: We added a new The House TD code!

Spooky, scary, skeletons send shivers down your spine in The House TD, where plenty of monsters wait at every turn. Thankfully, these The House TD codes help you face your fear by providing gems, which means you can summon new units to fight back against foes.

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Here are all the new The House TD codes:

  • House50k – ten voodoo tokens (new!)
  • Happy40k – 200 soul gems
  • Souls30k – 200 soul gems
  • Thanks20k – 200 soul gems
  • Boom10k – 200 soul gems
  • House3k – 100 soul gems
  • Goatmelon – Melon Master

How to redeem The House TD codes in the Roblox game

How do I redeem The House TD codes?

Redeeming these codes in the Roblox game couldn’t be simpler, just follow these steps:

  • Open up The House TD in Roblox
  • In the lower left-hand side of the screen, there are four icons – one of which is blank. Click the blank one.
  • This brings up the code box – type or paste in a code one at a time and hit enter.

There you go, free gems and more in The House TD.

What are The House TD codes?

The House TD is a tower defense horror game, and as such, these codes provide you gems so that you can afford to pull for more defensive units that you can deploy to protect your base from monsters. Future codes may also grant cash, boosts, or even a free unit.

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