Genshin Impact Traveler dendro, geo, anemo, and electro builds

Everything you need to know about the best anemo, geo, electro, and dendro Genshin Impact Traveler builds, including skills, artifacts, and more

Male and female Traveler standing in a field

Traveler is the protagonist of Genshin Impact and can switch between anemo and geo elements by resonating with Statues of The Seven around the world map. You can choose to play as a male or female Traveler at the start of the game, and are followed by a travel companion named Paimon throughout your journey.

If you’re just starting out and need help mastering Genshin Impact’s Traveler, our guide outlines the skills, best weapons, and artifacts for all elemental alignments, providing you with details on every item you need in order to ascend them to the maximum level.

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The best Genshin Impact Traveler build

With any elemental alignment, the Traveler always seems to excel the most in sub-dps support roles. They work as a great battery for their main element, especially in geo and dendro modes, and generally have kits geared towards elemental application and crowd control. In most situations, they’re out-done by other characters who wield the same element, but they’re a great staple and easy to ascend due to materials being given to you or purchasable from each region’s gift shop.

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Which weapon should you use?

The Skyward Blade is the best weapon for anemo, electro, and geo Traveler. You can also use Festering Desire as a replacement weapon.

For dendro traveler, Freedom-Sworn or Sacrificial Sword are your best options.

Weapon Effect
Skyward Blade Critical hit rate is increased by 4%. Traveler gains Skypiercing Might when an elemental burst is used. This increases movement and attack speed by 10% and boosts the damage of normal and charged attacks by 20% for 12 seconds
Festering Desire Elemental skill damage is increased by 16% and elemental skill critical hit rate by 6%
Freedom-Sworn Increases damage by 10%. When you trigger elemental reactions, you gain a Sigil of Rebellion. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5s, even if said character is not on the field. When you possess two Sigils of Rebellion, both are consumed and all nearby party members obtain Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance for 12 seconds. Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance increases normal, charged, and plunging attack damage by 16%, and increases attack by 20%. Once this effect is triggered, you can’t gain more Sigils of Rebellion for 20 seconds. Buffs of the same type don’t stack.
Sacrificial Sword After damaging an opponent with an elemental skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own cooldown. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.

Which artifact set should you use?

We recommend using a full set of Viridescent Venerer items for the anemo Traveler and a full set of Noblesse Oblige for the geo Traveler. However, Noblesse Oblige is also a good second choice for an anemo build.

For electro Traveler, you should use Noblesse Oblige or Emblem of Severed Fate. The best pick for dendro Traveler is Deepwood Memories, unless you have another dendro wielder on the team equipped with this set, in which case you should give Traveler Gilded Dreams.

Artifact set Effect
Viridescent Venerer Two equipped: 15% anemo damage bonus
Four equipped: Swirl damage is increased by 60%. Your opponent’s elemental resistance to the element infused in the swirl is decreased by 40% for ten seconds
Noblesse Oblige Two equipped: Elemental burst damage is increased by 20%
Four equipped: When an elemental burst is used, all party members’ attack is increased by 20% for 12 seconds
Emblem of Severed Fate Two equipped: energy recharge is increased by 20%
Four equipped:
increases elemental burst damage by 25% of energy recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus damage can be obtained in this way
Deepwood Memories Two equipped: dendro damage bonus +15%
Four equipped:
after elemental skills or bursts hit opponents, the targets’ dendro resistance decreases by 30% for eight seconds. This effect can be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field
Gilded Dreams Two equipped: elemental mastery +80
Four equipped:
within eight seconds of triggering an elemental reaction, the character equipping this obtains buffs based on the elemental type of the other party members. Attack is increased by 14% for each member whose elemental type is the same as the equipping character, and elemental mastery is increased by 50 for every member with a different elemental type. Each of the buffs count up to three characters. This effect can be triggered once every eight seconds, even when not on the field

Paimon and Traveler sitting on a dock

What are Traveler’s skills?

