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Is there a Resident Evil Code Veronica remake?

A Resident Evil Code Veronica remake fills many survival horror fans with joy, and we hope to see one on Nintendo Switch in the future.

Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake - Claire Redfield holding guns in front of a screenshot of her shooting two zombies

Is there Resident Evil Code Veronica remake? It’s a fair question, one that I wish we had a solid answer to, but until we get the official word from Capcom, it’s best to take the idea with a pinch of salt, even if there are some promising notions that a Resident Evil Code Veronica remake is on the cards. So, let’s take a look at the possibility because we can all agree that we need some more Claire Redfield in our lives.

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Here’s what we know about a possible Resident Evil Code Veronica remake.

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Is there a Resident Evil Code Veronica remake?

No, there isn’t a Resident Evil Code Veronica remake, at least not confirmed by Capcom. However, the success of the Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 4 remakes gives us hope that Claire’s game might get the same treatment.

Speaking realistically, it does seem more plausible that we’ll get a Resident Evil 5 remake next, but a recent leak does indicate that a Code Veronica remake is very much on the way, alongside one for Resident Evil Zero, but until Capcom officially unveils them, we can’t be 100% certain about the existence of these games.

Capcom has confirmed that there are five Resident Evil projects in the works, while one is undoubtedly Resident Evil 9, we might get lucky and discover another is the highly sought-after Code Veronica remake.

What is Resident Evil Code Veronica?

Code Veronica is an entry in the beloved survival horror franchise, of which the Redfield siblings are the main stars. Capcom released the game on Dreamcast in 2000, making it the fourth game in the series and the first to land on a different platform from PlayStation.

Story-wise, the game takes place three months after the events of Resident Evil 2 and sees the siblings try to survive a viral outbreak. Yes, this means Claire and Chris have to face the hordes and yet another evil genius who wants to ruin the world with a Resident Evil virus. One half of the game you spend with Claire as she searches for Chris, while the other is with her big brother.

Unlike previous Resident Evil games, Code Veronica features real-time 3D environments and a dynamic camera, effectively moving the series away from those iconic fixed camera hallways of the Spencer Mansion.

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What are the Resident Evil Code Veronica platforms?

While Resident Evil Code Veronica is originally native to the Sega Dreamcast, it’s also on PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Furthermore, in 2011, Capcom released HD remasters of the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Is Resident Evil Code Veronica on Nintendo Switch?

No, Code Veronica isn’t on Nintendo Switch. While the absence of Claire’s game is disappointing, you can still play as her on the platform thanks to Resident Evil Revelations 2 and the Resident Evil 2 Remake, both of which are among the best Resident Evil games out there.

Better still, though Claire isn’t involved, you can join her brother Chris on Switch in Revelations, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil Village. For those who need a bit of Leon in their lives, there’s also a Resident Evil 4 port on Switch, not to be confused with the Resident Evil 4 remake.

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