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What are Zenless Zone Zero Proxies?

In Zenless Zone Zero, Proxies fill a similar role to that of Genshin Impact’s Traveler and Honkai Star Rail’s Trailblazer. But who are they exactly?

Zenless Zone Zero Proxies Belle and Wise sitting back to back against a grey background

Hoyoverse’s upcoming action RPG is right around the corner and is sure to enthrall all who come across it. But what exactly are Zenless Zone Zero Proxies? Well, if you’re familiar with Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, the best way to look at the Proxies is that they fill the role of the protagonist, much like the Traveler and Trailblazer.

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Who are the Zenless Zone Zero Proxies?

In Zenless Zone Zero, a Proxy is someone who enters supernatural disasters called Hollows to guide whoever ventures in on their exploration. Hoyoverse has introduced us to two Proxies who seem to fill similar roles to Genshin Impact’s Traveler and Honkai Star Rail’s Trailblazer. They’re a sibling duo named Belle and Wise, and you get to choose one to play as while you explore New Eridu. However, you don’t actually take your Proxy into combat.

The Proxy you don’t choose remains in-game as a non-playable character who acts as an assistant. There’s also a network of Proxies called “Inter-Knot”, but we don’t know too much about them outside of their logo at the time of writing. Check back here from time to time for more details as they crop up.

Zenless Zone Zero Proxy Belle holding a VHS tape with a smile on her face

Zenless Zone Zero’s Belle

Belle is the female Proxy, with Yīku jing voicing the character in Chinese, you may recognize her from various roles in Arknights. Senbongi Sayaka voices Belle in Japanese, who has credits from characters in Pokémon and Attack on Titan. We don’t have details of her English VA just yet, but we’ll add it here as soon as we can.

Belle and her brother co-own a video rental store called Random Play, they also work together as a Proxy team and are known as “Phaethon”.

Zenless Zone Zero Proxy Wise smiling at you with a blue sky in the background

Zenless Zone Zero’s Wise

Wise is the male Proxy, with Lín jing, who voiced characters in Digimon Survive and Arknights, voicing him in Chinese. Abe Atsushi dubs Wise in Japanese, who you may also know as the voice of Genshin Impact’s Heizou. Much like Belle, we don’t have any details on his English VA.

He has a very different personality to his sister and is a gentle and reserved man who is very thoughtful.

That’s all we know about the Zenless Zone Zero Proxies right now, but if you can’t get enough, make sure you head over to our Zenless Zone Zero code list for some in-game freebies and learn more about Zenless Zone Zero’s Nicole, Zenless Zone Zero’s Anby, and Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy.