Genshin Impact Diluc build, skills, and ascension materials

Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Diluc, from his best build, to his skills and ascension materials

Genshin Impact's Diluc holding his wrist

By day, Genshin Impact’s Diluc runs a winery, but by night he’s the legendary Darknight Hero who protects Monstadt in his own way. This claymore-wielding character harnesses the power of fire, making him one of the most powerful DPS characters in the game.

With help from our Genshin Impact Diluc build guide, you’ll soon know the best weapons and artifacts to equip, find out how much it’s going to cost you to upgrade his constellations, and get a rundown on all of his skills. We recommend using Diluc as your main DPS character and building your team up around him.

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The best Genshin Impact Diluc build

As mentioned above, we recommend using Diluc as your main DPS. He excels even further when paired up with a support character who can help Diluc trigger an elemental reaction. Suitable options include Genshin Impact’s Kaeya for the melt reaction, or Genshin Impact’s Fischl for overload.

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Which weapon should you use?

We highly recommend going for the Wolf’s Gravestone due to its ability to increase all party members’ attack by 40%. Unfortunately, you need to be pretty lucky in order to obtain it from a wish, so the four-star Sacrificial Sword is a suitable option if you can’t get your hands on it.

Weapon Effect
Wolf’s Gravestone Increases attack by 20%. Attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party members’ attack by 40% for 12 seconds. This can only occur once every 30 seconds
Sacrificial Sword After damaging an opponent with an elemental skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its cooldown. This can only occur once every 30 seconds

Which artifact set should you use?

Either of the artifact sets below are suitable for Diluc. Feel free to equip a full set or two of each to reap the damage benefits.

Artifact set Effect
Crimson Witch of Flames Two equipped: 15% pyro damage bonus
Four equipped: Increases overload and burn damage by 40%. Increases vaporize and melt damage by 15%. Using an elemental skill increases two-piece set effects by 50% for ten seconds. Maximum three stacks
Gladiator’s Finale Two equipped: Increases attack by 18%
Four equipped: If the wielder of this set uses a sword, claymore, or polearm, their normal attack damage is increased by 35%

Alternate artifact set

This set is a lot easier to get your hands on, go ahead and equip it until you get the sets above.

Artifact set Effect
Berserker Two equipped: increases critical rate by 12%
Four equipped: when Diluc’s HP is below 70%, critical rate increases by an additional 24%

Diluc and a bird

What are Diluc’s skills?

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Tempered Sword Performs four strikes
Tempered Sword (charged) Drains stamina to perform a further, more powerful slash
Tempered Sword (plunging) Deals AoE damage on impact
Searing Onslaught Deals fire damage in a forward slash. You can use it three times consecutively
Dawn Knocks back enemies, summons a phoenix that deals massive AoE damage, and adds fire damage to Diluc’s attacks

Passive skills:

Skill Effect
Relentless (unlocked at ascension one) Reduces the cost of Tempered Sword (charged) by 50% and increases its duration by three seconds
Blessing of Phoenix (unlocked at ascension four) Dawn’s fire damage effect is 20% more powerful and lasts four seconds longer
Tradition of the Dawn Knight (unlocked automatically) Refunds 15% of the ore cost when crafting claymores

What are Diluc’s constellations?

Although Diluc is extremely powerful without any constellations at all, powering them up to level six will make him an unstoppable powerhouse.

Constellation Effect
Conviction 15% more damage is dealt to enemies with HP above 50%
Searing Ember When Diluc takes damage, his base attack is increased by 10% and his attack speed by 5%. This lasts for ten seconds. Can stack up to three times and can only occur once every 1.5 seconds
Steel and Fire Increases the level of Searing Onslaught by three
Flowing Flame Within two seconds of using Searing Onslaught, casting the skill again in a combo deals 40% additional damage. This effect lasts for the next two seconds
Phoenix, Harbinger of Dawn Increases the level of Dawn by three
Flaming Sword, Nemesis of Dark After casting Searing Onslaught, the next two normal attacks used within six seconds will get a 30% increase in damage and attack speed. Searing Onslaught will not interrupt the normal attack combo

Genshin Impact's Diluc in the dead of night

What does it cost to ascend Diluc?

Ascension can be an expensive task, so make sure you keep hold of the items below to save time down the line.

Required level Mora Materials
20 20,000 One Agnidus Agate Sliver, three Small Lamp Grass, three Recruit’s Insignia
40 40,000 Three Agnidus Agate Fragment, two Everflame Seed, ten Small Lamp Grass, 15 Recruit’s Insignia
50 60,000 Six Agnidus Agate Fragment, four Everflame Seed, 20 Small Lamp Grass, 12 Sergeant’s Insignia
60 80,000 Three Agnidus Agate Chunk, eight Everflame Seed, 30 Small Lamp Grass, 18 Sergeant’s Insignia
70 100,000 Six Agnidus Agate Chunk, 12 Everflame Seed, 45 Small Lamp Grass, 12 Lieutenant’s Insignia
80 120,000 Six Agnidus Agate Gemstone, 20 Everflame Seed, 60 Small Lamp Grass, 24 Lieutenant’s Insignia

There you have it– everything you need to know about creating a solid Genshin Impact Diluc build. If you’ve mastered Genshin Impact already and are looking for something else to play, make sure you check out our list of the best gacha games for iOS and Android.