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Genshin Impact’s Tomo - vision, weapon, and more

Genshin Impact's Tomo is a tragic figure in Kazuha's past, shrouded in mystery. But who exactly is he? Find out everything we know right here

Genshin Impact's Tomo and Kazuha sat on a hill

Everybody needs a friend in their life, even Genshin Impact characters. Someone to stand by you when times are tough, someone to fight alongside you in the heat of battle – whether metaphorically or literally. That’s what friends are for, right?

Unfortunately, while the story of Genshin Impact’s Tomo is one of friendship, it’s also one of great loss. But who exactly is he? What’s his element? And will he ever be a playable character? Well, we’ve got all the answers here, but be warned – his story contains spoilers for the main story, and may inspire you to shed a tear or two.

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Who is Genshin Impact’s Tomo?

Tomo is the name fans have given to a figure seen in several cutscenes. The word ‘Tomo’ is derived from ‘Tomodachi’ which is Japanese for ‘friend’, as Tomo is primarily known as Genshin Impact Kazuha‘s friend.

Tomo fought against the Vision Hunt Decree, standing up for what he believed was right. Unfortunately, after challenging the Vision Hunt decree hunters to a duel, Genshin Impact’s Raiden slew him with her own sword, and he lost his life to her Musou No Hitotachi Sword Art.

Genshin Impact's Tomo with a katan and electro vision, battling Raiden

What is Genshin Impact Tomo’s vision?

Tomo is seen to wield an electro vision in the cutscenes. When he was slain, his vision began to dim. Kazuha fled Inazuma with his friend’s dying vision. Later, Kazuha is seen to have Tomo’s vision hung next to his own, and it lights up during his battle with Raiden in the Omnipresence Over Mortals quest. While it’s not confirmed at any point, during cutscenes Tomo was shown to wield a sword.

There’s a grave near the Kamisato Estate in Inazuma, marked by a katana, a lamented vision, and a white cat. Mihoyo hasn’t confirmed anything, but it’s believed that this is Tomo’s grave.

When is Genshin Impact Tomo’s release date?

We hate to be the harbingers of bad news, but it’s unlikely that Genshin Impact’s Tomo will ever be a playable character. He’s currently classed as a deceased NPC, and unless some serious magic that we’ve not seen in the world of Genshin comes into play, we’re probably not going to be adding him to our team any time soon.

And that’s it for the sad story of Genshin Impact’s Tomo. If you need a breather from the world of Teyvat after such a tear-jerker, be sure to check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to find something fresh to play.