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The best fireman games 2024

Fireman games let you take on raging fires from the smallest cottages to the largest buildings and save cats from trees - but can you stand the heat?

Fireman games: Fire Girl posing with a hose, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred background from Fire Girl

Firefighters are true heroes, protecting people from deadly blazes and saving their cats from trees. It’s understandable if you envy them and want to try out some fireman games to get a taste of the action. We’ve collected all the hottest firefighter games for the Nintendo Switch and mobile so you can play the hero while on the move.

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Here are the best fireman games on Switch and mobile.

Fireman games: A screenshot from Firegirl showing her in the fire house petting a dog

Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX – Switch

Proving that not all-star firefighters are men, Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX sees you play as a rookie rescue officer fighting her way through procedurally-generated blazes.

From forest fires to burning buildings, can you save the civilians caught in the chaos?

Fireman games: A screenshot from Firefighters The Simulation showing the fire trucks lined up and parked in the fire house

Firefighters – The Simulation – Switch

A classic job simulator with realistic firefighting mechanics, Firefighters – The Simulation lets you join a professional fire brigade to put out fires big and small, as well as salvage and neutralize extremely toxic and hazardous substances.

There’s a bunch of titles in the Firefighters Simulation series, so once you’ve got a taste of the firefighting life with this game, make sure to check out the others.

Fireman games: A screenshot from Emergency HQ showing three fire trucks putting out a fire on a burning building

Emergency HQ – Switch and mobile

Take control of not just the fire brigade, but other emergency services like the police, ambulance services, and SWAT to protect your city from all kinds of danger.

You can compete against other players in the league to see who is the best commander or work together by forming a rescue alliance.

Fireman games: Art from Idle Firefighter Tycoon showing a firefighter connecting a hose to a fire hydrant as cars make their way towards a burning building in the background

Idle Firefighter Tycoon – mobile

Sometimes you want to experience the thrill of saving lives from fires while working on other things, and that’s where Idle Firefighter Tycoon comes in.

As a tycoon game, your aim is to grow your fire service by building new stations and employing more firefighters to provide the best service possible across the city (and make some money at the same time).

Fireman games: The full cast of pups from the Paw Patrol movie standing in a line

Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls – Switch

Inspired by the Paw Patrol movie, take control of the pups and perform their vital emergency service roles across Adventure City, including the fire department.

With plenty of reward badges to collect, minigames to play, and a ‘couch co-pup mode’, this is the perfect game to play with the firefighter-obsessed child in your life.

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