Genshin Impact Yelan build

Roll the dice and steady your bow, here's everything we know about Genshin Impact's Yelan including her best weapons, artifacts, and more.

Genshin Impact Yelan wielding her bow

Genshin Impact’s Yelan, the smashing five-star hydro and bow wielder, is always ready to make a splash. If you rolled the dice and managed to snag her, you probably want to know how to make the most of her powerful skills – good news is, you’re in the right place. Our Genshin Yelan build goes over the best artifacts, weapons, team comps, and more.

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Let’s jump into our Genshin Impact Yelan build.

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What’s the best Genshin Impact Yelan build?

Genshin Impact’s Yelan excels in a sub-DPS role, though she can also be a main DPS. She’s a hydro bow user whose talents help fill in the downtime between main DPS attacks, and her elemental burst directly increases an active character’s personal damage.

What are the best Genshin Impact Yelan weapons?

Regardless of whether you want to use her as a DPS or sub-DPS, her best weapon is Aqua Simulacra. It’s a five-star bow that is centred around her kit, and both its crit damage base stat and skill are great assets to her. The Polar Star bow is another great, five-star choice for her in both roles, due to its crit rate stat and the attack boost of its skill.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, they differ depending on what role you want to build her for. Mouun’s Moon is the best four-star bow for main DPS Yelan, whereas Favonius Warbow is the best four-star bow for sub-DPS Yelan.

Weapon Effect How to obtain
Aqua Simulacra (five-star) Bonus effect: Crit damage
Skill: Increases HP by 16%. When there are opponents nearby, Yelan’s damage increases by 20%. This takes effect whether she is on-field or not
Weapon banner (alongside Yelan)
Polar Star (five-star) Bonus effect: Crit rate
Skill: Increases elemental skill and elemental burst damage by 12%. After a normal attack, charged attack, elemental skill, or elemental burst hits an enemy, gain one stack of Ashen Nightstar for 12 seconds. When 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Nightstar are present, Yelan’s attack increases by 10/20/30/48%
Weapon banner (alongside Tartaglia)
Mouun’s Moon (four-star) Bonus effect: Increases attack
Skill: For every point of the entire party’s combined maximum energy capacity, Yelan’s elemental burst damage increases by 0.12%. A maximum of 40% extra elemental burst damage is available this way
Weapon banner
Favonius Warbow (four-star) Bonus effect: Increases energy recharge
Skill: Crit hits have a 40% chance to generate a small number of elemental particles, which regenerate six energy for Yelan. Can only occur once every 12 seconds
All banners

What are the best Genshin Impact Yelan artifacts?

Regardless of which role you want to put her in, the best Genshin Impact Yelan artifact set is easily Emblem of Severed Fate, due to its energy recharge and elemental burst damage boosts. However, you can mix two pieces of Noblesse Oblige with two pieces of Emblem of Severed Fate for a flat increase to both stats instead.

If you’ve not gotten your hands on the above sets yet, you can use The Exile in the meantime.

Artifact set Effect How to obtain
Emblem of Severed Fate Two equipped: Increases energy recharge
Four equipped: Increases elemental burst damage by 25% of energy recharge. You can obtain a maximum of 75% bonus damage this way.
Momiji-Dyed Court domain
Noblesse Oblige Two equipped: Increases elemental burst damage
Four equipped: Using an elemental burst increases all party members’ attack by 20% for 12 seconds. This effect cannot stack.
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain
 Heart of Depth Two equipped: Increases hydro damage
Four equipped: Increases normal attack and charged attack damage by 30% for 15 seconds after you use an elemental skill
 Peak of Vindagnyr domain
Tenacity of the Millelith Two equipped: Increases max HP
Four equippedNot recommended 
Ridge Watch domain

Artifact stat recommendations

Try to maintain a 2:1 ratio between crit damage and crit rate, with your crit damage being double your crit rate. We also recommend getting Yelan’s energy recharge to about 140% for DPS, and 180% for sub-DPS. Of course, more energy recharge is always nice, but anything over 200-220% is not really necessary.

Main stats:

  • Sands: HP% or energy recharge
  • Goblet: hydro damage bonus
  • Circlet: crit rate or crit damage


  • Energy recharge
  • HP%
  • Crit rate/crit damage

Genshin Impact Yelan looking back at the camera in a room filled with flowers

What are Genshin Impact Yelan’s abilities?

Here’s what Yelan can do during battle, and her extra skills gained at ascension levels.

