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Tower of Fantasy Hilda build

Is this Sarah Connor? No, this is Tower of Fantasy’s Hilda and her chain gun, The Terminator! Find out about her skills, matrices, best weapons, and more here

ToF Hilda wielding her gun, the Terminator

It’s hard not to fall in love with Tower of Fantasy’s Hilda from the first moment you meet her upon your arrival at Banges Port. This sunny, optimistic young woman meets every challenge with a bright, positive outlook, and is always happy to help those in need. Though her weapon, The Terminator, may be a little slow, it can still pack a punch when you need it to.

To help you get a handle on this sweet Banges gal and her big ole’ gun, we’ve put together this Tower of Fantasy Hilda build guide. Covering her skills, attacks, banner, best matrices and more, you’ll be a master of The Terminator, yelling ‘I’ll be back!’ in no time. Is that an outdated reference? Nah, it’s a classic.

To see how Hilda sizes up to the other Simulacra, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list. We’ve also got build guides for all the other Tower of Fantasy characters, including Tower of Fantasy’s Echo, Tower of Fantasy’s Claudia, Tower of Fantasy’s Cobalt B, and more.

ToF Hilda

Who is Tower of Fantasy’s Hilda?

Hilda is a friendly but forgetful, gun-toting gal from Banges Port, known by people all over town – for better or worse, when it comes to her track record of snacking instead of working at the local eatery. She’s adored for her kindness and negotiation skills, leading to her near-celebrity status, and all the kids of the port love her.

Hilda is an SR Simulacra who wields a large ice shell chain gun called The Terminator.

Tower of Fantasy Hilde splash art with a graph showing her personality type

What is Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s banner?

Hilda is an SR simulacra available on any of the limited or standard weapon banners. You’re guaranteed to get one SR weapon every ten pulls, so it shouldn’t be hard to get a couple of copies.

For more info about drop rates, currencies, and more, check out our Tower of Fantasy banners guide.

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy Hilda build?

Hilda’s weapon, The Terminator, offers some brilliant range with its standard fire, allowing you to move around as you shoot. It does slow you down, but its amazing ice shell debuff applied by fully charged attacks makes it worthwhile, freezing your enemies for two seconds and leaving them frostbitten for six seconds. This makes it a worthy choice when going against the Tower of Fantasy world boss Robarg.

When advanced to three stars and beyond, The Terminator becomes one of the most powerful SR weapons. Its base damage and shatter increases when you break ice shell, and its ammo capacity increases, which helps combat one of the weapon’s main weaknesses.

However, in turret mode, you’re left very vulnerable to enemy attacks. You’re immune to hitstun and control effects during its duration, but that doesn’t stop enemies from coming over and beating you five ways to Sunday. Therefore, you should only use The Terminator in turret mode when you have a team that can take aggro off you.

What are Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s weapon stats?

Here, we list all the main stats for Hilda’s weapon, The Terminator. These are the weapon’s base stats before you level it up or equip it with any matrices.

The shatter ranking dictates how quickly The Terminator can break enemy shields, whereas the charge rate shows how quickly the weapon gains charge.

  • CS: 47
  • Shatter: 10.00 (A)
  • Charge: 10.00 (A)
  • Attack: 11
  • Resistance: 2
  • HP: 753
  • Type: Ice shell – when your weapon is fully charged, it freezes the target for two seconds and leaves them frostbitten for six seconds. If you break the ice shell, it causes additional damage equal to a set percentage of attack. While frostbitten, the target’s weapon charge rate is reduced

ToF Hilda stood on Banges dock

What are Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s attacks and skills?

Normal attacks

Skill Effect
Normal attack Tap normal attack to enter aiming mode. Hold normal attack to fire continuously, up to 40 rounds. Each shot deals damage equal to 11.4% of ATK +1. Deal double damage when scoring a headshot or hitting an enemy’s weak point, knocking them down (headshots are ineffective against other Wanderers)


Skill Effect Cooldown
Turret Enable turret mode and fire large energy orbs, each dealing damage equal to 213.3% of ATK +11 and launching the target into the air. Become immune to hitstun and control effects while setting up the turret. 3.5 seconds

Discharge skill

Skill Effect
When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switch to this weapon to cleanse yourself of all debuffs and fire an arctic beam dealing damage equal to 329.2% of ATK +17 and inflicting a three-second freeze effect. Also reduces the target’s frost resistance by 50% for ten seconds

Tower of Fantasy Hilda advancement

You can advance Tower of Fantasy weapons by using their corresponding fusion cores, which you get by collecting more than one copy of a character. After you get your first copy of Hilda and her weapon, you can purchase another copy through the Commissary’s weapon store for 35 black gold. Alternatively, you can get a duplicate of Hilda by pulling on the banner.

