Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Robin?

Another character on the cards is Honkai Star Rail’s Robin, due to meet the Trailblazer in updates set on the planet of Penacony.

Honkai Star Rail Robin's official artwork showing her with light grey hair and green eyes

Ahead of us getting to Penacony, Hoyoverse introduced plenty of characters who are due to make an appearance at the opening festival, including a performer by the name of Robin. So, what do we know about the stylish singer, Honkai Star Rail’s Robin? Not too much just yet, but we can have fun speculating what role she might fill.

In the meantime, here’s the current Honkai Star Rail banner and all the information about the latest Honkai Star Rail update, and where new characters fall in our Honkai Star Rail tier list.

Honkai Star Rail Robin release date speculation

Right now, nothing is known about when Robin may release, other than it’s likely during Penacony’s updates in 2.0 and beyond. We’re not currently sure if Robin is a five- or four-star just yet, either.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Robin?

Robin makes her in-game entrance during the Trailblazer’s introduction to Penacony, along with her brother, Sunday. They’re sort of helping to run the Charmony Festival and are on hand to assist travelers, though by trade, Robin is a well-known singer.

The only hint towards any part of Robin’s kit that we have so far is that she’s singing at the festival in honor of the Aeon of Harmony, Xipe. This means that she may be on the path of Harmony herself given that music and the Harmony have a sort of connection – the materials needed for Harmony characters is a music box, after all.

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