What are Snapchat planets?

The Snapchat planets are a neat feature, so let’s go on a galactic journey together and see which planet you are in their solar system.

Snapchat planets: The snapchat logo in front of Earth

Want to know if your friendships are out of this world? If the answer is yes, you might want to know about the Snapchat planets feature, as this mechanic ranks your best friends in the social media app by using the planets in our solar system. We’re just going to say it: we can’t wait to see who’s in Uranus.

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Let’s take a look at the Snapchat planets feature.

What are Snapchat planets?

If you know the planets in our solar system, you know what Snapchat planets are. However, you need to be a Snapchat+ subscriber to access the feature. If you are a subscriber, you should see a best friends or friends badge with a gold circle around it when you visit your friend’s profile. If you tap on it, you can see where you are in their solar system.

The way it works is that you’re the sun in your solar system, just like your friends are in theirs. So, ranking your best friends goes in the order of the planets. A good example is if you tap on someone’s profile and your Mars, you know you’re their fourth best friend, as Mars is the fourth closest planet to the sun. But let’s go one step further and look at the icons for each planet so you know exactly which one you and your friends are.

Snapchat planets: Mercury in front of a blue background


Mercury is the red and blueish planet with five love hearts around it, and the face in the sun looks overjoyed to see you – look at that smile. You also seem so happy to be there, your hands clenching over your heart; this is adorable. In case it isn’t obvious, you’re number one in this person’s solar system. I wonder if they’re the top friend in your solar system.

Snapchat planets: Venus in front of a blue background


The sun still smiles brightly at you, but the planet you’re sitting on is a light orange (maybe light brown) with five smaller hearts around you. You still have a hand over your heart, showing that you like whoever is smiling at you in the sun. As Venus is the second closest planet to the sun, it goes without saying that you’re this person’s second best friend.

Snapchat planets - Earth in front of a blue background


We all know what the big ball we live on looks like, but just in case you need some assistance in knowing if you’re on Earth, you can see four red hearts and the moon. Your pal in the sun still gives you a toothy grin, though you can tell you’re not their favorite. Still, you look happy to see them. As Earth is the third planet closest to the sun, this puts you in third place in the best friend race.

Snapchat planets: Mars in front of a blue background


You sit atop a red planet surrounded by three love hearts and some stars. Your pal still shows their teeth, so they must like you a bit. For your part, your avatar looks like they’re having a good chinwag. Being the fourth closest planet to the sun, if you’re sat atop Mars you’re this person’s fourth best friend.

Snapchat Planets: Jupiter in front of a blue background


No love hearts for you, only stars. Still, you’re waving at the sun, and the person in it gives you a small, toothy smile as you sit atop a reddish-orange planet. Jupiter is the fifth closest planet to the sun, meaning you have just about put yourself into the top five here. Congrats, because we’re nearing the point where I’m not convinced the sun really wants people around.

Snapchat planets: Saturn in front of a blue background


The most obvious way to tell if you’re Saturn is through its legendary rings. Beyond that, your avatar sits on a yellow and red planet surrounded by small stars. Don’t worry; the sun is still smiling at you, though only just, it’s clearly a lot of effort. It’s the sixth place for you if you sit on Saturn. This is most definitely the last position in which I think the sun is pleased to have you around. Make of that what you will.

Snapchat planets: Uranus in front of a blue background


This is the first instance in which the sun friend isn’t really smiling at you. It’s more like, ‘why are you here?’ And given you’re on Uranus, I feel like they have the right to ask that question. You still have a couple of stars floating around, but your avatar doesn’t look like it wants to be there. Being on the second furthest planet from the sun puts you in seventh place in the best friend race. It’s fair to say that this isn’t the most favored position from the sun – perhaps you need to work on your messaging streak.

Snapchat planets: Neptune in front of a blue background


Okay, the sun person doesn’t want you here. They’d shove you to Pluto, but that poor heap of rock had its planetary status stripped away, so it can’t be your Snapchat home. Your avatar clearly knows this as they turn their back on the sun while sitting atop this blue planet. As Neptune is the eighth planet and the furthest from the sun, sitting on it in Snapchat means you’re the eighth and final best friend in that person’s solar system. We suspect that your replacement is already in the pipeline, but we also think you might be okay with that.

We hope this helps you discover which of the Snapchat planets you are in your friend’s universe. For even more useful guides, check out our how to delete Facebook, how to delete Twitter, how to delete Reddit accounts, how to delete iPhone cookies, and Hulu download guides.