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Tower of Fantasy King build

Tower of Fantasy's King certainly lives up to his name. Find out all about this powerful SSR's weapon, skills, advancement rewards, and more in this handy build

Tower of Fantasy King holding his Scythe of the Crow

If you’re on the hunt for a butt-kicking, no-nonsense merc, you’re looking for Tower of Fantasy’s King. You may also be a debt collector, but for some reason, they never seem to return after going after him. This flame-haired, fire scythe-wielding, SSR badass has risen to the top of the Tower of Fantasy tier list, and with his amazing shield breaking abilities and high damage, it’s unlikely he’ll be losing his spot any time soon.

Now it’s time for you to harness the power of the Scythe of the Crow, with our Tower of Fantasy King build. Here, we go over all of King’s attacks and skills, advancement and awakening bonuses, his best matrices and team comps, and more. Fists and weapons are his chips, and an OP, well-equipped Simulacra are ours.

For help building a team of the best Tower of Fantasy characters, check out our other build guides, including Tower of Fantasy Nemesis and Tower of Fantasy Samir. We’ve also got guides to all Tower of Fantasy weapons and Tower of Fantasy matrices, along with a list of the latest Tower of Fantasy codes.

Tower of Fantasy King

Who is Tower of Fantasy’s King?

Tower of Fantasy’s King is a brash and bold individual, whose vibrant hair and badass attire are perfect indicators of his strong personality. He’s a merciless merc, touted as the ‘personification of violence’, who’s entirely used to solving problems and getting his own way through a round of good ole combat. King is entirely motivated by money, though he’s not so good at keeping it, and his card skills are less than revered.

In fitting with his personality, King is an extremely powerful SSR DPS. His flame-imbued weapon, Scythe of the Crow, cleaves enemies with its wide-sweeping arcs, cutting down anyone who gets in his – or your – way.

Tower of Fantasy King banner

King is one of the SSR Simulacra currently available on all banners. As such, you can pull him on the standard Weapons Galore banners using black or gold nucleus, and you also have a chance of getting him on the limited banner if you don’t pull the featured weapon.

To find out more about drop rates, currencies, and current and upcoming limited banners, check out our Tower of Fantasy banners guide.

Tower of Fantasy King holding his Scythe of the Crow on the Simulacra select screen

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy King build?

Aside from his striking appearance (and, some would say, uncanny resemblance to Genshin Impact’s Diluc), King is best known for his amazing ability to destroy enemy shields. With a base shatter value at 12.50, he ranks as the best shield breaker in the game, making him an undeniable asset in all gameplay modes.

But King’s more than just a shield breaker. His amazing attack and speed allow him to dish out heaps of damage over a short timespan, and both the large arcs of Scythe of the Crow’s swings and the size of his skill AoEs means he can take down large groups of enemies with ease. After obtaining three advancement stars, this multi-target damage grows even further, as he gains a damage buff based on how many enemies are within range. He also excels at single-target damage, and can apply burn damage over time with his flame element.

As such, King is a brilliant DPS with top-notch shield breaking capabilities, and is an asset to pretty much any team. His charge rate is certainly lacking, but when paired with a support or utility weapon to help charge him up, he’s near unstoppable.

Tower of Fantasy King weapon stats

Below, we’ve listed all the main stats for King’s weapon, Scythe of the Crow. These are the weapon’s base stats before you level it up or equip it with any matrices.

The shatter ranking dictates how quickly Scythe of the Crow can break enemy shields, whereas the charge rate shows how quickly the weapon gains charge.

  • CS: 272
  • Shatter: 12.50 (S)
  • Charge: 5.00 (B)
  • Attack: 16
  • Resistance: 6
  • HP: 1165
  • Type: Flame – when your weapon is fully charged, your next attack sets the target on fire for eight seconds, causing ongoing damage equal to a set percentage of attack every second. Ignited targets receive reduced efficacy from healing

Tower of Fantasy King stood in front of a large building in Astra

Tower of Fantasy King attacks and skills

Here are each of Tower of Fantasy Samir’s skills and attacks. Note that this is based on Dual EM Stars’ level one stats, and the stats and buffs increase as you level up the weapon.

Normal attacks

Skill Effect
Normal attack While on the ground, swing the scythe to launch five consecutive attacks.
First attack: deal damage equal to 57.1% of attack +3 and knock the target back
Second attack: deal damage equal to 49.1% of attack +3 and knock the target back
Third attack: deal damage equal to 106.8% of attack +6 and knock the target back
Fourth attack: deal damage equal to 109.5% of attack +6 and knock the target back
Fifth attack: deal damage equal to 104.2% of attack +5, strongly suspend the target, and cause yourself to go airborne
Rising scythe (aerial attack) While airborne or after jumping once, attack five times in a row.
First attack: deal damage equal to 63.4% of attack +3
Second attack: deal damage equal to 68.8% of attack +4
Third attack: deal damage equal to 190.5% of attack +10
Fourth attack: deal damage equal to 213.6% of attack +11
Fifth attack: deal damage equal to 173.9% of attack +9 and knock the target down. The higher the altitude when you trigger the attack, the greater the damage you deal (up to 600%)
Asunder (aerial hold attack) Tap and hold normal attack while airborne (or tap when you’ve selected a target), or tap normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack to trigger Asunder. While falling, deal damage equal to 12.5% of attack +1 each hit. Upon landing, deal damage equal to 71.9% of attack +4 and deliver a knockdown. The higher the altitude when you trigger the attack, the greater the damage dealt (up to 600% damage)
Returning chainblade (hold attack) After the fourth normal attack, hold the normal attack button to trigger returning chainblade. Transform into a chainblade, spinning and dealing damage equal to 137.4% of attack +7 to nearby targets and pulling them in
Sneak attack (hold attack) Approach the enemy from behind while crouching, then tap normal attack to use sneak attack, dealing damage equal to 570% of attack +30

Dodge attacks

Skill Effect
Returning chainblade Tap normal attack during the short perfect dodge window (tap an arrow button before dodging) to trigger a rapid lunge, dealing up to 126.9% of attack +7 damage and pulling in nearby enemies
Domain of the bat When dodging, summon a domain of the bat that pulls the target into the centre. Tap normal attack during the short period after dodging to swing the scythe, dealing up to 114.3% of attack +6 damage to the target


Skill Effect Cooldown
Mortal coil Swing the scythe, dealing damage equal to 499.9% of attack +26 45 seconds

Discharge skill

Skill Effect
Flaming scythe When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switch to this weapon to cleanse yourself of all debuffs and create a flaming scythe, dealing damage equal to 398.3% of attack +21. Lasts for ten seconds. You also spawn a flaming scythes domain every two seconds. The scythes summon volcanic eruptions from the ground, which deal damage equal to 66% of attack +3 to targets and suspends them

Tower of Fantasy King three star advancement skin splash art

Tower of Fantasy King advancement

You can advance Tower of Fantasy weapons by using their corresponding fusion cores, which you get by acquiring more than one copy of a character. After you snag a copy of King and his Scythe of the Crow, you can purchase another copy through the Commissary’s weapon store for 120 black gold. Alternatively, you can get a duplicate of King by pulling on the banner, but, of course, this is entirely up to RNG.

Advancing your weapons by spending fusion cores and gold unlocks special bonuses. Here are all of the bonuses you gain from unlocking each of King’s advancement stars.

  • One star: increases shatter by 15%. After shattering the target’s shield, deal burning damage equal to 120% of attack to the target every second for 15 seconds
  • Two stars: increases the weapon’s base HP growth by 16%
  • Three stars: increases damage dealt by 10% for every enemy within six metres, up to a maximum of 30%
  • Four stars: increases the weapon’s base attack growth by 32%
  • Five stars: increases damage dealt against HP shields or shielded enemies by 100%
  • Six stars: increases damage dealt by 10% for each enemy slain for 30 seconds (stack up to three times)

You also get a pretty snazzy skin for King at three advancement stars, as seen above. Kind of gives us Devil May Cry meets Kingdom Hearts’ Ansem vibes, and we dig it.

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy King’s matrix set?

As with other SR and SSR Simulacra, King has his own matrix set tailored to his weapon. This is easily the best choice for him but, as it’s an SSR set, it’s pretty tough to get hold of. You can pull matrices from King’s set on the Choice Matrices and Limited Matrices banners, or purchase them through the Commissary’s store in exchange for base chips. Alternatively, you’ve got a small chance to snag them from specific world boss chests.

If you can’t get your hands on King’s set, then Sobek’s SR Swamp Shadow set is a good placeholder, as it compliments King’s playstyle by boosting his damage when there are multiple enemies around him. You could also use Robarg’s SR set, Devourer, which poisons and deals damage to enemies after you’ve broken their shield. As King’s weapon has a high shatter value, you can trigger this effect pretty frequently.

If you’re struggling to get a full SR or SSR set, you can go with the R rank set, Self-explosive in the meantime, as it buffs King’s flame damage. Find out more about where to get matrices, how to upgrade them, and the different sets available in our Tower of Fantasy matrices guide.

ToF matrix set Rarity Effect
King SSR Two equipped: when a target is shattered, gain a 8%/10%/12%/14% damage boost for 25 seconds. Only the highest level’s effect is applied when obtained repeatedly
Four equipped: when there are more than two enemies around, hits restore HP equal to 14%/18%/22%/26% of damage dealt upon attacking. The maximum HP restored every 0.5 seconds must not exceed 36%/42%/48%/54% of attack
Sobek: swamp shadow SR Three equipped: increases damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Up to three stacks
Robarg: devourer SR Three equipped: when a target is shattered, poison them and deal damage equal to 45%/56%/67.5% of attack every second for ten seconds
Self-explosive R Three equipped: increases damage dealt by flame weapons by 6%

Tower of Fantasy King upgrade materials

If you want to upgrade Tower of Fantasy King’s weapon, Scythe of the Crow, you’ll need the following items. Check out our Tower of Fantasy map guide for more help finding what you need.

Rank Level Gold Materials
One Ten 400 Two firecore
Two 20 800 Two firecore
Three 30 1,200 Three firecore, one acidproof glaze I
Four 40 1,600 Three firecore, one acidproof glaze I, three nanofiber frame I
Five 50 2000 Four firecore, four acidproof glaze I, four nanofiber frame I

Tower of Fantasy King splash art, showing him taking his sunglasses off and holding his scythe

Tower of Fantasy King team comps

King is amazing at breaking shields and dealing damage over a wide AoE, and we generally recommend teaming him up with another damage dealer to reap the benefits of the attack weapon resonance. His flame element also makes him great for exploration, so you can claim nuclei from environmental interactables like tar pits and kerosina plants without the need of an additional fire unit.

However, Scythe of the Crow is a melee weapon, so it’s a wise idea to pair him with a ranged DPS like Tower of Fantasy’s Samir or Tsubasa, so you can take down aerial enemies and still deal damage from a distance when avoiding large boss attacks. If you’re lacking SSR options, Bai Ling can also fill this role, though she lacks some of the damage afforded by the SSR weapons.

For the third slot, we recommend using a healer for utility and self sustain. Tower of Fantasy’s Nemesis weapon, Venus, is a great choice, as her healing chains are extremely powerful, and she’s still capable of dishing out some great damage with her volt pistols. Alternatively, you could use Cocoritter or Pepper in this slot. She offers amazing heals, and her ice staff, Absolute Zero, can freeze and control enemies, especially if grouped together by King’s attacks. For an SR substitute, Pepper can fill this role, too.

Using Venus, Cocoritter, or Pepper also helps to negate some of the issues with King’s low charge rate, meaning you can use his powerful discharge attack more frequently.

Tower of Fantasy King gifts

When scouting gifts for the ever-grumpy King, remember that his favourite tags are saved, rare items, and limited store items. We’ve listed all his favourite gifts below, along with their rarity, the number of awakening points they give, and where to get them from. Head over to our Tower of Fantasy gifts guide to find out more.

Gift Rarity Awakening points given How to obtain
Crown token Purple 80 Special gift box
Warren fossil Purple 80 Special gift box
3D Hykros puzzle Purple 60 Special gift box
Aida comic Purple 60 Special gift box
Limited Peanut figurine Purple 60 Special gift box
Limited Tata figurine Purple 60 Special gift box
New game console Purple 60 Special gift box
Silver cookware Purple 60 Special gift box
Smarty doll Purple 60 Special gift box
Snow globe Purple  60 Special gift box
Void angel figurine Purple 60 Special gift box
Gem necklace Blue 30 Fine gift box
Meteorite in a bottle Blue 30 Fine gift box
Postcard of Aida Green 15 Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges
Retro harmonica Green 15 Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges
Snack box Green 15 Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges

Close up of Tower of Fantasy King's face as he glares over his sunglasses

Tower of Fantasy King awakening rewards

Giving King gifts earns you awakening points. When you hit certain awakening progress milestones you also unlock recollection rewards. Here are all of Tower of Fantasy King’s awakening rewards. Keep in mind that you can use a Simulacra’s unlocked trait without taking on their appearance by toggling the ‘use Simulacra trait’ switch underneath them in the Simulacra selection page.

Awakening points Recollection reward
200 King avatar
600 Log: Eventful Deal
1,200 King: Coldblooded Swipe trait – every seven enemies defeated by King restore HP equal to 8% of max HP
2,000 Log: Equal Contract
3,000  Log: A Bet
4,000  King: Fear Reaper trait – every five enemies defeated by King restore HP equal to 10% of max HP

Who is Tower of Fantasy King’s voice actor?

Tower of Fantasy King’s English voice actor is Johnny Young, who you may recognise from one of his many previous notable roles, including Persona’s Yu Narukami, Zero from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Teppen, and Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, Rantaro Amami and Hajime Hinata from Danganronpa 3, Artemis from Sailor Moon, and Makoto Tachibana from Free!.

King’s Japanese voice actor is just a prolific, with a huge filmography including Genshin Impact’s Xiao, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Herb Cookie, Sword Art Online’s Kirito, Chat Noir and Inosuke Hashibira from Granblue Fantasy, Ryker from Rune Factory 5, and, my personal favourite, the pet cat from The Way of the Househusband.

That’s it for our Tower of Fantasy King build. If you’re looking for a different handsome red-haired lad in a black coat, check out our Genshin Impact Diluc guide. You can also head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact for a fresh adventure.