What iPhone do I have?

Wondering what iPhone do I have? There are a lot of iPhone models out there, so many that it can be confusing as to which one you own, but our guide can help.

What iPhone do I have?: a png shows a collection of differently coloured iPhone 12s against a yellow background

We took it upon ourselves to put together this what iPhone do I have? guide. That way, you can discover which device you have, and then you can determine whether or not you want to hang onto it a bit longer, think it’s time for an upgrade, or simply discover more about what your phone is capable of.

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Anyway, it’s time to answer the question, what iPhone do I have?

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What iPhone do I have?

To discover what iPhone you have, you need to:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap general
  • Go to about
  • Look at the model name. This tells you what iPhone you have

There you have it. Now you can answer the question: What iPhone do I have? If you’re after some new tunes, our YouTube Music download and Spotify download guides can help you out.