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Tower of Fantasy Zero build

Our Tower of Fantasy Zero build guide will ensure you have zero problems climbing to the top of the ranks with his powerful support weapon, the Negating Cube

Tower of Fantasy Zero splash art showing him holding his Negating Cube while surrounded by flames

Tower of Fantasy’s Zero is an aloof and dismissive genius, but his futuristic weapon, the Negating Cube, makes him a great team-player. Offering shields and buffs to allies so they can charge into the heat of battle without fear, Zero mind just has a kind streak hidden beneath that stoic demeanour – either that, or it’s his competitive side shining through.

To help you control the power of the Negating Cube and negate a bunch of damage in a cube-like manner, we’ve put together this handy Tower of Fantasy Zero build guide. Learn all about his banner, skills and attacks, advancement, favourite gifts, team comps, and more, so you can keep up with this super intelligent young man. Or, at least, you can try to.

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Tower of Fantasy Zero

Who is Tower of Fantasy’s Zero?

Tower of Fantasy’s Zero is a genius computer whiz. He’s quite aloof and distant, dismissing anything that he sees as meaningless to him and condemning them as trivial. As much as he’s smart, he’s also prideful, and he has a fiercely competitive streak. Zero appears to be about 15 years old, but his true age and name are unknown to anyone but him – he destroyed the records to ensure this. What’s he hiding?

Zero is an SSR Simulacra that wields the Negating Cube, a flame-type support weapon.

Tower of Fantasy Zero banner

Zero is one of the SSR Simulacra always available on the weapons banners. This means you can pull him on the Weapons Galore banners using black or gold nucleus, or on the limited banner if you don’t pull the featured weapon.

To find out more about drop rates, currencies, and current, upcoming, and ongoing banners, check out our Tower of Fantasy banners guide.

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy Zero build?

Tower of Fantasy Zero’s Negating Cube is a support weapon that specialises in shielding and buffing your allies. Its skill offers a powerful shield that lasts ten seconds, while also dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back. This offers a perfect opportunity to set up combos for you and your teammates.

Negating cube deals flame damage, and though its attack isn’t particularly high, its charged attacks inflict burn, which damages the enemy over time. Negating cube can also be used from a distance, making a great option for both range and utility. It suffers from low shatter rate, but its high charge value means you can use it to accrue weapon charge quickly, then swap to another weapon like King’s Scythe of the Crow to destroy enemy shields and dish out heaps of damage while still protected by Zero’s shield.

Unlocking Negating Cube’s first advancement star also gives the weapon the ability to produce healing orbs when it damages enemies. These orbs heal any ally that pick them up, including you, making it a well-rounded support weapon. Of course, Negating Cube’s heals aren’t comparable to the high healing output of weapons like Tower of Fantasy Nemesis’ Venus, or Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero. However, if you want to take on a full healing role with shielding capabilities as well, you can pair Negating Cube with another healing staff and reap the rewards of the benediction weapon resonance bonus.

Tower of Fantasy Zero mid-attack

Tower of Fantasy Zero’s weapon stats

Below, we’ve listed all the main stats for Zero’s weapon, Negating Cube. These are the weapon’s base stats before you level it up or equip it with any matrices.

The shatter ranking dictates how quickly Negating Cube can break enemy shields, whereas the charge rate shows how quickly the weapon gains charge.

  • CS: 272
  • Shatter: 5.00 (B)
  • Charge: 13.00 (S)
  • Attack: 14
  • Resistance: 9
  • HP: 1165
  • Type: Flame – when Negating Cube is fully charged, your next attack sets the target on fire for eight seconds, causing ongoing damage equal to a set percentage of attack every second. Ignited targets receive reduced efficacy from healing

Tower of Fantasy Zero’s attacks and skills

Here are each of Tower of Fantasy Zero’s skills and attacks. Note that this is based on Negating Cube’s level one stats, and the stats and buffs increase as you level up the weapon.

