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Billy Kid | Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy is one of the first characters we saw in trailers, so let’s look at what he can do for us in battle and how to build him.

Zenless Zone Zero's Billy pointing a gun towards you next to text that says "ZZZ BILLY"

Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy casts a striking figure with spiky white hair, robotic features, and a stunning red leather jacket. But what do we know about this gun-wielding playable character? Read on to find out how he deals damage, what build we recommend, and more.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy:

What is the best Billy build?

Billy deals pierce damage with the physical element using his revolvers and excels in ranged combat. He can hit multiple targets at a time and deal damage over a span of time instead of a single hit.

You can unleash some hefty showers of bullets upon enemies when his Decibel Rating is high enough, and Billy can provide some good attacks when swapped in to cover other squad members.

Billy gets some extra buffs if you have him in a squad with a slash and a pierce damage dealer, especially if one of them deals slash or pierce-type damage, too.

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What is Billy’s best W-Engine?

Billy’s best W-Engine is the Starlight Engine Replica. This W-Engine is made with him in mind – not just because of the Starlight Knights reference – as it increases basic attack damage when he hits targets that aren’t particularly close. We also recommend the Starlight Engine and [Reverb] Mark I for him.

W Engine Effect
Starlight Engine Replica Bonus stat: increases penetration ratio
: Basic attacks that hit an enemy deal 20% more damage. This effect increases by an additional 25% when the target is five or more meters away
[Reverb] Mark I Bonus stat: increases attack
Effect: When an attack hits an enemy, the damage increases with the user’s distance from the enemy. The further away they are, the greater the damage, with a minimum of 5% increase and a maximum of 15%
Starlight Engine Bonus stat: increases attack
 Launching a chain attack increases Billy’s attack by 24% for ten seconds

What are the best disc drives for Billy?

In Zenless Zone Zero, you can equip each character with six disc drives. They look like CDs and are all named after music genres, which is cool. Similar to artifacts in Genshin Impact or relics in Honkai Star Rail, each two- and four-piece set of discs gives you a significant bonus.

For Billy, we recommend at least a two-piece set of Doom Grindcore to increase his penetration ratio, along with a two-piece set to add to his damage. Noisy Pop or Assassin’s Ballad do the trick nicely.

Disc drive set Effect
Doom Grindcore Two equipped: increases pen ratio by 10%
Four equipped: when Billy launches an assist attack, he recovers ten energy. This can only trigger once every 15 seconds
Noisy Pop Two equipped: increases attack by 10%
Four equipped: increases damage dealt by basic attacks by 15%
Assassin’s Ballad Two equipped: increases attack by 10%
Four equipped: basic attacks deal 20% more damage and an additional 12% upon defeating an enemy. This effect can stack up to three times and lasts for 15 seconds. Repeated triggers reset the duration

What are Billy’s skills?

Here is what Billy can do for us as a team member. Remember, this is information from the beta, so is subject to change upon release of the full game.

Billy’s attacks:

Skill Effect
Basic attack – Full Firepower Unleashes a penetrating attack dealing physical damage when pressing the basic attack button. You can tap or hold the button to enter Crouching Shot and extend the attack duration. Dragging the joystick during Crouching Shot launches Rolling Shot, and adjusts Billy’s position. Leaving this state launches Finishing shot, dealing more physical damage to enemies in front of Billy
Special attack – Stand Still Press the special attack button to perform up to three piercing attacks in a line, dealing physical damage. Billy’s anti-interrupt level increases with this skill
EX special attack – Clearance Time When Billy has enough energy, you can press the special attack button to activate the EX special. This releases a powerful piercing attack in a straight line, dealing massive physical damage. Billy is invulnerable while using this skill

Billy’s dodges:

Skill Effect
Dodge – Risky Business Press the dodge button to quickly avoid an attack. Billy is invulnerable while using this
Dash attack – Starlight Sanction While moving during a dodge, press the basic attack button to launch a piercing strike at enemies within a large area. If you don’t move while dodging, and press the basic attack button, you launch a piercing strike in a straight line. Both of these deal physical damage
Dodge counter – Fair Fight Press the basic attack button during a perfect dodge to activate Fair Fight, which pierces enemies in front of Billy with physical damage. Billy becomes invulnerable while using this skill