Anemo active skills:

Skill Effect
Foreign Ironwind Performs five strikes
Foreign Ironwind (charged) Consumes stamina to perform two powerful strikes
Foreign Ironwind (plunging) Plunge from mid-air to deal AoE damage on impact with the ground
Palm Vortex Create a wind vortex that deals anemo damage to enemies in front of you. At the end of its path, the vortex explodes, dealing AoE anemo damage. The damage and AoE of Palm Vortex increase the longer the button is held.
Elemental absorption: If the vortex comes in contact with hydro, pyro, cryo, or electro elements, it deals extra elemental damage of that type
Gust Surge Summon a tornado that pulls enemies in, dealing anemo damage.
Elemental absorption: If the tornado comes in contact with hydro, pyro, cryo, or electro elements, it deals extra elemental damage of that type

Anemo passive skills:

Skill Effect
Slitting Wind The last hit of a normal attack combo triggers a wind blade that deals 60% of Traveler’s attack as AoE anemo damage
Second Wind Any kills made by Palm Vortex regenerate 2% HP for five seconds. This can only occur once every five seconds

Geo active skills:

Skill Effect
Foreign Rockblade Performs five strikes
Foreign Rockblade (charged) Consumes stamina to perform two powerful strikes
Foreign Rockblade (plunging) Plunge from mid-air to deal AoE damage on impact with the ground
Starfell Sword A meteorite emerges from the earth, dealing AoE geo damage. The meteorite is considered a geo construct, meaning you can climb it or use it to block enemy attacks. Hold the button down to adjust the meteorite’s position.
Wake of Earth A geo shockwave launches enemies and deals AoE geo damage. A stone wall appears at the edge of the shockwave and is considered a geo construct, meaning you can climb it or use it to block enemy attacks

Geo passive skills:

Skill Effect
Shattered Darkrock Starfell Sword’s cooldown is reduced by two seconds
Frenzied Rockslide The last hit of a normal attack combo triggers a collapse that deals 60% of Traveler’s attack as AoE geo damage

Electro active skills: 

Skill Effect
Foreign Thundershock Performs up to five rapid strikes
Foreign Thundershock (charged) Consumes stamina to perform two powerful strikes
Foreign Thundershock (plunging) Plunge from mid-air to deal AoE damage on impact with the ground
Lightning Blade Unleashes three swift thunder shadows that deal electro damage, leaving an Abundance Amulet behind after hitting an opponent. Two Abundance Amulets can be created initially. Using this skill resets any Abundance Amulets that were generated. When a character is near an Abundance Amulet, they absorb it to restore elemental energy and increase energy recharge during the amulet’s duration.
Bellowing Thunder Call the protection of lightning, knocking nearby opponents back and dealing electro damage to them. When your normal or charged attacks hit opponents, they call forth Falling Thunder, dealing electro damage. when Falling Thunder hits opponents, it regenerates energy for your active character. You can generate one instance of Falling Thunder every 0.5 seconds.

Electro passive skills:

Skill Effect
Thunderflash When another nearby character in the party obtains an Abundance Amulet created by Lightning Blade, Lightning Blade’s cooldown reduces by 1.5s.
Resounding Roar Increases the energy recharge effect granted by Lightning Blade’s Abundance Amulet by 10% of the Traveler’s energy recharge

Dendro active skills:

Skill Effect
Foreign Fieldcleaver Performs up to five rapid strikes
Foreign Fieldcleaver (charged) Consumes stamina to perform two powerful strikes
Foreign Fieldcleaver (plunging) Plunge from mid-air to deal AoE damage on impact with the ground
Razorgrass Blade With a flourish of your blade, unleash a spray of razor-sharp leaves before you, dealing dendro damage
Surgent Manifestation Calling upon the might of all the flora around you, create a Lea Lotus Lamp, which deals continuous dendro damage to opponents within its AoE

Dendro passive skills:

Skill Effect
Verdant Overgrowth Lea Lotus Lamp obtains one level of Overflowing Lotuslight every second it’s on the field, increasing the elemental mastery of active characters within its AoE by six. Overflowing Lotuslight has a maximum of ten stacks.
Verdant Luxury Every point of elemental mastery the Traveler possesses increases the damage dealt by Razorgrass Blade by 0.15% and the damage dealt by Surgent Manifestation by 0.1%

What are Traveler’s constellations?

