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Who is Genshin Impact Emilie?

Let’s look at Genshin Impact’s Emilie - who she is in the story, when she might release, and what her build could possibly look like.

genshin impact emilie's official art showing her appearance in game

Dear readers, welcome another key member of Fontaine’s society to the playable roster – Genshin Impact’s Emilie, renowned perfumier of the Court of Fontaine, is now officially confirmed to be a playable character in an upcoming version. Here’s what we know about her build and who she is.

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Genshin Impact Emilie release date speculation

Following Hoyoverse’s usual pattern of drip marketing and releases of characters, we can assume that Emilie will release in Genshin Impact’s version 4.8, likely as a five-star in the first half – though Hoyoverse is yet to confirm this. Whether she’ll be joined by any other new characters is currently unknown.

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Who is Genshin Impact’s Emilie?

If you’ve spent much time wandering around Fontaine, you’ve probably heard of Emilie, the master perfumier creating scintillating smells for those who can afford it. Below Chioriya Boutique, there’s a store with a staff member outside who talks to you about Emilie.

We haven’t seen or met her in the game just yet, but Genshin Impact’s Chevreuse, Genshin Impact’s Charlotte, and Genshin Impact’s Lyney among other characters have voicelines about her. Judging by Charlotte’s line stating that a perfume she got also acts as an insect repellant and antiperspirant, it seems that Emilie really knows what she’s doing with alchemy.

genshin impact emilie - an NPC talking about emilie and her perfume outside a shop

What do we know about Emilie’s build?

For now, we don’t know much in terms of Emilie’s build other than she’s a dendro user and aligned with pneuma damage. There are plenty of leaks relating to her previous drafted designs, but nothing much on her skills or weapon. Given that we’re heading to Natlan, the nation of fire, she could focus on burn reactions, but this remains to be seen. We did also get a set of artifacts – Unfinished Reverie – in version 4.6 that pertained to the burning reaction, so perhaps this could be for her, too.

Her constellation name, Pomum de Ambra, doesn’t give much away either – it translates to ‘apple’ and ‘amber’, so maybe she throws apples at enemies.

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