Billy’s chain attacks:

Skill Effect
Chain attack – Starlight Mirage When triggering a chain attack, select Billy to activate. This unleashes a powerful piercing attack at enemies in a large area, dealing huge physical damage. Billy becomes invulnerable while using this skill
Ultimate – Starlight Sparkle When Billy’s Decibel Rating is at maximum, press the ultimate button to activate a powerful piercing attack, hitting enemies in a large area with physical damage. The Anomaly Buildup dealt to targets increases by 10%. Billy becomes invulnerable while using this skill

Billy’s core skills:

Skill Effect
Core passive – Steady Shot (unlocked at agent level 15) Billy’s damage increases by 13% when he enters Crouching Shot during his basic attack. The effect ends if he moves, returns to standby, or is staggered
Additional ability – Team Starlight (unlocked at agent level 15) When there are at least two physical agents in your squad, Billy gains the following:
-When Billy hits an enemy with an EX special attack or an assist follow-up, the Anomaly Buildup dealt to enemies increases by 75%
When there is one slash and one pierce agent in your squad:
-When Billy hits an enemy with an assist attack, his Decibel Rate gain increases by 60%
Reactive assist – Power of Teamwork When the character in combat gets knocked back, press the swap character button to activate.
This launches a piercing attack at enemies in front, dealing physical damage. Billy becomes invulnerable while using this skill
Evasive assist – Flash Spin When the character in combat is about to be attacked, press the swap character button to activate.
Billy then dodges the enemy’s attack and triggers Vital View. Billy becomes invulnerable while using this skill
Assist follow-up – Fatal Shot Press the special attack button after an evasive assist to activate.
Billy pierces enemies in a large area in front of him, dealing physical damage. Billy becomes invulnerable while using this skill

An action shot of Zenless Zone Zero Billy drawn in a comic-book style

What are Billy’s talents?

If you’re a Hoyoverse aficionado, throw out what you know about talents. In Zenless Zone Zero each character’s talents are akin to Genshin Impact’s constellations. Basically, if you pull more than one of the same character, you can unlock a new talent. Here are Billy’s talents.

Talent Effect
A – Dazzling Entrance When Billy hits an enemy with a dash attack or dodge counter, he gains an additional 1.8 energy. Can trigger once every five seconds
B – Roaming Gunslinger Billy’s dodge counter deals an additional 20% damage. Rolling Shots during his basic attacks become dodges, gaining invincibility, and can trigger perfect dodges. When a Rolling Shot triggers a perfect dodge, it becomes a dodge counter
C – Teachings of the Starlight Knights All skill levels increase by two
D – Starlight Ballistics When Billy hits an enemy with his EX special attack, the skill’s crit rate increases based on the distance from the enemy. The closer he is to the target, the greater the effect, up to a maximum increase of 32%
E – Lost Technological Construct All skill levels increase by two
F – Starlight Hero When Billy accumulates ten enemy hits or triggers a perfect dodge, the damage he deals increases by 7%, stacking up to five times and lasting until he gets staggered by an attack

What are Billy’s skill enhancement materials?

You can enhance Billy’s skills, too – to do this, visit the 141 Store on the main street and purchase physical chips. These come in different rarities – basic, advanced, and specialized. As you level up his skill, you’ll need the later types.

What are Billy’s promotion materials?

To level Billy up, you need to use investigator logs. Once you hit every ten levels, you need to use pierce seals to promote Billy to the next bracket of levels. You can get these from VR training exercises, and craft them into stronger pieces.

Who is Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy?

Billy Kid is a battle android made from lost technology, who sports a snazzy red leather jacket and is described as ‘handsome’ – if robotic men are your thing. He gives us Deadpool vibes with his fun personality and storytelling in his trailer. He’s armed with ‘the girls’ – two custom-made, high-caliber revolvers that he uses in each fight.

Along with Anby, Nekomiya, and Nicole, Billy is part of the Cunning Hares – or the Gentle House – a human resource dispatch agency and one of the factions in Zenless Zone Zero where you can employ characters.

Who are Billy’s voice actors?

Billy is voiced by Yū Hayashi in Japanese, known for Kingdom Hearts and Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chen Runqiu in Chinese. As soon as we find out voice actors in more languages, we’ll add them right here.

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