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Honkai Star Rail server time

Honkai Star Rail’s server time affects when exactly you can set out on the next event or start pulling on the next banner, but what exactly does it mean?

Honkai Star Rail server time: The Trailblazing crew, with the male Trailblazer and Dan Heng at the front, posing on a space background

If you like to keep tabs on when the next gacha banners or events drop in your favorite Hoyoverse games, you’ve probably noticed the phrase Honkai Star Rail server time. We’re here to demystify what exactly server time is, which time zone you’re playing in, and how to maximize rewards by knowing when the servers switch to the next day.

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What is Honkai Star Rail server time?

When Hoyoverse’s announcements refer to ‘server time’, they mean the time zone tied to your specific server. Honkai Star Rail servers cover a range of time zones, so allocating a server-specific time Zone ensures everyone on that server gets access to events and banner swaps at the same time.

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What is my Honkai Star Rail server time zone?

Here’s a handy list of the time zones for each Honkai Star Rail server in UTC and other local time zones:

Server Time zones
America UTC-5/EST
Europe UTC+1/CET

What time do the Honkai Star Rail servers reset?

The Honkai Star Rail servers reset at 04:00 server time each day, so that’s the deadline you need to meet for your daily tasks to maximize efficiency!

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