FNAF Monty – lore, personality, and appearances

If you’re looking for an animatronic bassist with claws as sharp as his sense of style, FNAF’s Monty is the guy - or ‘gator - for you.

FNAF Monty: Monty playing the bass guitar, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred background of the entrance to the Mega Pizzaplex.

Get your strumming fingers ready – we’re here to tell you all about Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex’s resident bassist and rockstar reptile, FNAF’s Monty. This giant ‘gator sure knows how to party hard, so if you want to get to know what makes him tick, keep on reading below for his lore, personality, and more.

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Who is FNAF’s Monty?

Montgomery Gator, otherwise known as Monty, is one of the animatronic antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. He is an anthropomorphic green aligator who plays bass in Glamrock Freddy’s band.

He has a green body with a yellow-green chest plate and scale-patterned legs. He wears a studded black belt around his waist and yellow star sunglasses with purple lenses. He also wears studded black bracelets on each arm, purple shoulderpads, and his hands have purple sections that mimic fingerless gloves. Monty also has a red mohawk hairstyle and a long green and yellow tail.

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Is there a spirit possessing FNAF’s Monty?

As far as we know, Monty and other animatronics introduced in FNAF Security Breach like FNAF’s Roxy are not possessed by any spirits. The Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex location that we see in the game was built over the site of the burnt down Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place seemingly by a third party who was not associated with FNAF’s William Afton or Henry Emily.

The animatronics in the Pizzaplex were most likely built at some point in the 2010s or later, meaning robotic technology had advanced significantly since Afton and Emily built the first animatronic mascots. This is what gives characters like Roxy and Monty a personality, not a lost spirit trapped in their endoskeletons.

What is FNAF Monty’s personality?

Monty’s main personality trait is that he is aggressive. At first it seems like typical ‘rockstar’ aggression as we see him smashing up his dressing room and acting generally rowdy on stage. But we quickly find out that he received a new claw upgrade that allows him to tear through metal gates and doors, showing off his strength and anger.

We know from a voiceline that he is quite egotistical and some fans have speculated that he might be jealous of FNAF’s Freddy, wanting to take on the role as lead of the band. There is a stereotype of jealous, brooding bassists after all.

FNAF Monty: Monty laying on the floor, his body torn apart and his sunglasses removed.

FNAF Monty games

The only game Monty appears in is FNAF Security Breach.

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