Normal attacks

Skill Effect
Normal attack While on the ground, manipulate the cube to attack five times in a row.
First attack: deal damage equal to 46.7% of attack +2
Second attack: deal damage equal to 38.2% of attack +2
Third attack: deal damage equal to 118.5% of attack +8
Fourth attack: deal damage equal to 79.6% of attack +4
Fifth attack: deal damage equal to 80.9% of attack +4 up to three times and launch the target
Passive: if normal attacks hit targets six times, gain one cube. You can store up to five cubes 
Omnium missile (aerial attack) While airborne, tap normal attack to activate the energy within the cube, firing up to five missiles and dealing total damage equal to 59.3% of attack +3. Consumes up to 250 endurance.
Passive: if you have any stored cubes, consume them all to fire omnium missiles at targets, dealing damage
Energy overflow (aerial) While airborne or after jumping once, tap normal attack to trigger energy overflow. Upon landing, fire a shockwave that travels forward, dealing up to 232.4% of attack +1 damage to targets in its path
Omnium shock (hold attack) On the third normal attack, hold the normal attack button to trigger omnium shock. This summons a pillar of energy that launches nearby targets into the air, dealing damage equal to 68.4% of attack +4. The pillar lasts five seconds and deals damage equal to 28.5% of attack +2 to nearby targets every second
Energy sentinel Cubes orbiting you deal damage equal to 9.7% of attack +1 to enemies
Energy missile When you cast omnium missiles and energy overflow, your orbiting cubes are fired as well, dealing damage equal to 48.5% of attack +3 to the target

Dodge attacks

Skill Effect
Soul surge

Dodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, which reduces speed of enemies within range and grants hitstun immunity for 0.5 seconds. If you have less than five cubes, each successful dodge has a 40% chance to restore one dodge attempt. Successful dodges do not interrupt normal attack combos.

Passive: gain a cube for every successful aerial dodge


Skill Effect Cooldown
Omnium shield Create a shield for yourself and nearby allies that blocks up to 800% of attack damage for ten seconds, also dealing 142.9% of attack +8 and launching nearby targets. Each cube in your possession, when you use this skill, adds 160% of attack to max shielding and exhaust to the cube 60 seconds

Discharge skill

Skill Effect
Omnium wave Gain five cubes, which you then unleash along with a shockwave. This shockwave deals damage equal to 171% of attack +9 to nearby targets and launches them into the air. Each cube also deals damage equal to 48.5% of attack +3. If you have any allies nearby, they gain damage immunity for three seconds

Tower of Fantasy Zero three star advancement skin splash art

Tower of Fantasy Zero advancement

You can advance Tower of Fantasy weapons by using their corresponding fusion cores, which you get by acquiring more than one copy of a character. After you get yourself your first copy of Zero and his Negating Cube, you can purchase another copy through the Commissary’s weapon store for 120 black gold. Alternatively, you can get a duplicate of Zero by pulling on the banner, but, of course, this is entirely up to RNG.

Advancing your weapons by spending fusion cores and gold unlocks special bonuses. Here are all of the bonuses you gain from unlocking each of Zero’s advancement stars.

  • One star: when you deal damage, you produce a healing orb, which lasts for 20 seconds and restores HP equal to 60% of attack to any teammate who picks it up. Cooldown is two seconds
  • Two stars: increases the weapon’s base attack growth by 16%
  • Three stars: reduces skill cooldown from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, and restores HP equal to 30% of attack every second while the shield is active
  • Four stars: increases the weapon’s base HP growth by 32%
  • Five stars: when you damage a target, you produce an orb, which lasts for 20 seconds, increasing the damage and healing of any teammate who picks it up by 2% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to ten times, cooldown is 2.5 seconds
  • Six stars: using a skill grants allies healing orbs and damage orbs equal to your current number of omnium cubes

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy Zero matrix set?

As with all SSR and SR Simulacra, Zero has his own unique matrix set catered to the Negating Cube’s attacks and skills. Zero’s matrix set increases Negating Cube’s already strong shielding capabilities, while also offering a damage buff to you and your allies if you have a full set.

You can get Zero’s matrix set by pulling on the standard or limited matrix banners, or through rare drops from certain world boss chests. However, whether you get them is entirely up to RNG. If you’re looking for an easier-to-obtain substitute, we recommend going with Barbarossa’s SR set, Double Nightmares, which offers damage reflection and damage boosts when switching weapons. You can get this chest by taking on Barbarossa in Joint Operations or as a world boss.

Alternatively, if you’ve not got any suitable SR or SSR sets and are looking for something to tide you over in the meantime, you can use the R rank set, Self-explosive, which offers a boost to Negating Cube’s flame damage. Check out our Tower of Fantasy matrices guide to find out more about the different sets, how to obtain them, and how to upgrade them.

