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Sumeru reputation rewards and how to unlock

Genshin Impact's Sumeru reputation is tricky to unlock and upgrade, but the Sumeru reputation rewards are worth it, especially The Boon of the Elder Tree gadget

Sumeru reputation rewards, including the Sumeru wind glider, The Boon of the Elder Tree gadget, and the Sumeru namecard

Fresh region, who dis? If you’ve meandered through Mondstadt, lolloped through Liyue, and interloped through Inazuma, the Sumeru reputation system should be pretty familiar to you. Of course, it takes a little legwork and sitting through quite a bit of story before you can even get started. So let’s take a look at how to unlock Sumeru reputation, and all of the rewards you can snag – including the awesome gadget, The Boon of the Elder Tree (a true boon to all you Teapot mains out there).

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How do I unlock Sumeru reputation?

Unlocking the ability to upgrade your Sumeru reputation requires a little more preamble than previous regions. You need to be at least adventure rank 35, and progress to a certain point in the Sumeru Archon quest – meaning you need to have completed all of the previous archon quests up to and including Genshin Impact’s Inazuma first.

When you get to Sumeru, you need to complete Chapter 3 – Act 2: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings quest, then talk to Katheryne at the Sumeru Adventurer’s Guild during the ‘Dawn’ quest that follows. Then, the ‘Corps of Thirty Recruitment’ world quest becomes available, at which point you just need to follow the quest marker and talk to Effendi in the north-east section of Sumeru City, near the spiral staircase.

Simply talk to Effendi after completing the ‘Corps of Thirty Recruitment’ quest in order to unlock the Sumeru reputation board, and get completing those bounties and requests.

Sumeru reputations board and NPC

How do I raise my Sumeru reputation?

As with previous regions, you can increase your Sumeru reputation by completing specific world and story quests, exploring Sumeru’s vast deserts and dense jungles, and completing bounties and requests.

You can only access Sumeru bounties and requests once you’ve reached Sumeru reputation level two. You can take on a maximum of three bounties and three requests a week across all regions, so be sure to pick the ones from Effendi in Sumeru if you want to raise your reputation in the new area quickly.

Completing any of the above tasks rewards you with Sumeru reputation EXP. Each Sumeru reputation level requires a specific amount of reputation EXP. When you get enough, you can unlock corresponding reputation rewards by talking to Effendi and clicking on the treasure chest icon at the bottom-left of your screen, next to your reputation level bar.

What are the Sumeru reputation rewards?

There are ten Sumeru reputation levels, each with its own unique rewards. As mentioned above, you can claim the reputation rewards and check how close you are to earning new ones by talking to Effendi by the Sumeru reputation board, checking your Sumeru reputation, and then clicking the treasure chest.

Here are each of the Sumeru reputation rewards, and how much Sumeru reputation EXP you need to unlock them.

Sumeru reputation level Required Sumeru reputation EXP Reward
Level one Automatically unlocked Recipe: butter chicken
Level two 450 
  • Feature unlocked: Sumeru mining outcrop search
  • Brightwood pottery worktable
  • Plain brightwood shelf
Level three 500
  • The Boon of the Elder Tree gadget
Level four 550
  • Sumeru: observance
  • Recipe: talchin
  • Feature unlocked: Sumeru merchant discounts
Level five 650
  • Ultra-hot burner lamp test model
Level six 650 
  • Brightwood grocery stall
  • Brightwood kebab kart
Level seven 700
  • Sumeru: unsullied
  • Recipe: biryani
Level eight 750
  • Instructions: Dendroculus resonance stone
Level nine 800
  • Diagram: dendro treasure compass
Level ten 850
  • Wings of the Forest Sumeru glider skin

Sumeru reputation reward The Boon of The Elder Tree icon

What is the Boon of the Elder Tree?

The Boon of the Elder Tree is a gadget you gain as a reward for reaching Sumeru reputation level three. Upon equipping it, you can send out an AoE blast to gather wood from trees within a certain radius. Naturally, this is a gift from the archons for those of you who love building furniture for your Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot – especially if you don’t have the patience to go around farming Sumeru trees to make new furnishings, or if you don’t want to use up all your materials to transmog wood in the teapot menus.

As pointed out in this thread by Twitter user @PSN_FUROND, the game only ‘remembers’ the last ten to 15 trees you’ve farmed, so with some clever positioning, you can stand near enough still, keep blasting the boon, and enjoy a copious amount of wood. Bonus points if you’ve got Genshin Impact’s Itto, as his passive ‘woodchuck chucked’ gives you an even larger yield. Check out the Twitter thread above and read the comments to find some great farming point recommendations.

That’s everything you need to know about Sumeru reputation and the super handy Boon of the Elder Tree gadget. For more open-world fun, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list, or, if you’re looking for some help app-licable in the real world, check out our iPhone update and TikTok download guides.