The best mobile
strategy games

Pocket Tactics

No need to tie yourself to a desk for a sprawling, hundred-hour strategy campaign - the best mobile strategy games give you all the joy of outplaying your opponents wherever you may be.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has had a huge impact on the mobile platform, spawning both a sackful of copycats, and a successful card battler re-imagining of its formula.

In this tower defence game, you must build your town, and rally a force of heroes, warriors, and wizards to defend it.

Company Of Heroes

Created by the geniuses at Feral Interactive, this is a smart adaptation of the iconic WW2 RTS.

You control a handful of squads as they attempt to take back the hedgerows of northern France in the Battle of Normandy. The missions are expansive, with multiple difficult stages spread over detailed maps.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is an excellent tower defence game, with plenty of humour and content to last you a decent amount of time.

The in-app purchases are slightly pushy, but they are the only blemish on what is otherwise a stellar real-time strategy experience.

Bad North

Bad North is a Viking tower defence game - you position your units to repel invaders appearing out of the fog, hopping between tiny islands to pick up gold and stragglers.

The overall strategy aspect of the game is based in risk vs. reward. If things go wrong and units die, you lose them forever, along with your investment.

The Battle of Polytopia

Taking the crown for best Civ-lite, Polytopia shines as a simple, yet satisfying approach to civilisation building.

The game’s blocky, loose art-style, and simple interface make it an easy game to learn, but a hard one to put down.

Civilization VI

Though Civ VI is only available on iOS, this turn-based strategy game from the classic 4X series is well worth a look.

Take the role of your favourite historical leader, and martial a civilisation to greatness, building cities, researching technologies, engaging in diplomacy, and just generally crushing any who oppose you.

Darkest Dungeon

Even years after its release, Darkest Dungeon remains resurgent as one of the most inventive, and seductive, turn-based dungeon crawlers.

If you enjoy building a party of unique rogues and reprobates, and sending them into a dungeon in search of riches, only to meet grisly deaths and insanity, this is the game for you.