Anime Verses codes December 2023

Roblox Anime Verses codes are a great way to get coins, gems, and spins so you can beat all of the famous anime characters you must face within.

Anime Verses codes - a monster in front of a fight in the background

November 27, 2023: We checked for new Anime Verses codes for our list

If you want to go dungeon diving, we suggest you take a look at our Anime Verses codes guide to get some help. In this Roblox experience, not only do you have to go into the dark chasm of a dungeon, you need to face some tough enemies. How do we know they’re tough? They all come from various anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and more.

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Anime Verses codes

Active codes:

  • onemillyvisits – rewards (new!)
  • UNIVERSALBLUE – rewards (new!)
  • SUPERminiupdate – rewards
  • TOJI – rewards
  • ENERU – rewards
  • fixesdontstop – 199 gems
  • bugsfixedfr – 99 gems
  • sorryforalotofbugs – 350 gems
  • chefHANMA – 100 gems
  • wefixinupFR – 100 gems
  • RELEASE – 250 gems and 250 coins
  • sorryforshutdown – 250 gems
  • srryforbug – 150 gems
  • fixes – 500 coins and 50 gems
  • perithegoat – five spins
  • tyfor400likes – five spins
  • bigspins – 25 spins
  • Fixes2 – five spins and 25 gems
  • miniupdate – five spins, 250 gems, and 1k coins
  • SlugSage – 99 gems
  • anotherfix – one spins, 250 gems, and 1k coins
  • clansfix – five spins
  • shutdownfixes – five spins
  • HUNDREDthousandVISITS – 250 gems
  • CONSOLESUPPORT – five spins
  • Maajin – 50 gems

The Anime Verses codes redemption screen

What are Anime Verses codes?

If you want gems and spins, Anime Verses codes can give them to you. The developer, DIB – Anime Verses, offers these to celebrate new milestones, so it’s a good idea to bookmark this page if you don’t want to miss out on the latest freebies. Yes, we hunt for new codes so you don’t have to!

How do I redeem Anime Verses codes?

To redeem Anime Verses codes, you need to:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Launch Anime Verses
  • Tap settings
  • Enter your code
  • Hit enter
  • Enjoy your freebie!

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