Honkai Star Rail Serval build

Get shredding your axe - and the enemies - with our guide to Honkai Star Rail Serval, including her attacks, best build, relics, light cones, and more

Honkai Star Rail Serval looking to the side and holding a chocolate

Honkai Star Rail’s Serval is an absolute badass. Let’s face it, there’s nothing cooler than taking down your enemies with a massive electric guitar-blade and then whacking out a rockin’ tune to celebrate. Plus, she has really cool hair. But who exactly is HSR Serval? Well, in this guide we intend to answer that question, as well as which relics, light cones, and role are best suited to her as of the first beta.

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So let’s take a look at the best Honkai Star Rail Serval build, including her skills, eidolons, relics, light cone, and more.

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Serval?

Honkai Star Rail’s Serval is a butt-kicking, guitar-sword-wielding, four-star character with control over lightning. She’s the rebellious and free-spirited eldest daughter of the Landau family. She was once a close friend of the formidable Cocolia, but she’s since struck out to follow her interests, becoming a mechanic. Serval comes from Belobog on Jarilo-VI, a snow-coated planet plagued by perpetual winter. She runs a workshop called ‘Neverwinter’ where she occasionally holds rock ‘n’ roll performances.

Honkai Star Rail’s Serval’s English voice actor is Natalie Van Sistine, and her Japanese voice actor is Aimi. Her path is ‘The Erudition’.

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What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Serval build?

As we’ve not long got access to the Honkai Star Rail beta, we’re still getting to grips with the best Honkai Star Rail Serval build. What we do know is that her attacks focus on dealing a heap of lightning damage, with the potential to shock the enemy and apply a DoT. Her lightning damage scales with her attack, therefore we believe that you should focus on increasing her base attack and energy regeneration when picking equipment for her.

Due to her massive damage potential and the nature of her passives, we believe she’s best suited to a DPS role. We’ll be sure to update this guide as we find out more.

Which light cone should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Serval?

Serval has her own light cone called ‘Make the World Clamor’, which is tailored perfectly to her kit. If you don’t manage to snag that one, or want to try out a different light cone on her, remember that her path is ‘The Erudition’, and you should aim to equip a light cone that aligns with this path in order to activate its skill.

Light cone Effect
Make the World Clamor Increases the wearer’s ultimate damage by 24%, and allows them to regenerate 20 energy immediately upon entering battle

Which relics should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Serval?

During the first closed beta, we found that the best relic set for Serval is Band of Sizzling Thunder, as it dramatically increases her personal damage. However, we’ve not had the chance to check out all of the relic sets available in the final closed beta, so we’ll be sure to add any good alternates to this list as soon as we’ve tried them out.

Relic set Effect Obtained from
Band of Sizzling Thunder Two equipped: increases lightning damage by 10%
Four equipped: increases the wearer’s attack by 25% for one turn after they use their skill
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Holy Hymn in Jarilo-VI’s Great Mine

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What are Honkai Star Rail’s Serval attacks?


Skill Effect
Basic attack – Roaring Thunderclap (single attack) Deal 50% of Serval’s attack as lightning damage to a target enemy
Skill – Lightning Flash (blast) Deal 60% of Serval’s attack as lightning damage to a target enemy, and 30% of Serval’s attack as lightning damage to enemies adjacent to the target. Additionally, there’s a 80% base chance for enemies hit by the attack to be shocked for two turns. While shocked, enemies take 40% of Serval’s attack as lightning DoT (damage over time) at the start of each turn
Ultimate – Here Comes the Mechanical Fever (AoE attack) Deal 108% of Serval’s attack as lightning damage to all enemies, it also increases the duration of shock on enemies by two turns


Skill Effect
Galvanic Chords After attacking, deal an additional 30% of Serval’s attack as lightning damage to all shocked enemies
Rock ‘n’ Roll Serval’s Skill has a 20% increased base chance to shock enemies
String Vibration Serval immediately regenerates 15 energy at the beginning of the battle
Mania Upon defeating an enemy Serval’s attack increases by 20% for two turns


Skill Effect
Good Night, Belobog After entering battle, Serval deals 50% of her attack as lightning damage to a random enemy. Additionally, all enemies have a 100% base chance to be shocked for three turns. While shocked, enemies take 50% of Serval’s attack as lightning DoT at the start of each turn

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What are Serval’s eidolons?

Eidolons are similar to Genshin Impact’s constellations, where gaining an additional copy of a character provides you with different bonuses. Here are each of Serval’s eidolons as of the final beta.

Eidolon Effect
1 – Powerful and Resounding Serval’s basic attack deals lightning damage equal to 60% of her basic attack damage to a random enemy adjacent to the basic attack target
2 – Encore! Every time her talent triggers to deal additional damage, Serval regenerates four energy
3 – Listen, the Heartbeat of the Gears Increases the level of Serval’s skill by two, up to a maximum of level 15, and the level of her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
4 – Make Some Noise! Serval’s Ultimate has a 100% chance to apply shock to any enemies not currently shocked. This shock has the same effects as the shock applied by her skill
5 – Belobog’s Loudest Roar! Increases the level of Serval’s ultimate and talent by two, to a maximum of level 15
6 – This Song Echoes Through the Sky! When Serval’s energy is at 50% or higher, her basic attack and skill damage increase by 20%

And that’s everything we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Serval at the moment. If you can’t wait to hop aboard the Astral Express, keep an eye on our Honkai Star Rail release date guide. We also have a list of the best games like Genshin Impact to tide you over in the meantime.