Zenless Zone Zero Rina

Meet Zenless Zone Zero’s Rina, a maid working with the Victoria Housekeeping company faction, and potentially a member of your team.

Zenless Zone Zero's Rina smiling

Zenless Zone Zero’s Rina, also known by her full name Alexandrina Sebastine, is a strong electric unit and a member Victoria Housekeeping Co. She has a very unique design and moveset, so let’s take a look at her skills, best build, and more.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero’s  Rina.

What’s the best Rina build?

Rina is a very powerful and unique S-rank electric character, as she specializes in both strike and pierce attacks thanks to her two floating bangboo pals. As such, she’s quite flexible in terms of team comps, and offers a lot of utility across a range of combat scenarios.

Instead of walking, Rina floats around, and has a very fast dash with a far reach, giving her great mobility. Her attacks also have a very wide reach, so you can generally keep her out of danger and escape sticky situations quickly, all while still dishing out heaps of damage.

Due to her additional ability, Rina does well on a squad with at least one other electric character, and one pierce character. As such, we recommend pairing her up with the pierce and electric character, Zenless Zone Zero’s Anton – this not only activates Rina’s additional ability, but also unlocks Anton’s, dramatically boosting your damage potential.

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What’s the best W-engine for Rina?

We’re still crunching numbers and testing out the different W-engines for Rina, and it doesn’t look like she has a signature S-rank option yet. However, we do have some suggestions in the meantime. 

Electro-Lip Gloss is a strong A-rank choice for Rina, as its attribute mastery and attribute anomaly bonuses allow her dish out more electric damage and shock her enemies more frequently, leaving them vulnerable.

Demara Battery Mark II is another good A-rank option, as it boosts both her attack and electric damage, while also allowing her to gain extra energy when her dodge counter hits an enemy, meaning you can dish out hard-hitting attacks more frequently.

In terms of B-rank options, you can go for a simple attack boost with [Reverb] Mark III, or you can choose a more elemental damage-focused option like [Magnetic Storm] Alpha, [Magnetic Storm] Charlie, or [Magnetic Storm] Bravo, all of which boost her anomaly damage or buildup in different ways.

W-engine Effect
Electro-Lip Gloss Bonus stat: attribute mastery
Skill: deal 40% more attribute anomaly damage
Demara Battery Mark II Bonus stat: attack
Skill: increases electric damage. Additionally, the wearer gains 2.7 energy when a dodge counter hits an enemy. This effect can trigger once every five seconds
[Reverb] Mark III Bonus stat: crit rate
Skill: increases damage dealt by basic attacks and special attacks
[Magnetic Storm] Alpha Bonus stat: attribute mastery
Skill: increases anomaly buildup by 20%
[Magnetic Storm] Charlie Bonus stat: attack
Skill: deal 20% more attribute anomaly damage
[Magnetic Storm] Bravo Bonus stat: anomaly rate
Skill: on entering battle, gain a 32% attribute mastery bonus for 20 seconds

What are the best disc drives for Rina?

We’re still crunching numbers and testing out different sets to work out the best disc drives for Rina. Here are our recommendations so far. 

Currently, we believe that the best disc drive set for Rina is a full four-piece set of Thunder Metal, as it offers a nice boost to both her electric damage, and the damage she deals to shocked enemies.

Freedom Blues is another strong option, offering a boost to her attribute mastery and allowing her to dish out more elemental damage. You can also mix two pieces of Freedom Blues with four pieces of Thunder Metal or vice versa, if you like.

If you’ve not unlocked the S-rank disc drives at the Bardic Needle yet, we recommend a full set of Monsoon Funk with two attack pieces like Assassin’s Ballad or Noisy Pop.

Disc drive set Effect
Thunder Metal Two equipped: increases electric damage by 10%
Four equipped: upon hitting a shocked enemy, the struck target takes 30% more damage for six seconds. This effect doesn’t stack
Freedom Blues Two equipped: increases attribute mastery by 20
Four equipped: increases damage caused by attribute anomaly by 30%. When an EX special attack hits an enemy, the target’s attribute anomaly resistance to the corresponding attribute reduces by 30% for eight seconds. This effect doesn’t stack with other of the same attribute
Monsoon Funk Two equipped: increases attribute mastery by 20
Four equipped: when inflicting attribute anomaly effects on an enemy attribute master increases by 22, stacking up to three times
Assassin’s Ballad/Noisy Pop Two equipped: increases attack by 10%

What are Rina’s skills?

Here are all of Rina’s skills and attacks as of the second beta. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, and this information is subject to change.