Active skills:

Skills Effect
Normal attack: Stealthy Bowshot Normal: Release four consecutive shots with a bow, dashing backwards during the last two hits
Charged: While you aim, flowing water accumulates around the arrowhead, inflicting hydro damage on hit
Plunging: Fire off a shower of arrows mid-air, before falling to the ground and inflicting AoE damage
Elemental skill: Lingering Lifeline Fire a lifeline that pulls you along rapidly, dragging in and marking any enemies in its path. When the movement ends, the lifeline explodes, dealing hydro damage to the marked opponents based on Yelan’s max HP
Elemental burst: Depth-Clarion Dice Deal AoE hydro damage while also creating an ‘Exquisite Throw’ which aids you in battle, with an 18-second cooldown. Exquisite Throw follows the active character around, initiating a coordinated attack that deals hydro damage based on Yelan’s max HP. This can occur once every second when your active character uses a normal attack, and occurs each time Yelan’s Lifeline explodes and hits enemies

Passive skills:

Skill Effect
Lengthy Consideration (unlocked at ascension one) Gain 25% more rewards if Yelan sets out on a Liyue Expedition for 20 hours
Turn Control (unlocked at ascension four) If your party has one/two/three/four elemental types, Yelan’s max HP increases by 6%/12%/18%/30%
Adapt with Ease (unlocked automatically) When an Exquisite Throw is in play, Yelan (or another active character) deals 1% more damage. This increases by a further 3.5% damage every second. Damage can increase by a maximum of 50%

What are Genshin Impact Yelan’s constellations?

Here are all of Yelan’s constellations. Of course, to get a constellation, you’ll have to roll the dice and pull more than one copy of this lovely lady, so good luck!

Constellation Effect
C1: Taking All Comers For each opponent marked by your Lifeline, Yelan restores seven energy. You can restore a maximum of 21 energy for Yelan per Lingering Lifeline
C2: Enter the Plotters Lingering Lifeline gains one additional charge
C3: Dealer’s Sleight Increases the level of Lingering Lifeline by three. Max upgrade level is 15
C4: Bait and Switch Increases the damage of Exquisite Throw’s coordinated attack by 30%
C5: Beware the Trickster’s Dice Increases the level of Depth-Clarion Dice by three. Max upgrade level is 15
C6: Winner Takes All After you use Yelan’s elemental burst, she enters the mastermind state. In this state, all of her normal attacks become Breakthrough Barbs and deal 130% extra damage

What are Genshin Impact Yelan’s ascension materials?

Here’s what you need to ascend Yelan all the way up to level 80. Starconches are regularly found on Liyue’s coast, and the Runic Fang is a drop from the Ruin Serpent in the Chasm.

Required level Mora Materials
20 20,000 One varunada lazurite sliver, three recruit’s insignia, three starconch
40 40,000 Three varunada lazurite fragment, 15 recruit’s insignia, ten starconch, two runic fang
50 60,000 Six varunada lazurite fragment, 12 sergeant’s insignia, 20 starconch, four runic fang
60 80,000 Three varunada lazurite chunk, 18 sergeant’s insignia, 30 starconch, eight runic fang
70 100,000 Six varunada lazurite chunk, 12 lieutenant’s insignia, 45 starconch, 12 runic fang
80 120.000 Six varunada  lazurite gemstone, 24 lieutenant’s insignia, 60 starconch, 20 runic fang

Genshin Impact's Yelan with her hands folded in front of her

What are Genshin Impact Yelan’s talent materials?

To get Yelan’s talents up to level ten, you need the following items. Prosperity talent books are available in the Taishan Mansion domain and gilded scales are a drop from the weekly Azhdaha boss fight.

Talent level Mora Materials
Two 12,500 Three teachings of prosperity, six recruit’s insignia
Three 17,500 Two guide to prosperity, three sergeant’s insignia
Four 25,000 Four guide to prosperity, four sergeant’s insignia
Five 30,000 Six guide to prosperity, six sergeant’s insignia
Six 37,500 Nine guide to prosperity, nine sergeant’s insignia
Seven 120,000 Four philosophies of prosperity, four lieutenant’s insignia, one gilded scale
Eight 260,000 Six philosophies of prosperity, six lieutenant’s insignia, one gilded scale
Nine 450,000 12 philosophies of prosperity, nine lieutenant’s insignia, two gilded scale
Ten 700,000 16 philosophies of prosperity, 12 lieutenant’s insignia, two gilded scale, one crown of insight

What are the best Genshin Impact Yelan team comps?

Yelan is a very versatile character and can slot into an insane amount of team comps thanks to her application. She excels in electro-charged, vaporise, and hyperbloom teams, but doesn’t hold back when it comes to overload, burgeon, or a mono-hydro team, either. Below are just some of the possible combinations you can use her in.

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Yelan Xingqiu Hu Tao Zhongli
Yelan Xingqiu Raiden Kazuha
Yelan Xingqiu Kuki Shinobu Alhaitham
Yelan Raiden Xiangling Bennett

And that’s all you need to know about the best Genshin Impact Yelan build. Now why not head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to find something fresh to play – specifically, here’s what we know about any Honkai Star Rail codes and our Honkai Star Rail tier list.