ToF matrix set Rarity Effect
Incredible Connection: Zero SSR Two equipped: upon using a discharge skill to switch to the current weapon, gain a shield equal to 150%/200%/250%/300% of attack for six seconds
Four equipped: while the shield is active, you and your teammates deal 16%/20%/24%/28% more damage
Double Nightmares: Barbarossa SR Three equipped: upon switching to the weapon, gain 50%/62.5%/75% damage reflection for three seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Upon switching to another weapon, gain a 20%/25%/30% damage boost for five seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds
Self-explosive R Three equipped: increases damage dealt by flame weapons by 6%

Tower of Fantasy Zero upgrade materials

If you want to upgrade Tower of Fantasy Zero’s weapon, Negating Cube, you’ll need the following items. Check out our Tower of Fantasy map guide for more help finding them.

Rank Level Gold Materials
One Ten 400 Two firecore
Two 20 800 Two firecore
Three 30 1,200 Three firecore, one acidproof glaze I
Four 40 1,600 Three firecore, one acidproof glaze I, three nanofiber frame I
Five 50 2000 Four firecore, four acidproof glaze I, four nanofiber frame I

Tower of Fantasy Zero team comps

Zero’s Negating cube is a support weapon, and therefore his team comps require a damage dealer like Tower of Fantasy’s Samir, Tower of Fantasy’s King, or Tower of Fantasy’s Shiro. His shield makes it much easier for you to jump into the fray of battle with these characters, and their damage makes up for what the Negating Cube lacks in attack. Using a weapon like King’s scythe also makes up for Zero’s low shatter rate, so you can still break through tough enemy shields.

For the other slot, you realistically need another healer. Negating Cube’s star one advancement does offer some healing to you and your team, but not enough to fully sustain you, and if you don’t have that first star, then you’re sorely lacking. Therefore, filling this slot with a weapon like Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero or Nemesis’ Venus ensures you can always top up your HP, as well as offering the benediction weapon resonance buff which helps increase your healing percentage.

Alternatively, in PVP play, you can team Negating Cube up with Meryl’s Rosy Edge and Huma’s Molten Shield V2 to form a high defence fortitude team. This increases your overall tankiness, allowing you to smash through enemy defences with Meryl and Huma’s weighty attacks.

Tower of Fantasy Zero close up, showing him frowning away from the camera

Tower of Fantasy Zero gifts

When scouting gifts for the aloof genius Zero, remember that his favourite tags are games and limited store items. We’ve listed all his favourite gifts below, along with their rarity, the number of awakening points they give, and where to get them from. Head over to our Tower of Fantasy gifts guide to find out more.

Gift Rarity Awakening points given How to obtain
New game console Purple 80 Special gift box
3D Hykros puzzle Purple 60 Special gift box
Aida comic Purple 60 Special gift box
Crown token Purple 60 Special gift box
Limited Peanut figurine Purple 60 Special gift box
Music box Purple 60 Special gift box
Plush toy Purple 60 Special gift box
Chess set Blue 30 Fine gift box
Coloring book Blue 30 Fine gift box
Custom poker deck Green 15 Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges
Snack box Green 15 Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges

Tower of Fantasy Zero awakening rewards

Giving Zero gifts earns you awakening points. When you hit certain awakening progress milestones, you also unlock recollection rewards. Here are all of Tower of Fantasy Zero’s awakening rewards. Keep in mind that you can use a Simulacra’s unlocked trait without taking on their appearance by toggling the ‘use Simulacra trait’ switch underneath them in the Simulacra selection page.

Awakening points Recollection reward
200 Zero avatar
600 Log: A Baffling Conversation
1,200 Zero: Accurate Calculation trait – when Zero uses a weapon skill, reduce cooldown time for relics in cooldown by 1.5 seconds. Can only activate for the same relics once every five seconds
2,000 Log: Rules
3,000  Log: “Zero”
4,000  Zero: Overall Planning trait – when Zero uses a weapon skill, reduce cooldown time for relics in cooldown by three seconds. Can only activate for the same weapons once every five seconds

Who is Tower of Fantasy Zero’s voice actor?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a name credited for Tower of Fantasy Zero’s English voice actor. However, his Japanese voice actor is Ayumu Murase, who has an extensive filmography behind him, including Genshin Impact’s Venti, Pokémon Masters’ Mitsuru, Epic Seven’s Haste and Adlay, Nicolas and Irfan from Dragalia Lost, Corvin Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and a whole bunch of cuties from the Bananya TV show.

That’s it for our Tower of Fantasy Zero build. For more adventures on the go, check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact or the best mobile RPGs.