Rina’s attacks: 

Skill Effect
Basic attack – Whack the Dimwit Order Drusilla to attack up to four times, dealing physical damage and electric damage. Performing other actions while Drusilla attacks does not interrupt Rina’s combo count
Basic attack – Shoo the Fool Hold the attack or skill button to call back Drusilla and Anastella and swing them around for a ranged attack, dealing electric damage. Anti-interrupt level increases during this skill
Special attack – Beat the Blockhead Press the skill button to order Anastella to execute a downward strike attack, dealing electric damage. Anti-interrupt level increases during this skill
EX special attack – Dimwit Disappearing Trick When Rina has enough energy, press the skill button to order Anastasia to execute multiple downward strike attacks, dealing massive electric damage. Rina is invulnerable and her anti-interrupt level increases during this skill

Rina’s dodges:

Skill Effect
Dodge – Dress Adjustment Perform a rapid dodge, during which Rina is invulnerable
Dash – Dress Hems Up Move during a dodge to accelerate again, dashing forwards
Dash attack – Sudden Surprise Press the attack button during a dodge to order Drusilla and Anastella to execute a penetrating attack, dealing physical damage
Dodge Counter – Bangboo Callback Press the attack button during a perfect dodge to order Drusilla and Anastella to spin forward, fly out, and trigger an explosion, dealing electric damage. Rina is invulnerable during this skill

Rina’s chain attacks: 

Skill Effect
Chain attack – Code of Conduct When a chain attack triggers, switch to Rina to order Drusilla and Anastella to keep pushing forward and generate a spherical electric field, dealing massive electric damage. Rina is invulnerable during this skill
Ultimate – The Queen’s Attendant When the decibel rating is at maximum, press the ultimate button while Rina is on the field to send Drusilla and Anastella spinning forward, pushing enemies, and dealing massive electric damage. The anomaly buildup dealt to the struck target increases by 10%. Rina is invulnerable during this skill

Rina’s core skills:

Skill Effect
Core passive – Mini Destruction Partner After ordering Drusulla to attack, the squad’s pen ratio increases by 4.8%. After ordering Anastella to attack, the squad’s electric damage increases by 4.8%, and if there are shocked enemies in battle, this effect increases by 8.4%. The effect ends when Drusilla/Anastella returns to Rina
Additional ability – Banquet of Perfection When there at least two electric agents in your squad:
  • Upon hitting an enemy with an EX special attack or chain attack, the shock damage the enemy suffers increases by 22.5%. This effect can stack up to two times and resets when the shock effect ends

When there are at least two pierce agents in your squad:

  • Rina’s chain attacks deal 13% more damage
Reactive assist – Christmas Eve When an enemy knocks the character in combat back, switch to Rina to order Drusilla and Anastella to spin forward, fly out, and trigger an explosion, dealing electric damage. Rina is invulnerable during this skill
Evasive assist – Halloween When an enemy is about to attack the character in combat, switch to Rina to dodge the attack and trigger Vital View. Rina is invulnerable during this skill
Assist follow-up – Sugary Shinanigonz Press the skill button after an evasive assist to send out Anastella and Drusilla to move forward continuously while generating an electric vortex, dealing electric damage. Rina is invulnerable during this skill

Zenless Zone Zero's Rina with Drusilla and Anastella

What are Rina’s talents?

In ZZZ, talents are similar to Genshin Impact’s constellations or Honkai Star Rail’s eidolons – they’re unique buffs and bonuses that you can unlock by pulling more than one copy of a character.

Here are all of Rina’s talents:

Talent Effect
– Dance Duet After Rina sends them out to launch an attack, Drusilla and Anastella stay in place for a further 5.5 seconds before returning. The effect that Rina’s core passive Mini Destruction Partner applies to characters within 10m increases by 150%
– Master’s Paragon Rina’s attribute mastery increases by 45% when she sends both Drusilla and Anastella out
– Head Maid’s Specialty Increases the level of all of Rina’s skills by two
– Needle and Hammer When Rina’s basic attack Shoo the Fool hits an enemy, the target’s attribute anomaly resistance reduces by 20%. Rina also gains a shield equal to 10% of her own max HP, lasting ten seconds. This can trigger once every 15 seconds
– Head Maid Perfectionist Increases the level of all of Rina’s skills by two
– Stormy Night’s Fright When an EX special attack, chain attack, or ultimate hits an enemy, the entire squad’s electric crit damage increases by 40% for eight seconds

What are Rina’s enhancement materials?

You can level up Rina’s skills using basic, advanced, and specialized shock chips. You can purchase these from the 141 store on Sixth Street (the one run by the three bangboos).

What are Rina’s promotion materials?

You can level Rina up using investigator logs, but you also need to promote her at certain intervals. In order to promote Rina, you need lots of strike seals. You can earn these through VR Training.

Who is Zenless Zone Zero’s Rina

Rina, full name Alexandrina Sebastiane, is a member of Victoria Housekeeping Co. She’s a maid and takes her job seriously and is always eager to help. She works alongside Zenless Zone Zero’s Lycaon, Zenless Zone Zero’s Ellen, and Zenless Zone Zero’s Corin.

Who are Rina’s voice actors?

Rina’s Japanese voice actor is Arai Satomi, who voices Dolcinaea in Octopath Traveler II and Mewsha in Dragon Quest Treasures. In Chinese, her voice actor is Zhang Ruoyu.

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