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How to get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite

If you’re trying to find some Flexwood in Lego Fortnite, our guide has all you need to track some down and take your crafting to the next level.

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Crafting is all the rage in Epic Games’ block-building battle royale spinoff, so we’ve put together this Flexwood Lego Fortnite guide to make your life that bit easier. With our simple instructions, you can collect this valuable resource and further fortify your creations thanks to its increased strength and durability. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find out how to get your hands on some Flexwood.

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How do I get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite?

You can get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite by harvesting cactuses in the Dry Valley biome. Before you do that, though, you need to equip yourself with a rare axe. To get a rare axe, you first need to upgrade your crafting bench. The crafting bench upgrade requires specific items, which we’ve listed below:

  • 12 Knotroot Rods
  • 15 Marble Slabs
  • Six Sand Claws
  • Three Sand Shells

Once you have your rare crafting bench, you can create your rare axe. However, you need some resources for this, too. To make a rare axe, the recipe requires three Knotroot Rods and five Cut Amber.

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You should already have some Knotroot Rods from pumping Knotroot through the lumber mill, but Cut Amber is a bit more difficult to get your hands on. Fortunately, you can grab some Rough Amber from mining rocks in the Dry Valley before using the gem cutter to refine your materials into Cut Amber. Once you have enough of both items, head to your crafting bench and assemble your rare axe. Then, it’s just a case of taking your rare axe to any cactus you happen across in the Dry Valley biome to grab some Flexwood for your Lego Fortnite builds.

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