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Is there a Resident Evil 5 Remake?

A Resident Evil 5 Remake feels inevitable to many as Capcom continues to revisit old games, so let’s take a look at RE5 and what it entails.

Resident Evil 5 Remake: Chris and Sheva aiming guns in front of a red background

A Resident Evil 5 Remake feels inevitable at this point. Capcom is on a roll when it comes to revitalizing the older entries in its survival horror franchise. For many, RE5 is the next logical step after the RE4 Remake, but is there a Resident Evil 5 Remake release date? What can we expect from a possible revisit to Chris and Sheva’s adventure in Africa?

Before we dive into what we know about a possible RE5 Remake, you might want to uncover all we know about a potential Resident Evil 4 Remake Switch port. If it is the latest Resi game that interests you, our Resident Evil 4 Merchant, Resident Evil Leon, and Resident Evil Ashley articles are full of useful information.

Anyway, onto what we know about the illusive Resident Evil 5 Remake.

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Is there a Resident Evil 5 Remake?

Capcom is yet to announce a Resident Evil 5 Remake. However, it’s highly likely that we will join Chris and Resident Evil’s Sheva once more, especially when you look at the success of the Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 4 remakes.

However, for a lot of fans, RE5 represents where the decline in quality began, with Resident Evil 6 cementing that thought before RE7 reminded all of us of how incredible the franchise is. Still, we think this is a great opportunity for Capcom to make Resident Evil 5 as great as it should be. Oh, and the fact that the game remains the best-selling entry in the series (despite the opinion of some fans) doesn’t hurt either

Furthermore, we know that Capcom has five Resident Evil projects in the works, and it’s reasonable to assume that a Resident Evil 5 Remake is a prime candidate to be part of that lineup. If I’m honest, I’m also hoping for a Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake, though I do accept that’s likely to be after Resident Evil 5 gets a makeover.

What is Resident Evil 5?

As the name indicates, Resident Evil 5 is the fifth numerical entry in the series and it follows one of the original Resident Evil protagonists, Chris Redfield, as he journeys to West Africa to investigate a new BOW as a BSAA agent. Luckily for him, Sheva joins the former S.T.A.R.S. member. However, when they arrive in a village to apprehend a man known as Ricardo, they discover that there’s another Resident Evil virus to contend with, and this time it’s the Las Plagas Parasite.

Naturally, the pair investigate and this leads to a journey with many twists and turns. In fact, you come across familiar faces in the form of Resident Evil’s Wesker and Resident Evil’s Jill. Yes, the infamous scene where Chris punches a boulder into a volcano is also present in this game.

Resident Evil 5 remake Sheva and Chris shooting

What are the Resident Evil 5 platforms?

Initially released in March 2009, Resident Evil 5 is native to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though a PC version hit the scene later that same year in September. In 2016, Capcom ported the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, then, ten years after its initial release, RE5 landed on Nintendo Switch in October 2019.

Is Resident Evil 5 on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Resident Evil 5 is on Nintendo Switch. You can buy it separately through the eShop or as part of the triple pack with RE4 and RE6 – you can get this both physically and digitally. In fact, there are many Resident Evil games on Nintendo Switch, and RE5 just so happens to be one of the best ones.

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