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Pre-registration for Hoyoverse’s ARPG Zenless Zone Zero now open

Fancy some freebies in Hoyoverse’s upcoming ARPG? Well, Zenless Zone Zero’s pre-registration can nab you some in-game currency.

Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration - two characters sitting on a white car with another driving

Citizens of New Eridu, your time is coming. Zenless Zone Zero pre-registrations are now open for you to get your name onto the list for access the minute the game releases. It’s Hoyoverse’s new game and we just know it’s going to be good.

You can now pre-register for the ARPG on Google Play and the App Store on mobile or the Epic Store on PC. If you’re a PlayStation user, then you can sign up there, too. Find out more information on the official Zenless website here.

Players who pre-register automatically get any unlocked rewards right to their in-game mailbox, including 20 master tapes to use on the event banner, New Eridu currency, and coupons for rare Bangboos to help you in battle. While we don’t know what the debut Zenless Zone Zero banner is yet, it might include Zenless Zone Zero’s Ellen or a new S-rank character.

It also appears that at launch, we get a free Zenless Zone Zero Corin to try out – she’s an A-rank physical DPS and part of the Victoria Housekeeping faction. If you want to know what we think of other characters, check out our Zenless Zone Zero tier list.

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We don’t have a Zenless Zone Zero release date just yet, but it is said to be ‘coming soon in 2024’. Interestingly, the game’s listing on the App Store shows it as expected on July 3rd this year – this may just be a placeholder or the real thing. Only time will tell.

We’re absolutely ready for Zenless Zone Zero’s release – so ready, in fact, that we’ve got a Zenless Zone Zero codes guide ready to go. Plus, you can start thinking about builds for Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy and Zenless Zone Zero’s Nicole.