Honkai Star Rail Aventurine release date speculation

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Aventurine? You hear his voice briefly in a quest - so read on to find out what we know about his potential release date and build.

Honkai Star Rail's Adventurine speaking to Topaz over the phone in a snow-covered field

Hoyoverse loves giving us tiny crumbs about new characters. This time, in Honkai Star Rail, Aventurine’s voice appears at the end of a quest in version 1.4, where he’s on a phone call with Topaz, offering her some work within the IPC in a location we’re yet to visit in the game.

As Honkai’s story unfolds, we’re meeting more and more interesting characters such as Honkai Star Rail’s Topaz and Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu, and we’re getting ready to try them out in the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe to test their mettle.

So, let’s find out who Honkai Star Rail’s Aventurine is.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Aventurine?

Aventurine appears to be on the same level as Topaz – or at least he was before she got demoted for what happened with Jarilo-VI – a P45 rank staff member in the Strategic Investment Department of the Interastral Peace Corporation.

The small conversation at the end of the quest Jolted Wake From a Winter Dream doesn’t really give us much to go on other than he has an offer of work for Topaz that takes them to the game’s next area – Penacony.

Other than that, you can see what he looks like (albeit vaguely), as he’s actually on a light cone with Topaz. Called Trend of the Universal Market, this light cone is for the preservation path, so isn’t intended for use with Topaz. Perhaps this gives us a clue as to Aventurine’s path, but judging by previous light cones available ahead of any characters’ release into the game, this may not be the case.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine and Topaz on a light cone's artwork in the game

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine release date speculation

We don’t currently have any clues as to when Hoyoverse will release Aventurine into the game – we haven’t seen his official artwork or had him feature in the game (aside from his voice). It’s likely that Aventurine will be released in the next world’s updates.

What do we know about Honkai Star Rail Aventurine’s build?

For now, there’s no official information about Aventurine’s build or what he’s about. A few leaks are floating around about him, suggesting that he first appears as a boss on Penacony, then as a playable character later on.

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