Advancing your weapons by spending fusion cores and gold unlocks special bonuses. Here are all of the bonuses you gain from unlocking each of Hilda’s advancement stars.

  • One-star: every successful normal attack increases damage by 1% for two seconds (stacks up to 15 times). Also increases ammo count to 60
  • Two star: Increases the weapon’s base attack growth by 10%
  • Three star: within ten seconds of switching to the weapon, it increases damage of normal attacks and shatter by 30%. Cooldown is 25 seconds. Also increases ammo to 80
  • Four star: increases the current weapon’s base attack growth by 20%
  • Five star: reduces cooldown of normal attacks while in turret mode by two seconds
  • Six star: within ten seconds of switching to the weapon, it increases damage of normal attacks and shatter by 60%. Cooldown is 25 seconds

ToF Hilda leaning on her gun on the Simulacra select page

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy Hilda matrix set?

Though Hilda has her own set, and it’s a good SR back-up option, she does better with Samir’s matrices, as they revolve around skilled gunplay. Alternatively, you can combine two of Samir’s and two of Tsubasa’s to make the most of The Terminator’s range.

For an R-rank substitute, you can equip Hilda with a set of Functional Dash for a small boost to your frost damage.

ToF matrix set Rarity Effect
Tsubasa SSR Two equipped: increases damage dealt by 14%/16%/18%/20% when there are no enemies within four metres
Four equipped: upon landing a headshot or using Icewind Arrow: Piercing Shot, increases attack by 15%/18%/21%/25% for eight seconds
Samir SSR Two equipped: increases your damage progressively by 1% upon hitting a target. Stack up to 10/13/16/20 times. Lasts 1.5 seconds
Four equipped: increase Dual EM Stars’ electrical explosion damage by 16%/22%/30%/40% of attack
Hilda SR Three equipped: increases attack by 15%/19%/22.5% when there are no enemies within six metres
Functional dash R Three equipped: increases damage dealt by frost weapons by 6%

What are Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s upgrade materials?

When upgrading Hilda, you need icecore, nano coatings, and nanofiber frames. You can get boxes containing nano coatings and nanofiber frames as rewards from Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, Omnium Beacons, and the weapon store. You can find icecore while out exploring, or by using elemental ore boxes. For more help locating materials, check out our Tower of Fantasy map guide.

What are the best Tower of Fantasy Hilda team comps?

Hilda really excels in a tri-element team alongside Tower of Fantasy’s Nemesis and Tower of Fantasy’s King. King offers amazing shield breaking and quick melee damage, whereas Nemesis is an amazing healer with brilliant utility to carry you through most combat situations.

What are the best Tower of Fantasy Hilda gifts?

When picking gifts for Hilda, keep in mind that her favourite tags are limited store items, figurines, toys. Her top gift is the Limited Tata Figure, which gives you 80 awakening points every time you gift it to her. Check out our Tower of Fantasy gifts guide to find out more.

ToF Hild stood on a cliff overlooking Banges port

What are Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s awakening rewards?

Giving Hilda’s gifts earns you awakening points. When you hit certain awakening progress milestones, you also unlock recollection rewards. Here are all of Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s awakening rewards.

Keep in mind that you can use a Simulacra’s unlocked trait without taking on their appearance by toggling the ‘use Simulacra trait’ switch underneath them on the Simulacra selection page.

Awakening points Recollection reward
200 Hilda avatar
600 Conversation log
1,200 Hilda: Pedal to the Metal trait – when Hilda uses a vehicle, her speed increases by 7%
2,000 Conversation log
3,000  Conversation log
4,000  Hilda: Full-Speed Drifting – when Hilda uses a vehicle, her speed increases by 10%

That’s it for our Tower of Fantasy Hilda guide. For more exciting adventures, check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact.