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What is LinkedIn?

If you’re asking the question “what is LinkedIn?”, we’re here to explain how exactly the platform for professionals works and can help you in your career.

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It’s the question every modern professional has asked themselves at some point: what is LinkedIn? Well, it’s a slightly complicated answer. Primarily, LinkedIn is a networking site with a social media spin that also doubles as a learning platform and a place to find a new job. So, how do you get the best out of the site? That’s what we’re getting into in this guide.

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, a Facebook for work of sorts, but with plenty of useful tools. You can search for jobs in your industry on LinkedIn, connect with others in your field, and share your career achievements all in one place. With more than half a million members, it’s the biggest site of its kind in the world, and there’s no sign of it going anywhere anytime soon.

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What is a LinkedIn profile?

A LinkedIn profile is just like a Facebook or Instagram profile. It’s where people can find out everything about you and your career. If you’re looking for a new job or want to put yourself forward for one in the future, it’s always a good idea to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

Launched in 2016, LinkedIn Learning is a learning platform with thousands of videos specializing in skills for office-based professions. From writing SEO content to managing meetings, and everything in between, organizations use LinkedIn Learning to train staff with short courses made up of video segments and questions relating to the topic.

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How much is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a free service, though there’s a premium option if you want to get everything out of the platform. LinkedIn Premium offers plenty, such as free access to LinkedIn Learning, the ability to see who has viewed your profile, as well as applicant insight reports, which can let you know if a job you’re suitable for has become available.

LinkedIn service Price
LinkedIn Premium Career From $29.99/£24.98 monthly or $239/£299.76 yearly
LinkedIn Premium Business From $59.99/£39.99 monthly or $575.88/£479.88 yearly
LinkedIn Sales Navigator From $79.99/£69.99 monthly or $959.88/£839.88 yearly
LinkedIn Recruiter Lite From $180/£109 monthly or $1,480/£1,380 yearly

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool used by businesses to find more customers on the LinkedIn platform to help boost sales. Not only can the tool target businesses that are likely to be looking for custom, but it also helps you to engage with those potential customers, even if they aren’t currently in your network. Widely seen as the best sales tool for professionals, countless companies worldwide use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to keep business booming.

What is LinkedIn InMail?

InMail is a messaging system unique to LinkedIn that allows you to contact others outside of your network. It’s something that’s only available via LinkedIn Premium, or one of the LinkedIn business packages, but if you’re looking for work within a competitive industry, this tool may help you make the connections you need without stuffy introductions.

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What is LinkedIn search?

If you’ve got a notification saying someone searched for you on LinkedIn, you’re probably wondering who. LinkedIn has a search function that allows you to find new connections by name, business, specialization, or whatever else you’re looking for. You can see who has searched for you if you’ve got a premium account, so if you’re wondering if someone is trying to check out your profile, it might be worth the subscription price.

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