The best science games on Switch and mobile 2023

Our list of the best science games on Nintendo Switch and mobile offers you the chance to restore the environment, fight aliens, and even cause the apocalypse.

Science games: Nikola tesla holding a steampunk-style gun, outlinedin white and pasted on a blurred background screenshot from Terra Nil

Whether you’ve got a degree in particle physics or you used to fall asleep in the biology lab, there are science games out there to suit every person’s interests. Surprisingly enough, science can be fun when you’re not forced to study for exams! It also fits into a range of genres, so take a look at our list of the best science games below to find your next experiment.

Of course, science isn’t the only genre out there. We’ve got heaps of lists of great games, including the best geography games, golf games, football games, bear games, dog games, cat games, horse games, and horror games for every gamer out there.

Grab your goggles and lab coat as we check out the best science games on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Science games: A screenshot from Alien: Isolation showing a xenomorph approaching the player and towering over them.

Alien: Isolation

We’re starting off strong with one of the scariest games ever made, Alien: Isolation. You play as Amanda Ripley, 15 years after her mother Ellen failed to return to Earth. Trapped in a labyrinthine space station with one of the deadliest lifeforms known to science you must find a way to survive.

Science games: A screenshot from Plague Inc Evolved showing the matrix for creating a virus

Plague Inc: Evolved

Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique spin on grand real-time strategy games like Age of Empires where instead of spreading your empire across the globe, you’re spreading a virus. Simulate your own pandemics and try to destroy the human race as quickly as possible. There’s even DLC that flips the script and lets you work to stop a global pandemic.

Science games: A zoomed-in key art image of Nikola Tesla in his mech facing of against a monster baring its teeth

Tesla vs Lovecraft

This one’s a bit of a tenuous link, but who doesn’t want to play as a mech-piloting version of Nikola Tesla? What’s more, as the name suggests, you get to mow down hordes of Lovecraftian minions in single-player or with friends in local co-op.

Science games: A screenshot from Terra Nil showing a lush rainforest and a beach, plus a body of water with a coral reef and some whales.

Terra Nil

This reverse city builder lets you use the power of science to breathe life back into barren wastelands, restoring ecosystems to their former glory after climate change decimated them. Terra Nil bright, replayable, and offers some hope in the face of a climate emergency.

Science games: A screenshot from Little Alchemy showing the simple symbols used to represent all the things you can make, including waves for the sea, a cartoon mountain, and more

Little Alchemy

People might argue over whether alchemy is science or magic, but Little Alchemy encapsulates the most fun part of chemistry – mixing stuff together! Start with the four basic elements and mix your way to discovering the dinosaurs.

Science games: A screenshot from Bridge Constructor Portal showing a convoluted bridge system and deadly obstacles.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Combining the physics-based fun of Portal with the engineering experience of Bridge Constructor is the aptly-named Bridge Constructor Portal, a science game set in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center where you must use the company’s inventions to solve complex puzzles.

That’s everything we’ve got for the best science games on Switch and mobile. If you fancy taking your newfound knowledge to a blocky dimension, check out our list of Roblox games and find one that takes your fancy. You can even grab some freebies from our Project Slayers codes, Roblox Doors codes, and AU Reborn codes guides.