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The new Genshin Chronicled Wish means you can get missing Mondstadters

Genshin Impact’s 50/50 luck can be cruel, but now we’re guaranteed to get certain characters in the Chronicled Wish.

Genshin Impact Chronicled Wish- Diluc and Albedo on a background of mondstadt

This new Chronicled Wish might be the best thing to happen to Genshin Impact – it’s a new banner featuring characters we’ve not seen for a while and tons of five-star weapons, too, coming in Version 4.5.

So what is this new wish event? It’s a fourth Genshin Impact banner that requires intertwined fates, where you can plot a course toward a selection of five-star characters and weapons – like the weapon banner. This time, you only need one fate point instead of two, so it’s a 50/50 guarantee like on the standard and event banners.

There are, of course, four-star and three-star items that you get for most pulls. You’re guaranteed a five-star at 90 pulls, if not before, and you get at least one four-star item or character every ten pulls.

While the lineup may change in the future, the debut of Chronicled Wish features the following five-star characters:

Weapons like the Wolf’s Gravestone claymore, Hunter’s Path bow, and Lost Prayer to the Sacred Wind catalyst are available, too.

Note that the points you accumulate don’t pass over to new Chronicled Wish banners, but your pity does. This also doesn’t share pity with other events or standard banners, it’s an entirely new system.

The characters appearing on the banner are from a specific selection – they’re older characters that have had at least three rate-up banners of their own and have not had a rerun recently. This means in the future we could get excellent units like Raiden Shogun, Zhongli, Xiao, and Yoimiya appearing. The banner is to be available ‘from time to time,’ so when we know more about its schedule, we’ll update our guides.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted a Diluc since I started the game. Since the game released over 1,000 days ago. I have yet to lose a 50/50 to him, though I have a C5 Keqing. But now… I can finally, finally get the broody Mondstadt man for myself. I see absolutely no downsides to this banner as I could also get another Klee, an Albedo, or a Eula along the way! Woohoo!

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