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The best games to play this Earth Day

Earth Day 2023 is here and we’re buzzing like busy bees with excitement to soak up all the themed events and start some nature-filled adventures.

earth day games beasts of maravilla island header: a character standing in a rainforest

It’s Earth Day! For us in England, the weather isn’t amazing, so what better activities are there to do than some wholesome gaming indoors? Here are our picks for which Earth Day games to play on mobile and Nintendo Switch. Or, if you have found a pocket of sunshine, get out there (with Pokémon Go), have a wander through nature, and appreciate all the birds, bees, and trees.

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Without further ado, here are the best games we recommend you pick up to celebrate Earth Day 2023.

earth day games apico: an island filled with trees and bees

Apico – Nintendo Switch

Bees. Everybody loves bees. So we recommend Apico, a game where you take on the role of an apiarist who must repopulate their island with wild bees and breed more fanciful types as they go. Discover the biology of your locale and learn how to become the bees-t conservationist there is, while building up an impressive management system. There are also butterflies and fish coming to Apico, too!

earth day games let's build a zoo: a bustling zoo with pens filled with animals

Let’s Build A Zoo – Nintendo Switch

As long as you play the environmentally friendly route, Let’s Build A Zoo can make you feel very warm and fuzzy about saving the earth and helping our fellow inhabitants. Breed and release endangered species into the wild to up their numbers, while reclaiming your emissions in the zoo and creating your own power.

earth day games terra nil: a blooming biome of jungle trees and water

Terra Nil – mobile

Terra Nil takes the city builder genre and flips it on its head. Starting with a barren wasteland you must use technology to reclaim the land and turn it into a flourishing biome. Grow a luscious carpet of grass, turn it into a forest or a tundra, and search for animals that have returned to the area. Then, when the biome is booming, recycle every piece of machinery you placed and blast off to the next project. Intrigued? Here’s our Terra Nil review to tell you more.

earth day games pokemon go: a smily Bounsweet in a field of grass

Pokémon Go – mobile

Everybody’s favourite app Pokémon Go brings back its yearly Sustainability Week event, building off Earth Day’s sentiments and stretching it over a few days. This year, Bounsweet is the featured Pokémon in themed research events. You’ve got until April 26 to complete all the tasks and reap the rewards – all while having a nice stroll through our Earth’s greenery.

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earth day games Animal Crossing new Horizons: a human villager standing next to Leif the sloth

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Switch

Animal Crossing is of course on the Earth Day train, though they call it Nature Day, and it lasts for a week. In 2020, there was a full-on Nook Miles event, but in recent years the Nature Day celebrations are a shopping event. This is, however, the only way to get a Cool Globe item to spruce up your homes, so we recommend hopping in and doing it. Plus, while you’re there, why not visit Leif and snag some seeds to propagate the island?

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earth day games pikmin bloom: a rainbow of pikmin carrying various items

Pikmin Bloom – mobile

Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom is always a good shout for anyone wanting to feel good about the planet they live on. Usually, there are some Earth Day events going on, but Niantic is yet to confirm anything just yet. Either way, there are seeds to collect and plants to… plant. Wander around with your Pikmin through a park and enjoy the flowers that grow at your feet.

earth day games: longleaf valley's main character hiking through the mountains

Longleaf Valley – mobile

Good news, everyone – a new studio sprouted and it has a very good ethos. TreesPlease Games, creators of Longleaf Valley, are now officially in motion and creating meaningful games that are good for the planet. Along with the release of Longleaf Valley, the studio has planted 300 thousand trees so far, and are on track to plant over a million in the remainder of 2023. Go team! For this reason, we’re downloading Longleaf Valley and supporting the studio.

earth day games beasts of maravilla island: banana toucans in a tree

Beasts of Maravilla Island – Switch

Whitethorn Games have plenty of wholesome, earthy games on offer, like Beasts of Maravilla Island. It’s an adventure game with sprinkles of puzzles, where you are a wildlife photographer starting out on their career. Your task is to find and photograph the magical species on Maravilla Island and document their existence. Our favourite animal is the Banana Peel Toucan. I mean look at it, what more could you want from a bird?

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