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Genshin Impact udumbara pistils

As you traverse Sumeru, you may find the Genshin Impact udumbara - here’s everything you need to know about what they are and where to find them.

Genshin Impact Udumbara: a big purple flower growing from a cliffside

Sumeru is positively packed with gadgets, gizmos, and puzzles, including the Genshin Impact udumbara. But just what are these mysterious, invisible flowers, and how do we locate them in the twists and turns of Sumeru’s desert? We’ll go through how to find them and what you need them for on this page right here.

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Genshin Impact Udumbara: a character in a big hat looking at a giant glowing flower

What are Genshin Impact udumbara pistils?

Within the Girdle of the Sands area of Sumeru’s desert, there are six udumbara pistils – items at the center of giant purple flowers – that you must collect as part of a quest. The items are for the quest and nothing else.

As you continue the quests in this new area, you start the Pale Fire world quest after speaking to an NPC named Zurvan, at the Vourukasha Oasis. He sets you out to find the Fravashi Tree, where two Residual Pari (like Sorush) exist, and asks you for three udumbara pistils each.


Genshin Impact udumbara pistil locations

All six of the udumbara flowers can be found in one location, so no need to go searching the desert for days on end. To collect these pesky pistils, head to the Asipattravana Swamp. While you’re here, don’t forget to grab the Mourning flowers if you’re preparing for Genshin Impact’s Kaveh!

Here’s a handy map showing all six udumbara locations:

Genshin Impact Udumbara: a map highlighting six locations across a desert area

The flowers are found on the walls and you need to get Sorush out to help gather them. There’s a heart-shaped symbol on the wall to signify where an udumbara is. Swap to Sorush, fly up to the symbol, then hold her power to get the flower to bloom and stay bloomed, while you climb (or fly, if you have Genshin Impact’s Wanderer) to the flower and gather the pistil.

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