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All the latest OSRS updates 2024

If you’re an Old School RuneScape fan looking for details on the latest OSRS update, we’ve got all you need to catch up and get questing.

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All these years after the release of the famous fantasy game, the occasional OSRS update provides the game with a new lease of life and offers something a little different from the norm. So, we’re listing every Old School RuneScape update as it arrives, making it easier for you to stay up to date with all the latest content arriving in the game.

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All the latest OSRS updates

Below, you can find all the latest OSRS updates in chronological order. Be sure to bookmark this page for any patch notes in the future.

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Varlamore: Part One – March 22

There’s a new adventure to keep you occupied in the world of RuneScape with this expedition to Varlamore. From epic battles in the Colosseum to hunting for exotic creatures, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you busy in this latest update. Part two is coming soon, so be sure to explore and uncover as much as you can about this mysterious new land before it all gets a bit more intense.

Defenders of Varrock – February 21

The Defenders of Varrock update continues the Mahjarrat storyline in a reimagining of a quest that first appeared in 2008. This quest begins at the Jolly Boar Inn by talking to Elias White before you take off on an adventure that sees you take on Armored Zombies, a new type of enemy. There are some prerequisites though, and a suggested combat level, so check out the Defenders of Varrock blog post on the official RuneScape site for more details.

Scythe & Fang Updates – January 17

This update doesn’t add any new content but buffs the Scythe of Vitur while slightly nerfing the Osmumten’s Fang. The Scythe now has +15 slash accuracy and costs 100 fewer blood runes to charge, while the Fang loses its double roll accuracy effect while using the slash combat style. This change puts both weapons on a much more even playing field ahead of the wider Project Rebalance update later in the year.

Children of the Sun – January 10

Children on the Sun is a new quest you can begin by taking yourself down the Varrock Square. There, you can find a delegation from Varlamore, who are in town to sign a treaty with the rulers of Misthalin. Completing this quest gives you access to another special quest later this year in Varlamore, as well as a quest point.

Christmas 2023 update – December 12

This year’s Christmas OSRS update takes you to Lumbridge to meet up with an old friend, Jack Frost. This festive troublemaker is up to his usual tricks, and he’s rented out a whole field to set up his own version of the Winter Olympics with his winter sports extravaganza. It’s well worth trying out the event, as you can win some exciting festive items, including a Snowglobe Helmet and an Icy Jumper.

Leagues IV: Trailblazer Reloaded – November 21

It’s time to celebrate the return of the much-anticipated Leagues game mode with the latest OSRS update. This fourth installment revisits some of the ideas that made the original Trailblazer event so popular, which you can check out in the video below.

With over 40 leagues to choose from across the world of Runescape, with a number of different tasks to complete before the event ends. From Brimhaven Dungeon in Karjma to taking on the Kraken in Kandarin, there’s certainly enough here to keep you occupied.

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As with other OSRS updates, the latest also arrived with plenty of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. For the full update notes, check out the official Old School RuneScape site.

The Scar Essence Mine – September 27

The Scar Essence Mine update is a boon for those who are in dire need of more runes, especially for items such as the Scythe of Vitur and the Sanguinesti Staff. However, there is a pre-requisite here in that you first need at least level 66 mining and to have unlocked the Abyssal Scar from the Desert Treasure II questline. We’ve got more highlights from this update below.

  • More rune availability
  • Tree stumps fix
  • Various bug fixes

The Path of Glouphrie – September 13

This update is a sequel to The Eyes of Glouphrie, providing extra in-game story content and a fresh dungeon to explore. We’ve got all the highlights from the update below. Just keep in mind that you need to have completed The Eyes of Glouphrie, Waterfall Quest, and Tree Gnome Village to access this content.

  • New to OSRS Poison Waste dungeon
  • Fresh story content
  • The Warped Sceptre item
  • Mobile TLI beta

DMM Tweaks, Upcoming Launcher Changes & more! – September 14

Not all updates can be incredibly exciting ones, but it’s still worth seeing what’s arriving in-game. This OSRC update brings new changes to the Jagex launcher, as well as changes to the in-game effects of the Ring of Life and Trinket of Fairies items.

Deadman: Apocalypse – August 23

An iconic game mode returns with the Deadman: Apocalypse update, revitalizing one of the most brutal ways to play the game. For those that don’t know, in Deadman mode, also known as DDM, the game turns into a chaotic PvP battle to stay alive. Apocalypse is a fresh variant of the game mode, introducing the concept of ‘breaches’, where you have to face off against random swarms of enemies. For all the highlights, check out the bullet points below.

  • New Deadman: Apocalypse game mode
  • $25,000 prize pool
  • Corrupted Weaponry

There you have it, all the latest OSRS updates in order of release. If you’re looking for more old-school delights, see our guides to Temple Run online and Doodle Jump online. Or, if you’d prefer some daily freebies, check out our guides to Coin Master free spins, Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins, and free Monopoly Go dice.