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Honkai Star Rail Yunli - release date speculation and build

Here’s what we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Yunli including her path, element, lore, and potential release date into the gacha game.

honkai star rail yunli's splash art showing her surrounded by flames

The Xianzhou is heating up with Honkai Star Rail Yunli’s reveal, a new character hailing from the Zhuming. She’s a physical-aligned Destruction character, which means she’ll pack a punch in her team comps. Let’s see what we know about her and her potential build so far.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Yunli?

Yunli, the granddaughter of General Huaiyan hailing from the Xianzhou Zhuming, is a sword aficionado and the second youngest prodigy of the Flamewheel Octet. Yunli doesn’t agree with the Zhuming’s production of cursed swords, however, so she’s on a mission to hunt them down and get rid of them all.

We may not have met Yunli in the game yet, but there is a connection to her already. During the Cosmodyssey board game event, an encounter with everyone’s favorite General, Honkai Star Rail’s Jing Yuan, mentions Yunli. Apparently, Jing Yuan thinks that as Yunli and his protegee Honkai Star Rail Yanqing are of similar age and both enjoy collecting swords, they would hit it off.

honkai star rail yunli's official drip marketing showing her name, design, and rarity

Yunli release date speculation

Looking at Honkai Star Rail’s pattern of releasing drip marketing ahead of characters coming to the game, we can surmise that Yunli will release in version 2.4. She will likely be in the first half of the banners, alongside a rerun of another five-star.

What do we know about Yunli’s build?

Despite Yunli’s flame-filled drip marketing, Yunli is a five-star, physical character who follows the path of the Destruction. This tells us that she’ll likely be a hard-hitting DPS similar to Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu, Honkai Star Rail’s Blade, and other multi-targeting characters.

Who are Yunli’s voice actors?

In English, Yunli’s VA is Brenna Larsen who also voices Genshin Impact’s Navia. Her Chinese voice actor is Liu Wen, in Japanese she’s played by Wakayama Shion, and in Korean, is Lee Ju-eun. A fun fact for you, Yunli’s English voice actor is married to Honkai Star Rail Boothill’s voice actor in real life.

That’s all we’ve got on Honkai Star Rail’s Yunli for now, but the fun doesn’t stop here. Get back to the Xianzhou in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail events, then see how to build Honkai Star Rail Jade, Honkai Star Rail Firefly, and key support character Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei to get the best out of your teams.