Anemo constellations:

Constellation Effect
Raging Vortex Palm Vortex pulls enemies in within a five-metre radius
Uprising Whirlwind Energy recharge is increased by 16%
Sweeping Gust Increases the level of Gust Surge by three
Cherishing Breezes Damage taken while casting Palm Vortex is reduced by 10%
Vortex Stellaris Increases the level of Palm Vortex by three
Intertwined Winds Any enemy that takes damage from Gust Surge has their anemo resistance decreased by 20%. If elemental absorption has occurred, the enemy’s resistance towards the corresponding element is decreased by 20% as well

Geo constellations:

Constellation Effect
Invincible Stonewall Allies within the AoE of Wake of Earth get a 10% critical rate increase, and their resistance against interruption is also increased
Rockcore Meltdown If the meteorite created by Starfell Sword is destroyed, it will then explode, dealing AoE geo damage that is equal to the amount of damage dealt by Starfell Sword
Will of the Rock Increases the level of Wake of Earth by three
Reaction Force The shockwave caused by Wake of Earth regenerates five energy for every enemy hit
Meteorite Impact Increases the level of Starfell Sword by three
Everlasting Boulder The barrier created by Wake of Earth lasts for an extra five seconds. The meteorite created by Starfell Sword lasts for an extra ten seconds

Electro constellations:

Constellation Effect
Spring Thunder of Fertility The number of Abundance Amulets that can be generated using Lightning Blade increases to three
Violent Vehemence When Falling Thunder hits an opponent, it decreases their electro resistance by 15% for eight seconds
Distant Crackling Increases the level of Bellowing Thunder by three
Fickle Cloudstrike When a character obtains Abundance Amulets generated by Lightning Blade, if this character’s Energy is less than 35%, the energy restored by the Abundance Amulets increases by 100%
Clamor in the Wilds Increases the level of Lightning Blade by three
World-shaker Every two Falling Thunder attacks triggered by Bellowing Thunder greatly increase the damage dealt by the next Falling Thunder, which deals 200% of its original damage and restores an additional one energy to the current character

Dendro constellations:

Constellation Effect
Parasitic Creeper After Razorgrass Blade hits an opponent, it regenerates 3.5 energy for the Traveler
Green Resilience Lea Lotus Lamp’s duration increases by three seconds
Whirling Weeds Increases the level of Razorgrass Blade by three
Treacle Grass After the Lea Lotus Lamp triggers a Lotuslight Transfiguration, it obtains five stacks of the Overflowing Lotuslight effect from the Passive Talent “Verdant Overgrowth.” You must have unlocked this Passive Talent first.
Veridian Transience Increases the level of Surgent Manifestation by three
Withering Aggregation The dendro damage bonus of the character under the effect of Overflowing Lotuslight as created by the Lea Lotus Lamp increases by 12%. If the lamp has experienced a Lotuslight Transfiguration previously, the character also gains 12% damage bonus for the corresponding element.

Traveler standing in a field

What does it cost to ascend Traveler?

Luckily, you can ascend both the geo Traveler and the anemo Traveler at the same time. Here’s every item you need in order to fully ascend them.

Required level Mora Materials
20 20,000 One Brilliant Diamond Sliver, three Windwheel Aster, three Damaged Mask
40 40,000 Three Brilliant Diamond Fragment, ten Windwheel Aster, 15 Damaged Mask
50 60,000 Six Brilliant Diamond Fragment, 20 Windwheel Aster, 12 Stained Mask
60 80,000 Three Brilliant Diamond Chunk, 30 Windwheel Aster, 18 Stained Mask
70 100,000 Six Brilliant Diamond Chunk, 45 Windwheel Aster, 12 Ominous Mask
80 120,000 Six Brilliant Diamond Gemstone, 60 Windwheel Aster, 24 Ominous Mask

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