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Who is Genshin Impact’s Alice?

Genshin Impact’s Alice has cropped up in a few events, character stories, and item descriptions. Let’s look at who this mystical mage is.

genshin impact alice's phonograph with klee in front of it

As more Mondstadt events come and go, we hear more and more about a mysterious name: Genshin Impact’s Alice. Just who is she? Will we get to play as her, and what has she accomplished? We’ve gone through the answers to this and more. Now, get ready to meet one of Teyvat’s finest adventurers (other than the Genshin Impact Traveler, of course).

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Who is Genshin Impact’s Alice?

Alice is a name that has popped up in Genshin’s story and lore a few times – and for good reason. She’s everywhere and has a huge arsenal of achievements under her belt.

Most notably, Alice is Klee’s mother and adopted “mother” of Genshin Impact’s Albedo since he arrived in Mondstadt – though he calls her Aunt. Klee is under Albedo and the Knights of Favonius’ care, as Alice had to urgently go to a far away and dangerous place along with Klee’s father three years before the game began.

Both Alice and Klee hail from a race blessed with longevity, so we don’t actually know how old either of them is. There’s also no name for their race in Genshin yet; we may come across them in a future region, or perhaps they’re not of this world at all. Judging by translations of their appearances, they seem to be a European elven or fairy race.

What we do know is that Alice has been around for a long time already. She’s an elder member of the Genshin Impact Hexenzirkel, using the codename ‘A’. The Hexenzirkel is a group of witches in Teyvat that meet up and explore Irminsul. She’s one of two members of the group that are ‘non-human’.

Alice goes by many titles like the Great Adventurer of the Realms, Defender of Old Monstadt, and most recently – Supplier to the Renowned Lord Sangemah Bay. It turns out that Genshin Impact’s Dori has some business dealings with her though we don’t know quite how yet.

There’s the possibility that Alice is one of the fabled Descenders that’s recognised across Teyvat. She possesses much knowledge about the workings of the world outside of Teyvat, and she’s not affected by changes to Irminsul – just like the Traveler. This points to her not being of this world. Interestingly, Alice is the narrator for Genshin Impact Aloy’s collected miscellany trailer in place of Dainsleif. This, and her involvement with the Wings of Feasting (a collaborative item between Genshin and KFC of all places), place her as a prime candidate for knowing how to hop worlds and discover things most Teyvat residents will never know about.

We’ve heard Alice’s name many times in the game – though most information about her comes from item descriptions. Her voice appears in Genshin Impact Mona’s story quest, the two Golden Apple Archipelago events, and most recently 2023’s Windblume festival.

Genshin Impact Alice speaking through her phonograph


Genshin Impact Alice’s accomplishments

Aside from giving us the most adorable gift – Klee – Alice has done and created a ton of things. We’ll try and sum them up quickly!

Alice created Klee’s Dodoco and all the Dodoco-themed furniture that appears on the Golden Apple Archipelago. She also made the Golden Apple Archipelago into what we see in the events just for Klee and her friends. Remember that device we spoke to Genshin Impact’s Venti with? That’s Alice’s invention too.

She wrote the Teyvat Travel Guides and is a world-renowned adventurer. During her travels, she created the Temari game that we discover in Inazuma, while also giving Genshin Impact’s Barbara the teen idol magazine that gave her the idea to become a sort of pop star!

Albedo calls Alice a ‘near-omnipotent sorceress’, which is fitting as she’s skilled in so many areas: alchemy, magic, astrology, engineering, and more. Her talents may be what led her to become the rival of Mona’s Master – B in the Hexenzirkel, kindly referred to as ‘the old hag’.

Paimon talking about Genshin Impact Alice

What does Genshin Impact’s Alice look like?

For now, we really don’t know anything about her appearance other than her having ears like Klee. we can assume there’s more of a familial resemblance, but for the time being her appearance is a mystery.

Will Genshin Impact Alice be a playable character?

We absolutely hope that Alice becomes a playable character in the future. There are no hints that this will happen just yet but imagine it; a grown-up, super-powerful, and magical Klee!

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