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Watcher of Realms tier list June 2024

Our Watcher of Realms tier list ranks every single hero in Moonton’s mobile RPG, helping you to choose your allies heading into battle.

Watcher of Realms tier list: A new hero skin

With so many fantastical characters to choose from, our Watcher of Realms tier list helps you sort the deities from the duds. There’s a huge range of powerful heroes in each class and everyone has different preferences, so remember that our list is subjective – if you’re a hardcore Selene fan, don’t let us stop you from having fun!

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Let’s dive into our Watcher of Realms tier list to find out which heroes come out on top. We’ve only ranked the legendary, epic, and rare heroes as the lower rarities consistently rank poorly.

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Watcher of Realms fighter tier list

Tier Watcher of Realms heroes
S Ardea, Arrogance, Salazar, Uredin, Valeriya, Zilitu
A Abomination, Aracha, Cerberus, Deimos, Elddr, Falcia, Gisele, Kineza, Lugaru, Volka, Wrath
B Ain, Apsan, Ares, Dalyn, Estrid, Janqhar, Magmus, Maw, Scorch, Valkyra, Vladov, Voroth
C Atrox, Cyclone, Cyrene, Daemon, Decimus, Gluttony, Komodo, Narvi, Selene
D Borut

Watcher of Realms defender tier list

Tier Watcher of Realms heroes
A Brokkir, Captain Reve, Constance, Cyrus, Ghan, Olague, Orim, Torodor
B Ardeth, Aveline, Azhor, Baron, Drayga (only in Guild War), Isolde, King Harz, Livian, Meriel, Regulus
C Ghorza, Glen, Rex, Titus
D Dagna

Watcher of Realms healer tier list

Tier Watcher of Realms heroes
S Dolores, Elowyn, Layla
A Aylin, Carnelian, Eunomia, Ferssi, Gwendolyn, Hollow, Lightlocke, Midan, Sadie, Vortex
B Camille, Ezryn, Lili, Nissandei
C Aryn, Autumn, Dassomi, Nunea, Spring

Watcher of Realms tier list: A goth girly outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Valentines image

Watcher of Realms mage tier list

Tier Watcher of Realms heroes
S Boreas, Demi, Khamet, Solcadens, Twinfiend, Vierna
A Ai, Ajax, Alistair, Anai, Eona, Kria, Laseer, Marri, Morrigan, Nocturne, Praetus, Pyros, Venoma, Zelus
B Aeon, Azzoth, Durza, Greed, Imani, Kaede, Laurel, Nauvras, Nazeem, Osiren, Raiden, Shamir, Soleil, Voltus
C Gonkba, Nisalt, Selkath, Sorzus
D Niro

Watcher of Realms marksman tier list

Tier Watcher of Realms heroes
S Hatssut, Silas
A Alaura, Brienne, Calypso, Hex, Idril, Kai (only in Guild War), Luneria, Maul, Nyx, Pelagios, Razaak, Sargak, Setram, Theowin
B Brunor, Crach, Filippa (only in Guild War), Harpun, Tazira, Vargus
C Amahle, Cuke, Drogo, Elukas, Morene

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