Honkai Star Rail Welt build

An individual's fate shouldn't be limited to a single path, but your Honkai Star Rail Welt build should stick pretty close to this path to ensure victory

Honkai Star Rail Welt: Welt looking grumpy standing outside. He has short brown hair with a grey streak and glasses.

The galaxy is beyond compare, containing an infinite number of possibilities, and Honkai Star Rail’s Welt is always there to tell you about them. A fountain of knowledge with a brilliant mind and a calm temperament, Welt is not only a cornerstone to lean on when your life goes off the tracks, he’s also a great asset to any team, incapacitating enemies and inflicting them with debuffs to ensure you victory. Welt’s a true MVP who’s always willing to support you and, in this guide, we go over his best build, relics, light cone, and more, so you can return the favour.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Welt?

Honkai Star Rail’s Welt kinda feels like the dad of the Astral Express crew – he’s the one you text when you find something new, and he’s always got an answer to help you out of a pickle. Wise and experienced in pretty much every topic, he’s a former Anti-Entropy Sovereign. The name ‘Welt’ is inherited from the world, as he’s saved Earth from annihilation multiple times.

Welt is a five-star character who has control over imaginary damage, creating portals and binding his enemies. Welt’s English voice actor is Corey Landis, and his Japanese voice actor is Hosoya Yoshimasa. He treads the path of the Nihility.

Honkai Star Rail Welt

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Welt build?

Honkai Star Rail’s Welt deals some great damage, but his core responsibility in most teams is his utility. He excels at imprisoning and slowing enemies, often incapacitating them and allowing other teammates to come in and finish the job. As one of two imaginary damage characters in the current roster (the other being Honkai Star Rail’s Luocha), he’s also extremely valuable when facing off against enemies with imaginary damage weakness.

When building Welt, you want to primarily focus on effect hit rate to maximise his utility, along with crit rate, crit damage, attack, and imaginary damage where possible.

Which light cone should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Welt?

In the Name of the World is a five-star light cone designed specifically for Welt. Its increased hit rate helps ensure his imprisonment and slow debuffs snag as many enemies as possible, allowing you to sweep through most battles in a breeze.

However, as it’s a five-star light cone obtainable through gacha, you’ll need a sprinkle of luck from the RNG gods to snag it. If you want to equip him with something in the meantime, aim for something that also increases his effect hit rate where possible, and ensure it also aligns with the path of Nihility.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
In the Name of the World Increases Welt’s damage to debuffed enemies by 20%. Using Welt’s skill raises the effect hit rate and attack stats by 20% each. Gacha

Honkai Star Rail Welt: Welt looking down at a mobile phone on a brown background.

Which relics should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Welt?

As with his light cone, the best relic set for Welt in the Honkai Star Rail beta is Wastelander of Banditry Desert, due to its increase to imaginary damage and crit rate. Its four-equipped buff suits his skill set perfectly, as he consistently applies debuffs, which means this set consistently increases his damage and crit rate.

We recommend pairing the four piece set of Wanderer of Banditry Desert with two pieces of Space Sealing Station to boost his attack even further.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Wastelander of Banditry Desert Two equipped: increases imaginary damage by 10%
Four equipped: when Welt attacks debuffed enemies, his crit rate increases by 10%. If the enemy is imprisoned, Welt’s crit damage increases by 20%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Stargazer Navalia
Space Sealing Station Two equipped: increases Welt’s attack by 12%. When his speed reaches 120 or higher, Welt’s attack increases by another 12% Immersion Reward devices in World 3 of the Simulated Universe using 40 Trailblaze Power or one Immersifier

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Welt’s attacks?


Skill Effect
Basic attack: Gravity Suppression (single attack) Deal 50% of Welt’s attack as imaginary damage to a target enemy
Skill: Edge of the Void (Bounce) Slash the enemy three times, each dealing 36% of Welt’s attack as imaginary damage to a random target. On hit, there’s a 65% base chance to reduce the target’s speed by 10% for two turns
Ultimate: Synthetic Black Hole (AoE) Deal 90% of Welt’s attack as imaginary damage to all enemies. There’s a 100% base chance for the enemies hit by this ability to be imprisoned. Imprisoned enemies’ actions are delayed by 32% and their speed is reduced by 10%


Skill Effect
Talent: Time Distortion If the enemy he hits is already slowed, Welt deals an additional 30% of his attack as imaginary damage to the target


Skill Effect
Gravitational Imprisonment After Welt uses his technique, he creates a small Black Hole Zone that lasts for 15 seconds. Enemies who enter it have their movement speed slowed by 50%. Upon entering a battle in the Black Hole Zone, there’s a 100% chance for a target enemy to be imprisoned. Imprisoned enemies’ actions are delayed by 20% and their speed is reduced by 10%

Honkai Star Rail Astral Express crew, including Welt, March 7th, Himeko, and Dan Heng

What are Welt’s eidolons?

Eidolons are similar to Genshin Impact’s constellations. They’re bonuses you unlock by pulling duplicates of a character. Here are all of Welt’s eidolons.

Eidolon Effect
Level one – Legacy of Honor After using his ultimate, Welt’s abilities are enhanced. The next two times he uses his basic attack or skill deals additional damage to the target equal to 50% of his base attack or 80% of his skill’s damage multiplier respectively
Level two – Conflux of Stars When you trigger Welt’s talent, he regenerates three energy
Level three – Prayer of Peace  Increases Welt’s skill level by two, to a maximum of 15, and his basic attack level by one, to a maximum of ten
Level four – Appellation of Justice When Welt uses his ultimate, there’s a 100% base chance to increase the target’s damage taken by 12% for two turns
Level five – Power of Kindness Increases Welt’s ultimate level by two, to a maximum of 15, and the level of his basic attack by one, to a maximum of ten
Level six – Prospect of Brilliance When using Welt’s skill, deal additional damage one time to a random enemy

That’s everything we’ve got on Honkai Star Rail’s Welt as of the second beta. We’ll be sure to update this guide with new info when we get our paws on the full release. In the meantime, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs for more adventures on the go.