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The best boat games 2024

Sail forth with the best boat games on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms for a nautical adventure of your own. If only Wind Waker was on Switch...

boat games: a screenshot from Dredge showing a boat on the ocean beneath a setting sun

Are you a fan of nautical and naval transport? Then we present to you our titanic list of the best boat games you can play on Switch and mobile. Here, you can find games that let you sail over the sea, across the waves, and fish to your heart’s content in different scenarios.

If you’re looking for something else to play, take a peek at our picks for the best easy games, football games, wildlife games, and of course, some ocean games to continue your salty adventures.

Let’s dive down into the best boat games you can play.

boat games Dredge: a little fishing baot in the ocean by an island

Dredge – Switch

We all know that boats are usually used for fishing, and that’s exactly what’s going on in Dredge. You’re a fisherperson that’s arrived in a new harbor town, amongst a set of islands with very different biomes depending on where you go.

Your job is to fish and dredge, to make your paycheck while upgrading your boat with all the materials you find in the ocean. But beware, there are oceanic scaries awaiting you if you stay out late at night! Take a deep dive into our Dredge review for more.

boat games Assassin's Creed Rebel Collection: a character jumping on board another ship

Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection – Switch

There are two games in this collection, but we’re focusing on one in particular – Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. It’s the pinnacle of seafaring games, allowing us to plunder and prance around as a pirate.

Set in 1715, Black Flag takes place in the Caribbean where pirates rule the sea – and now you’re one of them caught in the war between pirates and Templars. While not working towards winning a war, you can go diving for underwater treasure, sail to hidden islands, and generally live the pirate’s life upon the sea. Or, you can find some more assassin games here if pirating isn’t for you.

boat games Hooked Inc: a giant, friendly fish jumping over a boat

Hooked Inc – mobile

Hooked Inc is available for free on mobile, and is a clicker game featuring fishing and boats. What’s not to like? Anyway, you want to become the best fisherman out there, and to do that, you need to trawl oceans across the world for their catches of the day.

You can hire crew and improve your equipment to ensure your sailing goes smoothly, and more and more fish are brought in. New areas open up as you progress, bringing more opportunities with them.

boat games Far Lone Sails: the interior of a complicated boat with different dials

Far: Lone Sails – Switch

What happens when the oceans dry up? You take your boat on land. That’s what Far is all about, you’re in control of a boat that’s held together with a myriad of different components that needs constant fixing and powering up to keep going.

There are issues that stand in your way as you roll across the dry seabed, like hazardous weather and shipwrecks that come in the form of 2.5D puzzles in this indie side-scroller.

boat games Iron Lung: a very dark cabin of a submarine

Iron Lung – Switch

Iron Lung doesn’t necessarily feature a BOAT, as such, but it does place you in a sea-faring vehicle, so I’m counting it. As a convict, you’re sentenced to a fate worse than imprisonment – you’re to explore an unmapped area of an ocean of blood on a moon. Your rusty submarine, the Iron Lung, is where you stay and where the game takes place.

Obviously, this is an unsettling and borderline horror game as there are gross, horrid monsters lurking right outside waiting to gobble you up, but it’s masterfully made even for a short title. Plus, there’s a movie coming out directed by Markiplier, so get ready for that.

boat games Azur Lane: a girl in naval uniform using a bow

Azur Lane – mobile and Switch

Perhaps you prefer your seacrafts to be less… boaty, and more humanoid. In this case, Azur Lane is the game for you. The naval-themed shoot-em-up is a side-scrolling title filled with characters based on famous battleships like Belfast and Enterprise.

If you’re really intrigued, you can check out the Azur Lane game on Switch, too – here’s our Azur Lane Crosswave review – featuring the same ilk of boat girls. Check out our Azur Lane tier list to see how we rank them all as well.

boat games Sail Forth: two ships firing cannons at each other in the middle of the sea

Sail Forth – Switch

What’s better than one boat? Having a whole fleet! You can do just that in Sail Forth, and take your slew of ships into battle against sea monsters or pirates. In order to grow your fleet, you need to befriend fish and other oceanic creatures.

There are mysteries aplenty here, too, and your mission is to uncover what the ocean hides and unravel the ancient past of the Deep Blue.

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