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A mythical diamond brings Glitz and Glam to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go’s Diancie is about to become available to all players thanks to a new special research story without any time restraints.

Pokemon Go Diancie floating in front of a grassy cave with various light spots

Pokémon Go’s Glitz and Glam special research story features the arrival of Pokémon Go’s Diancie, a mythical Pokémon that many of you have been waiting for. Of course, getting an audience with this divine creature takes a considerable amount of effort on your part, so you’d best be ready to see this research through to the end.

It’s certainly an exciting prospect for fans of the mythical Pokémon, as this is a worldwide release for all players, though some of you may already have Diancie in your Pokédex thanks to the exclusive special research from Pokémon Go Fest 2023. If you happen to already have the gen 6 Pokémon, completion of Glitz and Glam rewards you with Diancie candy.

Even better news is that this research isn’t going to expire, so you have an infinite amount of time to get an audience with Diancie when Glitz and Glam arrives in-game on May 1. However, the Diancie-themed field research does have a time limit, only being available between May 1 and May 3.

You can get the themed field research tasks when you spin photo discs at Pokéstops. Completing them rewards you with Diancie mega energy and encounters with Carbink, the rock and fairy Pokémon that many consider to be a relative of Diancie. Should you find yourself in a battle against Carbink or Diancie, our fairy Pokémon weakness and rock Pokémon weakness guides may be able to help you get the upper hand.

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