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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Sunday?

Honkai Star Rail’s Sunday appears as we enter Penacony’s story, but who is the mysterious character? Here’s what we know about his release date and build.

Honkai Star Rail Sunday inside an office on Penacony wearing a white suit

Penacony introduces us to a star-studded cast hailing from all over the cosmos, and there to welcome us is Honkai Star Rail’s Sunday. He also appeared in the 1.6 livestream, so if he looks familiar, that’s why. Here’s what we know about his character so far, and whether we think he’ll join the playable roster in the future.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Sunday?

A few different species are name-dropped in the 2.0 update, including the Halovians, of which Sunday is one along with his sister Honkai Star Rail’s Robin. They both have small wings close to their ears and have a halo of sorts above or behind their heads.

At present, we don’t know too much about Sunday other than he’s an organizer of the Charmony Festival taking place on Penacony and is a representative of the Family – a group that follows Xipe, the Aeon of the Harmony and includes the Bloodhound, Iris, Oak, Nightingale, and Alfalfa families among others.

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Will Sunday be a playable character?

In all likelihood, Sunday will be a playable character in Honkai Star Rail, though Hoyoverse has yet to confirm this. We feel like he’s got more story relevance coming up, so he may see a release later in the 2.0 story, possibly in version 2.4 after we get Honkai Star Rail’s Firefly. There’s currently no information about his potential build, rarity, or role.

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